Should I buy the Eve V?


Hello all!

I am currently using a beaten up Toshiba Laptop to write this post. Please bear with me, I am asking about the Eve V … just some back story.

So I am using an old laptop now due to trusting a PCSpecialist build which initially had broken hardware and then kept crashing on me. After the second time of sending back I just asked for my money back.

I am loving the branding, the look and the specs of the Eve V. What I do not want to do though is to spend a bunch of money on yet another system that is going to end up being sent back and wasting my time and efforts in setting it up multiple times, transferring files etc.

Also … I am interested to know if it would do what I need it to.

So if anyone can help me with answers to the following questions I would very much appreciate it:

  • Can I trust the hardware? Will it work out of the box?

  • I am concerned by all of the comments on this support portal. Lots of problems. Is anyone actually happy with the Eve V? I understand that this is a support portal so problems are going to be aplenty … just want to hear some good feedback should there be some.

  • I am a graphic and web designer who uses Adobe suite. Is the Eve V a suitable replacement for a larger or better known brand of laptop? I was thinking Alienware for example which is a similar price point although larger / heavier. I don’t really care about the pen (I don’t draw freehand) or sound (I use bluetooth speakers).

Thanks to any and all that can help me.


Hi Luckers! Welcome!

First of all you are correct - there are a lot of people complaining on this forum about all sorts of things. Some valid, and others not (I’m sure you can identify for yourself who falls into which category!)

I have had my V since the very first group - and I can tell you, I love it. I’ve not had any issues that I consider a deal breaker. No broken keys, no cracked screen, no rubbed off coating.

Those of us who are happy with our Vs far outnumber those who are not - but the unhappy ones are way more likely to be vocal (as you pointed out) and many of the happy ones are no longer active…

I’ve used Photoshop and Illustrator a fair amount and have not had any issues. I’ve got an i7. I suppose if you are doing giant billboard sized illustrations it might be slow or processing 4k video, but for logo work and painting in photoshop I’ve got no complaints!


Thank you!

I appreciate your input. What I am looking for is a system that can cope with large PS sessions. Multiple layers. Several heavy duty applications open at once.

If the V can do this whilst also looking tres cool, lightweight (compared to a laptop) and a two in one then it will really help the decision making.


What do you consider a “large PS session”? and what other applications do you want to have open at the same time?


I think I meant more demanding more than anything. I’m working on something at the moment for example which is a brochure. 100s of layers. Current machine is falling over trying to deal with it. Often though I am downloading sites using FileZilla, backing up my machine to Dropbox, flitting between Photoshop & Illustrator while having many tabs open in chrome. Lots of multitasking.


Theres higher than 98% chance, yes

Count me as one. The only significant problem for me rn is the pen performance, which should be updated soon.

On the other hand, the battery life exceeded the claimed battery life, which is nothing short of impressive. The battery life alone is just simply unbeatable by any other computer. With the latest Intel driver, I am now averaging 14h battery life (per BatteryBar). Thats like 3x of my Surface Pro 4, to put things into perspective.


No problems with my V. That means no problems :hugs:
Keyboard with trackpad is a pleasure to use; The screen is really outstanding.
One have to check for driver updates.
Battery life is good too. In fact no problems nowhere.
As far as supporting heavy program loads: I’m not enough informed to give you counsel.


100s of layers in PS sounds really intensive. I doubt any ultrabook or mid range laptop can handle that kind of load with ease. For me, I will use a mid to high range desktop to handle that kind of workload if done on a regular basis. Maybe you could ask someone to test your scenario out.


Which intel driver? 2020


I can only comment on your first two questions.
I received my V a few days before Christmas, and it was dead on arrival (afaik this turned out later to be a driver or bios issue).
I got my replacement unit the day after Christmas and it’s been working perfectly for me ever since.
I simply love it.

Keep in mind though, that my user case differs vastly from yours, with silent design being my main selling point while computing power is mostly no concern to me.
That being said, no complaints on the power side. Display is awesome, battery rocks.


I’m in quite the same boat as you. I do similar work, loads of layers in Photoshop, constantly updating/changing files through ftp and dropbox. Running multiple screens etc.

