Should I buy the Eve V?


@AML, @Jamil_Stafford, thank you for the comments. I hope I can know how too pessimistic I was in the close future.
@Luckers, they must know much better than I. Forget my personal impression without an evidence (of course you’ve already forgotten).


to be honest, as a Photoshop device, the V isn’t what you’re looking for, you wouldn’t be as happy as with a more ‘traditional laptop’. That said, just to clarify: There are a lot of people who are very happy with the V! I for one love mine, and have never regretted buying it.


Honestly, I’d say no, buy from a company with experience in business and support.


In the spirit of conversation where has eve failed on support of a customer reported problem? They haven’t worked through all the tickets yet but those who have had tickets resolved have all been happy. Also not everyone uses the community


I’ve got to agree [somewhat] with Cluskey here. Not that one shouldn’t buy from Eve, but it’s still too new of a company to easily trust. He never said that Eve screwed up in support.


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That’s specifically the weak point of the processor in the V. Multitasking. Anything that is singlethreaded is (Taylor) Swift but multitasking, no.

It won’t hang either because it isn’t technically an error, but that’s also kind of a problem because you have a computer that’s not really responsive but gives no indication that its working really really hard.

Its a condition called diagnosus problemus buttus non has indicatus. It affects charging also.

At the V’s price point, yes. Power = heat. Heat = noise. Cooling solution = space/$$$. You can pay more for a better cooling solution that is quieter, but the V is silent, therefore High power + No noise + small form factor = ALL the $$$.

So for your use case: if your intention is for the V to replace your primary workstation - given the workload you described - not recommended. -4/10.


I don’t really know how much of an impact the GPU would make in your workflow. As stated earlier, my current workflow is very similar to yours. Mostly webdesign and development (also, i recommend not using photoshop for webdesign, but that is a whole different story). Honestly, I would recommend getting a MacBook, unless there is a program that you really need windows for. In regards to webdesign, there is a lot more possible on macOS (for example sketchapp or silverback for testing). Code editors are mostly running fine on both OS’s.

If, you don’t want that. Razer has some similar laptops. Dell XPS lineup is pretty darn good. HP has some sleek looking new ones, though I have no experience with that. Gigabyte Aero lineup is darn fast and also pretty light, but while the fan sound isn’t that loud, it’s a little bit high pitching.


If you’re considering Razer, you might want to look at Aftershock, a friend of mine just got this from them and it’s (imo) the razer blade stealth minus the gamer bling + price premium

Main differences from the V:

  • Quad core
  • Laptop form factor
  • No touchscreen
  • Fan sounds
  • Indicator light :confetti_ball::tada:
  • dedicated home cluster keys (but they’re in the stupid position of being one vertical column in the right end of the keyboard)
  • Ram/m.2 hdd/3.5"hdd not soldered in


I will not recommended that as it uses igpu. He clearly needs a dgpu.

Actually, if you can wait a little, I feel the new Dell xps 15 2in1 might be a good fit for you. The vega graphics that comes with it sounds really promising. However, they have rate it as a underclocked mobile 1050ti.

I used to have a gigabyte p35x v3. Gigabyte laptops do have pretty good specs in a slim and light configuration. However, the laptop seems to be of bad build quality. My laptop chassis disintegrated itself from just my daily work life. Still they might have improved themselves recently. Could take a look at their range.


oh lol was that mentioned? my mistake then - i thought since he was considering the V an egpu might suffice.


Oh my I forgot about egpu! Good point!


I feel I am getting much better advice on here than the guy who was trying to actually sell me the machine! You would have thought that they would point me towards something that is more powerful / more expensive!

Thank you for your assistance!


Hey @yaustar … I am not rednering video no, although the option may nbe nice. Large photoshop sessions yes, I often work on large brochures with all pages in the same session, many many layers. Aside from that, Illustrator gets open infrequently and it is mostly lots of tabs in chrome. Part of me is just up for getting something too powerful for my needs to give me scope and longevity of use.


I discovered quotes! Ok … answering multiple people now…

Thanks @JohnS … I’ll take a look!

No worries @woku thank you for your time anyway!

Yeah guys! I totally agree it looks lovely. Really hoped it would work as my main machine. It’s looking like I need something that is very much mobile workstation. Thank you though @dibadibadu, @Jamil_Stafford, @benej98!

