Should EVE roadmap include a product with the 8th-generation H-series CPUs?


There are several speculations. Note, theyre all speculations.

  1. As their position is stronger, Nvidia doesn’t want it for one reason or another. Maybe theyre afraid that Intel will be able to see (and copy) more about their product. Meanwhile AMD’s financial situation doesn’t really let them them to say “no” to this project.
  2. Nvidia is charging a lot of money for this. Their MXM cards have been sold at a massive premium (3x of desktop ones), so I wouldn’t expect this to be anything less.
  3. This entire product was requested by Apple, so they can make their next laptop roughly 3% thinner with bigger emoji bar. It is evident by Intel’s showcase video showing MacBook Pro’s mainboard. Apple has been using AMD Radeon for the last few years or so.

What’s more unexplainable is why AMD doesn’t do everything here themselves. They got the Ryzen now, they couldve done all this themselves without Intel.

No, per AMD’s own press release, their performance is in the roundabout of GTX 950M, and as we all know, they are often too optimistic in their press releases


Yeah that’s what I thought too… I mean if I had to choose I’d pick Intel, but AMD+Intel doesn’t really sound nice and I think AMD could achieve better integration here.

To make it clear, I was talking about the hypothetical Eve laptop. Instead of using this integrated chip they could use a dedicated Nvidia GPU… But the price point makes sense. I wondered why laptops with Nvidia cards have become so expensive lately…


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IIRC Raven Ridge only has 10 CUs?


Ooh, ooh! We’ll put a notch in it like the iPhone or the Essential Phone…right?



No, no, let’s put the camera (and other sensors) in a small bulge and it’s also a nice gripping point for opening the device…



I expected this, you have met my expectations XD


all indications is that this is serious GPU power when even compared to AMD’s Ryzen line.

if so, then i’m all for the similar suggestions for as small a form factor as possible to allow enough cooling for full throttle performance, beautiful screen, and as large a battery as possible.

if this works, we’re talking holy grail of performance AND near ultra-sleek portability.

hands down a solid winner.

so yes, EVE should definitely be looking to integrate this down the road.

my $0.02.


I was kinda hoping this thread would be used to engage us in fantasising about what such a device would be, including the specs and use cases that we could come up with. And most importantly how could we make such a device special.

Here is my dream take:

  • 15" chassis with Surface Book 2 screen, fully laminated, and minimal bezels
  • Detachable design - similar to Surface Book
  • The CPU/GPU in the tablet portion along with 30-40Wh of battery, maybe no ports in tablet portion to maximise battery and cooling capacity
  • The tablet portion has an available dock to make it into workstation and adjustable leg similar to Surface Studio
  • The base portion holds the keyboard/trackpad, a plethora of ports and 99Wh of battery and storage for stylus.
  • Base connects to tablet via BT when disconnected - same as current V
  • the whole package base + tablet total weight 2.2 - 2.3 Kg
  • composite build with durable external finish


@Alexandr_Smirnov - same with me - except for 1 TB3 and 1 USB-C port in tablet part.
Additional parts - full flush SD card reader, GPS, GSM/LTE, option for 2nd SSD in keyboard part.


Would you trade them in the tablet portion for say 10-15Wh more battery. Of course these ports would be in the base portion, and pogo pins connection would add these and all other ports in the dock . From the Surface Book use I can say the only time I disconnected screen is to say watch a movie in bed or in plane and use the tablet portion for note taking. For all these cases I would rather have more battery instead of ports and more cooling too


I use Surface Book differently and missing ports in field.


It would interesting to learn your use cases for Surface Book :):wink:


Actually it is close to the mx150 in this benchmark that got leaked.

“But here’s the deal, Intel and AMD U series chips are mostly system dependent as laptops with better cooling and design deliver better performance.”


And MX150 is also close in performance to the GTX 950M, its just another way of saying its got low-end performance


I would love something like this, but I don’t believe it’s possible. Here’s why:

  1. For a Surface Book-type device, you want the display to be as light as possible to eliminate wobble. The fact that the display on the Surface Book is heavier than regular laptop displays is what necessitates the weird hinge which many people already find off-putting.
  2. Microsoft’s engineering team are brilliant, and yet they’ve only managed to put a 15w CPU in the tablet portion, even though I believe a 45w CPU makes more sense considering they’re targeting the Macbook Pro. This is in combination with the relatively limited battery life of the tablet portion.
  3. GPUs use up space and power. Both impact battery life. To cool, they need larger, heavier heatsinks, which, again, eats up more space (ie, takes it away from the battery), and more of that precious weight. The mobile Geforce 1050, for example, has a TDP of 75w. Putting this in the same compact area of the CPU on a Surface Book Clipboard? Especially if that CPU is 45w by itself? Non-starter. The laws of physics just won’t allow it.


No problem. As hydrogeologist/environmental geologist - I’m using Surface Book to collect field data - mapping excavations, borehole/monitoring well logging (lithology profiles), groundwater sampling (field parameters collection), programming pressure transducer for hydraulic conductivity tests, …

For some steps I need access to USB ports. For now I have to have base connected (too bulky and heavy), BTW this is a reason why I’m planning to use EVE V for fieldwork.


We’ve estimated from the start of this conversation the combined TDP of approx 109W for CPU/GPU with something on the level of performance of GTX1060. The whole big deal about this release from Intel is significantly reduced packaging size and additional efficiencies achieved in the process giving us a lot more room for cooling and batteries. So from the stand point of physics I wouldn’t call it a non-starter, especially that Razer has been packing all these components into their 14" chassis for years, before any of these improvements in packaging and efficiencies.