Should we implement a referral program?


Hi guys!

Not so long ago one of our very active community members pitched us an idea for the referral program. We gave it a though and it actually sounds quite cool!

The idea is super simple. here it is below:

Share your love and passion for the V and you could earn one COMPLETELY FREE! If you love Eve V and want to share that love and passion with those you know we want to reward you both!

So every time your friend makes a purchase using your unique link (we would provide it to you) you get X dollars back (as amazon Gift card). Once your friends purchase X Eve V’s you get Eve V for free!

So to summarise:

  1. You buy Eve V
  2. You are given a unique link with which your friends could buy Eve V (your friends get as much off from purchase as you get for your first referral so like X Dollars)
  3. Every time your friend makes a purchase you get X Dollars back (as Amazon gift card, or smth else)
  4. Once your friends buy X Eve Vs you get your Eve V for FREE!

Why we think its an interesting idea?

As we discussed in some threads before we primarily rely on new and smart ways to spread awareness of the Eve V. Who could be better at spreading the word about Eve V than our community members who actually co-developed the device :slight_smile: ? But we think people helping us spread the word should be rewarded. As to sell the device we need to spend X somewhere. It is better to give X back to the community than to some Facebook ad :smiley:

As always we would not take such a major decision without hearing your thoughts! What do you guys think of it? So here comes the question:

Would you like Eve to try out a referral program?

  • Yes
  • No

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Some examples of companies that used referral programs for marketing at start:

  • DropBox
  • OnePlus, etc :smiley:

Google Company name + Referral scheme :slight_smile:



My personal opinion is: Hell yes, why not?

If my buddy is thinking of grabbing a V anyways and I can help him grab a discount (even without getting a kickback myself) I’ll gladly do so - getting a small kickback on top of it is icing on the cake for me.

When I like a product and my buddy is interested it’s a nice idea to have some referal program - to give something back to the people that already bought a device and people that want to get one. :slight_smile:


The problem with amazon cards is that they don’t ship to many countries. Basically, they ship to countries where they have a domain (,,, etc. but not, or many other countries), but elsewhere it’s a hit or miss. Some items ship worldwide, some to a handful of countries (smometimes including those outside their domains), some ship everywhere but cost way too much to be explained with sane mind, and some ship only to the one country whose domain you’re using to buy the item. So I’d suggest either cash or Paypal gift cards, because Paypal as a payment method is accepted worldwide and virtually everywhere, and it can also be withdrawn to a credit card.


But what if they are just sent to you by email. So you can activate it by entering code.


Yeah you still need to use it on Amazon. And Amazon doesn’t ship to your country.


I think it is a cool idea, but may be limit the number of referrals - 50% the cost or something like that. Or another option is custom items - X referrals = a custom case with key peoples signatures etc


Sounds like a good idea, I think many of my colleagues would be interested if I brought it to work


I like the idea, i just wonder how many would one need to refer to get one for free? I suppose quite a lot?


I like the referral scheme sound alike a good way to spread the love for EVE V.


Awesome idea!! It’s a win-win for everyone! Less affordable than a smartphone for instance, I mean it’s easier to find a friend who can afford or be ready to buy a smartphone than a 2in1. But, I’ve some friends that can be interested. Let’s spread the word :sunglasses:


[quote=“pauliunas, post:4, topic:2006”]
So I’d suggest either cash or Paypal gift cards
[/quote]I see it as pauliunas. The whole idea is really great and might attract many new ppl to Eve, but offering a reward in form of Amazon (or whatever) giftcards doen’t sound all too good to me. Because I still have to spend money to use my ‘gift’ from Eve - it’s like the offer “Buy something for 100€ and get a 10€ discount”: I still have to pay 90€…
As PayPal or cashback it is less a marketing gimmick and more a real offer to completely new customers (and already existing community members).


I do not like the “referral scheme” idea because I have always felt it gives an unfair advantage to those who know the most people.

I have never been one that has a large group of friends (or knows a lot of people), through no fault of my own. Even in grade school, programs like this that occurred once a year were one of those dreaded “not this again” times of the year. (The similar programs I’m talking about usually involved trying to sell popcorn tins and overpriced knick-knacks no one ever needs from a catalog so that you could raise money for the school and get free prizes based on how much you sold.)

In short, I’ve never enjoyed schemes like this. I can see why others might, but personally, I know almost no one in my group of friends who is as passionate about technology (and especially Windows-based technology) as I am. The few that are technology enthusiasts are all dead set on Android and Chromebooks.


Actually, I was more worried about the fact that Amazon is unavailable in my country (and many more). Having to spend some extra when buying something is IMO less of an issue than not being able to use that money at all…


Yeah a great idea you can give amazon gift card or team up with a Windows 10 developer to give a paid app for free.


Umm yeah, it’s good, but good luck finding ONE app that EVERYONE wants…


[quote=“gkmess, post:13, topic:2006, full:true”]
I do not like the “referral scheme” idea because I have always felt it gives an unfair advantage to those who know the most people.[/quote]
I know what you mean. But as long as people are not disadvantaged if they don’t know many people who want the product it seems OK. For example, if every has to pay a bit more to give a discount to some. Or if there are features or accessories only available to those with many referrals. These wouldn’t seem fair to me.


It may be mostly about my country default pessimism setting, but I don’t see how this would help Eve reputation in the long run.

It’s obvious I would love to get free hardware, but when you add such incentive to any kind of recommendation of hardware - I don’t think it’s objective anymore. In the end, I believe the hardware quality and experience should be the selling point.

I don’t see myself feeling ok with the referral program.


It’s not a selling point. It’s a way to get people to NOTICE the device. You can have any quality you want, but if people don’t even know that your device exists, of course they won’t buy it. The point of a referral program is to INFORM people that THERE IS a Pyramid Flipper. It doesn’t help them decide to buy it or not in any way. There is no benefit for the buyer, only for the one who “invited” them. But that’s not the point. The potential buyers will have to decide on their own whether to buy it, and that decision will most probably be based on quality and reviews. BUT. they can’t make that decision if they don’t know that there is a Pyramid Flipper. If we do nothing to spread the word, we will be limited to these 1240 community members that we already have. We need to attract new people, and for that we need to spread the word about it. Sure, good quality will make people recommend it to their friends, but they won’t be as enthusiastic as if they get a reward for it.


Hi @vithren!

You have a point here. Definitely referral program would not act at all as a selling point. Main Sales point is the product quality and performance but referal program could help us raise our visibility in the beginning. As there ve been a lot of people latelly joining the community saying that they wish they would hear about our project earlier.

What do you think of it Vithren?

@pauliunas, I agree with you. And it’s also that people often times forget to refer their friends. And this is a nice way to remind about it :slight_smile:

@trigon We are now discussing some ideas with the team here:)