You will test the limits of the V. You will experience slowdowns. The specs (especially the passively cooled part) will be a bottleneck for you.
As for, if you can trust the hardware. Well, yes. But it’s a first-gen product. This means there could be some issues. This is not limited to Eve or the V. I bought the first-gen MacBook Pro Retina, and had numerous problems with the display (especially dead pixels).

If you use it professionally with multiple photoshop files with dozens or more layers. And simultanious trying something out in multiple browsers, coding (especially in a heavier editor like PHP storm), etc. I would recommend getting a proper laptop, with fans and a nice keyboard. The V (especially the M3) is more aimed at consumers who do some scribbling in notes and check their email/facebook. The i7 is more capable in doing your tasks, but it will throttle when you demand more out if for a longer period of time. Which I think you might just do.


Thanks everyone for you input!

So it looks like the V may not be for me. I’m not running heavy CAD software or video editing (which I know are demanding) but I do lose the will to live when a computer can’t cope with my multitasking demands.

This community is great though … I would love to maybe go the desktop route along with the V for client visits but that is sadly going to be above my budget.


If you don’t care about the pen, then a 2 in 1 doesn’t really give you an advantage and would actually suggest not getting the Eve V.

What are you looking for in a laptop? Other laptops worth looking at: LG Gram 2018, Dell XPS 13 2018. You may want to think about getting one with a discrete graphics card if you are a heavy graphics editor.


Hey Yaustar,

Do you know what it was that got me thinking about the V? It looked cool, was lighter than a laptop and was silent. The fact it could also double as a tablet would have been handy after time I am sure.

I also liked the idea of supporting a new company rather than giving money to the big boys.

What I want from a laptop is something that will cope with my multitasking needs. I need for rendering, saving and the like to be fast and for there to be no hanging.

Stylish also would be a plus. I have looked into the Dell XPS series but having gone Dell before I was debating trying something new. I have been looking at the Alienware 15 (which I know is now dell - it looks sooo cool though!), I am aware it is a gaming laptop but I like the look of it and from a power perspective I don’t believe I will have issues. Am still researching though. Then we fall back on the silent aspect though … the Alienware so I hear is NOISY with the fan revving even when idle.

What I want is powerful. No lagging when under load. Relatively quiet. I wonder if I am asking too much.

The V got me excited because I was that large amounts of RAM could be added and the processor seemed fast. I could add a large SSD and it had Bluetooth which was a requirement. I think I am still wanting someone to talk me around but am sadly leaning towards something else.


With the keyboard, the V is ~400g heavier than the LG Gram 2018, has half the cores on the CPU (the LG i5 has 4 cores with HT and 3.4 turbo) and the LG also has a crazy battery life of up to 18hrs (13 inch model). The LG also has a touch screen.

Another alternative is the Asus Zenbook 13 UX331UN. Not as light or long lasting but comes with a MX150 for some graphics acceleration and light gaming.

If you are rendering, definitely get something with a better CPU. The m series is not really up for it.


Thank you … I will look into reviews of the LG and Asus.

Not interested in gaming fyi … thats what the xbox one is for.

I think with the Eve V I liked the novently of the click on keyboard too. Also the fingerprint reader on the side.


But if you are rendering or doing creative work, having a discrete graphics card/chip could really help depending if your tools make use of a GPU.


Yep! Definitely … I wasn’t suggesting graphics weren’t important.

Just stating that I wouldn’t be gaming in case that affected any other particular piece of hardware.


Someone like @Lukas_Fikr may be able to provide you with some more details in the near future as he plans to run GIS and mapping type of sw on his V…I don’t know how close GIS is to CAD but one can only assume both are intense and demanding applications


Honestly speaking, I do not agree. If you are sadistic and crazy enough to love struggling with the issues, and if you love sending back and to the product, not able to uze it for a long time after you have fully paid for it, go ahead. Please take a look around the community to find there are many issues within just 2-3 thousand Vs. This frequency must be far more than the commercial products, even more than the early products of Dxxl. One more thing to remind you is that you will have to wait for the next flash sale, a several weeks till you are informed that your V is under assembly, and further several weeks till you get it in your hand. If you would like to go safe and easy, buy a product @ Axxxxn or eBxy. Despite of all, we all love V. U join us?