Show us your V desktop


Hey all,
Thought I’d create a thread for people to show off their V desktop. What does yours look like? Are you a minimalist kinda person or do you just save everything there and let search sort the rest out?

Here is mine to get the thread started, it’s not quite finished yet got a few more icons to add next to the steam one, thinking there will be 4 max 5 more icons there. So you could say I’m not quite a minimalist but I definitely like things in order and uncluttered.


my dog! :heart::heart::heart:


Clean/minimal desktops all the way! Program launching is the job of start menus, search, and shortcut keys.

Main Windows Desktop:

The desktop where I spend much of my time (i3wm running from the Windows Subsystem for Linux):


Someone else who removes the recycle bin icon!! I don’t understand why so many people still have that? Who doesn’t shift delete anyway?


Oooo, I’m interested in how you got that setup. Any good tips or guides to help me along once mine arrives?


In general, a lot of info can be found on the main WSL subreddit and its wiki. My particular setup is largely derived from experimentation of others on there and on the web at large.

My main tip would be to use VcXsrv as your X server. It has some quirks, but generally has the best performance amongst X servers I and others have tested.

Feel free to let me know if you have more questions. I can probably write up a specific guide at some point if that is desired since I have my own setup worked out to a bash script anymore, and my dotfiles for my V’s desktop are up on GitHub.


The start screen, featuring modded Windows MUI file, hence it says “Eve V” instead of “Start”. The main reason is that whenever I said its an Eve V, they asked “What? EV? Ivy?” So I just put that there, let them read themselves XD

The desktop featuring Stardock Fences (and some censorship). Wallpaper is stolen from the wallpaper thread XD.

My “Desktop” folder is almost 1 GB, its practically like my actual desktop: Full of stuff and messy, but functional and effective.

As you may have noticed, I’m running Windows 8


Why windows 8 instead of 10?


What’s happened here then? Is that Chromium OS?


What widget is that with the Time and Status for WLan, Power, HDD, RAM, CPU???


It’s called Rainmeter


Can’t remember off the top of my head. Will get back to you soon


nice. never heard of it before, will check it out.


I prefer a simple skin like that… Too many are too bloated… Thx


Ok so the time and widgets are all from Phenix. The launch icons are from semicircular.


Minimal… excitement. Usually fairly clean as I just use the Windows key to type and search for apps usually.

(Edited as I was playing around with it when I got notified of this thread).


What app are you using to make this desktop?