That is a concern of mine. Keeping in mind that the last one had to go back if I have any similar issues I will have little patience for a responsive support portal let alone one that may not be. As this will be my main work machine if it has any issues at all out of the box I will be shouting at the company … it needs to be functional and dependable out of the box. I really hope I don’t get plagued with problems again. My first work laptop was Dell … lasted 6 years … the next was/is a Toshiba … has lasted 7 years … never had a problem with either.

Noted @Wickedly. Thanks for yout ime though!

Hey @TristanSchaaf! I don’t use photoshop for web design anymore, thanks for the tip though :slight_smile:. I have worked with Macs before … I just prefer the Windows environment. I am also aware that you can run windows on a Mac should one want to but I just have a funny feeling about Apple. Completely my own issue … I would be looking at the PC route though.

I have been looking at the XPS line of laptops. Definite possibility, just don’t really like the look of it you know? Again I realise how stupid that may sound when they are primarily to look at the screen.

I do? Sorry You may have lost me there @wsaenot . What is dgpu? I am learning so much in this purchasing a new laptop mallarky!


Discrete graphics card, as opposed to integrated graphics (integrated into the CPU, or similar. Integrated graphics being something like “Intel HD Graphics”. Far less powerful, and takes some of the performance away from the CPU to do graphics processing. Discrete graphics is what’s common in work stations, and a few regular laptops (though not very common). If you want something good to draw/write on, but still need the power, the Surface Book is definitely the way to go.



Personally, I would go with the following options (goes up in weight as you go down):

LG Gram 2018 if you need to be ultra lightweight
Dell XPS 2018 if you need the Thunderbolt USB-C (need for external GPU options)
Asus Zenbook 13 UX331UN if you need some sort of dedicated graphics
Dell XPS 15 for a more powerful graphics card (1050 with GB)

Bear in mind to check for colour accuracy of the screens since you are doing print work.


I have to say I am blown away by the assistance I am getting here. Shame I am not joining the Eve Community as an owner! At least not yet. I still really like the product. Maybe if I can find something suitable and relatively portable I can find an excuse for the V too.

Anyway … thank you so much for all of the answers. I really didn’t expect such interaction.

I have looked at so many differing laptops and the part of me that is a small child (believe me I am far from that) wants to find something that looks really cool and is crazy powerful so that should I want to start making videos or something equally demanding … I won’t have a problem. Also if it is capable of that … it can certainly do what I do day to day.

As it stays on my desk most of the time and only leaves to go to the office maybe 2 times a month … I am not that motivated by it being a small package. If it can be acheived great! The V excited me there for that and I think may have enabled me to mislead people a little. @Jamil_Stafford … nah I don’t need to write / draw on the screen. Lightweight / portable is also not all the important … again the V just got me a bit excited.

The following is cheeky but as most seem to be willing toffer advice I would really be interested to know thoughts …

17" would be too big I think so looking at 15" laptops / workstations.

I must admit I am slightly leaning towards the Alienware 15 with the following specs:

  • Intel® Core™ i7-7820HK Processor (Quad-Core, 8MB Cache, Overclocking up to 4.4GHz )
  • 15.6 inch UHD (3840 x 2160) 60Hz IPS Anti-Glare 300-nits Display w/ NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology
  • 32GB DDR4 at 2400MHz (2x16GB)
  • 1TB PCIe SSD (Boot) + 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage)
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 with 8GB GDDR5X - 110W
  • Killer 1535 802.11ac 2x2 WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1

I am thinking that along with looking cool … it will be well built and last me for YEARS … which I hope it will as I can’t and also don’t want to afford such a purchase that often. I’m just sucked in by the styling and the promise of performance. I am well aware this is a gaming laptop before that gets pointed out. As it’ll be plugged in a lot, battery life isn’t that important to me. The noise though does a little … vids I have watched have said it can be rather noisy on load … that said I don’t know if my use would even be load for it!

We have wandered so far from the original conversation though that I will totally understand if I am told to ask elsewhere. I have asked on an Alienware forum actually … although it seems they are not anywhere near as responsive as you guys!

As I have said before … thank you so much for any help you are willing to give.


The specs look good, but I’m a bit biased against alienware, the quality of their products is often pretty bad. Instead of a “gaming” laptop, look for an actual mobile work station, like below:


Hmm… Part of me feels like the GTX 1080 would be overkill. The Alienware displays are also geared towards games and therefore don’t offer colour accuracy as high as other laptops. That said, reviews put it at 88% of the sRGB color gamut which is not bad.

Will you be using this with an external monitor?


I’ve had some great experience with Eurocom workstations, if I was still looking for a mobile workstation I would give that a look!