Should there be general question category?


No, not sure it will be flooded!


true - will be totally flooded!


On the other hand, people will ask their general questions in different thread instead.


As I wrote in the other thread: I think that we’ll need it, but it should be (a bit) hidden in the FAQ under an “others” category for example. So, we need to find some way to allow this category while reducing the flooding risk by placing it too prominently.


Bad Idea! It will be not focused or organised, and chances of wasting time for V users.


I think we should try it. If it gets flooded, we can still close it down. But sometimes there are just questions that come up that don’t fit an existing category…


To solve this “loose cannon” kind of user problem, we need to make sure the category covers well all the areas of V, and i am sure the user of the V should be able to navigate the correct category without any issues most of the time. Now on the user who wish to use general category, this may be below 5% (my emphasis). Seldom, this kind of questions falls into "I DON’T KNOW’ because of not how EVE categorized their support navigation, but because the user does not bother to take out time to see which category his issues fits into and also see if the same has/might been already resolved. This is purely his way of saying “I DON’T CARE or DO YOU THINK I HAVE SO MUCH TIME, no matter how much effort EVE or WE (community) spend time to build a strong support platform, I (User) will just login and fire my (his) question (a.k.a. “like a loose cannon”) and expect V or their SME to resolve/respond back or someone from the general category hold his hand to forward his issues to right category”. I would say for such kind of user, he need not raise his issue in ticket/support platform, rather we should provide him a link on the landing page that says “I am lost, I need help” and let this go directly to the moderator/support admin and he then assign or guide him to correct category or section rather than posting his issues in general category and getting lost himself and others too…

Above was my 2 cents…


But if these persons just write in random categories it won’t help anybody either. That’s why I’m pro general category. Hide it a bit after the other categories and infos and if it still gets too flooded with existing topics then close it. But if we don’t have it from the start then it could be that other categories get flooded. We can still make new categories, if we see that something was forgotten and popped up as a general question in the beginning. And if this already reduces the amount of posts in the general thread then it’s good. If not, then we’ll close it.

Edit: Haha, it’s neat to correct the spelling errors in titles as a regular :smiley:


Maybe people can post on the general category and Eve Certified Doctors/Eve team members can move those to the appropriate subcategory.


But people shouldn’t know that it’s done. Else nobody will bother to search for the right category :smiley:


Actually I was thinking of making people know they should post on the general category :stuck_out_tongue: Eve Certified Doctors/Eve team members would clean up and ensure there is no mess on the general category and that everything is on the right place. That way you you’d have utmost organization :wink:


But that can be really much work and we need to make sure that the people still check the other topics before posting. :thinking:


would it be possible to “suggest” a category based on the words of the question?

ie, they write their question:

“my keyboard backlight does not seem to work, can someone help me?”

then when they click submit, the categories are suggested based on the content of the question, and they are prompted to pick one.


AI is the solution for that! When you write the initial post for a thread it already compares to content on other posts (should compare too to the FAQ!!) so maybe it could do that as well.


When making a thread some AI will already tell one if it is similar to other threads. It’s not the best by any means, but there is something that we might build on (don’t quote me on that, I know little about software development, and nothing about AI).


AI is one of the most difficult topics in computer science… It would be too much for someone to improve it on their free time :smile: And I think Discourse is interested in making it better but they can’t just improve it in one day. This needs time and effort…