Should we crowd-develop protective case from scratch in our community? Stretch goal discussion part 5


People of Eve community!

This discussion reminds me of why was started! Products available in the market are not there yet and are full of compromises.

As you pointed out in previous thread either shoulder strap is missing or zipper feels too cheap or something else. That’s the reason why exists. To make better products. Cases that we have offered here were not specifically designed for Eve V but of course, they work well with it. And it is impossible to offer both solutions as minimum order quantities are quite high while opinions are split.

Also as @LowKey @Villahousut @Mauro_Agnoletto @thedrawer @abaddon1 @Christopher_King @Nina have noted both options are not as stylish as V itself and there is more need for a very slim tailored case.

And as always community had a valid suggestion :slight_smile:

It seems most people are after a protective sleeve that is specifically designed for Eve V and holds it very tightly in place. The sleeve would allow you to put the device in your bag or just carry around in your hands. The estimated price will be affordable but we can’t give exact numbers before we know what materials we will use for our case.

My question now is:

Should we scrap Mozo cases offered above and crowd-develop from scratch a premium tailor-made sleeve for V togehter with Mozo?

  • Yes, I think it’s a great idea!
  • No, let’s better use existing cases from Mozo
  • Other (Voice it in comments)

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P.S. Cases that we showed from Mozo were designed for Mac Book 12 and Surface Pro 4 so basically any bag or case would work with V as long as it can fit devices mentioned above. But protective sleeve would be tailor made meaning it would be designed for V only and fit it very tightly giving it maximum protection and portability.



IMHO Eve should stay focus on making sure the V works perfectly and deliver on time, instead of worrying too much about peripheral. Same goes with eGPU station, because all peripheral should work with eve as long as they are compatible with the current standard. Even there should indeed be a tailor-made sleeve, it should be design/lead by the mozo or other protective case manufacturer.


Protective case that allows then to fit the smaller form factor safely (ie less overall cosmetic damage,) in a back pack laptop pocket makes lots of sense.

Ensure can store pen as well as keyboard


I’m a little worried about this too. The Eve team doesn’t appear to be large enough to warrant multiple side projects at once, and getting the V right should be top priority — accessories can follow from there.

Personally I’d be happy with a basic neoprene sleeve. Bags are not one size fits all, and luckily there are plenty of generic options for a laptop messenger/backpack.


@Zhang_Xi and @Ryan, V itself is a top priority. You have a valid concern but the bulk of case design would be done by Mozo. And the goal would be to design simple, good looking sleeve. So basically it will not mess with our resources :slight_smile:


Given that I’ll vote yes. I am thinking that we should be able to make a simple case at a reasonable cost. If the cost were too high I think many of us would just choose a sleeve designed for a similar product such as the SP4.
But if we can order a smart, stylish case for a reasonable cost I think the previous poll suggests many of us would be willing to spend something in the $50 range for something that really meets our needs


What would the reasonable cost be?:slight_smile: That would be helpful!


I don’t really know but I’m thinking $50 for something simple yet stylish. That would match the price of the fancy case in the last poll but we could design something specific for the V with less pockets but still some place for the minimal stuff such as pen and quality materials, of course our logo would be a must have. Is that unrealistic?


Roger! I think that is very doable. We would aim for 29-39 USD

Important announcement about V protective sleeves

TBH, I don’t really care, there isn’t a lot of probelems ( or any ) that we need need to fix, but if you guys wanted it and Eve are willing to do it then why not ?

But this will be a bit difficult since style is subjective.


I was thinking to ask about materials and then have a lot of references of sleeves that people like. And then later based on that feedback make our own with Mozo.


Two good starting points:


A protective sleeve would work better for me, since I want to just slide it into the messanger bag inside pocket, so the less bulky the better from my point of view


I really like this approach, no compromise!


I agree with that price point. I would never pay $50 for a sleeve that would then go inside a bag. I would pay $50 for the bag and then a cheaper price for the sleeve.
So to me, $29 would be the better price and a fun target to try and achieve.
I design bags for a living, and as well as the form factor and practicality side of things, little design features is what makes a $29 bag look like $50 bag.
So things like, the V logo used as a moulded metal zip pull. Possibley a repeat pattern of the V logo used for the lining material. If leather is used, an embossed logo applied for that subtle, yet premium look.
These are always the things I key-in on when developing bags and they are what catches the buyers eye and makes them stand out above the rest. So to me, this is what needs to be done for this sleeve to compliment the amazin product it is going to be encasing


Will the design be based on Mozo’s ideas or yours ??


The end user of course, us!


At the moment I am all for a sleek, slim sleeve that is up to the V’s exceptional standard!
It’s probably been said before, but (for me at-least) the sleeve would need to hold the V, keyboard and the pen.

I currently have an"Acme Made" sleeve for my MBPR (can’t even describe how excited I am to move away from Mac’s!!!)

This sleeve is almost perfect, It just needs better edge/corner protection.


The Mozo case that didn’t fit would be a good case to develop as it seems really low profile. I hate bulky cases.
Alternatively, one that can somehow attach to the v to turn it into a more sturdy laptop.
Was using my SP4 on the train last week and accidently dropped it as when it was slipping, I went to grab it but held the keyboard and the surface fell to the floor. Had a crack across the screen.