Shipping Update

I received the same email, I confirmed. Now I’m waiting to see if they’ll really send it but I doubt it lol


I got the email and confirmed this morning. Fingers crossed.

I got the address confirmation email on June 18th, nothing else since. Still waiting…

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Lulz. People still believe in this company?!?! I guess people believe in the loch ness monster too.


I also received the “address confirmation” email today. Who knows. Praying that it’s not all one big lie as they are stuffing cash into suitcases and shredding documents.

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@Cas I never received my address confirmation email. Can I PM you my order#?

I ended up cancelling my glossy order. I currently dont have a monitor, so it being delayed till next month at least just isnt cutting it for me. I totally understand needing to fix QC issues so this is nothing against that. My neck is killin me from working on my laptop all day at home and im just not willing to wait indefinitely longer. Especially when i can (and did) just order a comparable monitor thats getting here Monday. Best of luck to everyone else waiting.

Anyways, posting here for visibility since it seems people are sometimes having a hard time getting a refund.

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I’m looking to buy an Eve Spectrum, the glossy version. Should I do it? It says estimated shipping time is July.

Does anyone know if people have received any glossy Eve Spectrum 4k 144hz? I can’t seem to find anyone in the forum.

My man, if you read this whole thread, and you can’t see the clear themes going on, I don’t know what to tell you.


But the product is so good that I am willing to wait months for it… Do you know if they give refunds at least? If I don’t receive it within 3 months, I would like one…

There is no guarantee when will you receive the item, there are who are still waiting from 2021. I would to see Eve to fix up whatever they need to fix up internally and with their logistics partner. Unless there are reports people are getting their units, which some are, it is a risk you have to take.

EVE has to Guarantee to the customer from the date of purchase till arrives in front of their doorstep, that it takes this amount of a time to arrive and to honor it.

I am blessed to get my refund, and I am shopping around to get myself a new monitor, I would prefer a 32" as a size monitor, although, I am considering a 40 something inch TV for the same amount of money.

These are my thoughts.

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Given shipping is taking 4-6 months, if you ordered a glossy now, it’s seems unlikely you will receive it until 2023, even in the unlikely situation that they meet their “shipping” date of July.

I feel you, man. I was going through the same thing after waiting for more than 4 months before cancelling my order and getting a refund.

What did you end up buying as an alternative if I may ask?

I was waiting for 4 months for the monitor to arrive before cancelling my order and asking for a refund. Got it a week later, but that was in back in April. They might deal with that differently now, given all the same complaints within this thread…

I got the LG 27GP950-B from amazon. Im using a monitor arm so not worried about the weird red/black stand. Seemed to basically have the same specs just without the glossy screen.

As soon as the “shipping date” got pushed back a month i suddenly stopped caring about the glossy screen lol.

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I can confirm, as of June 23rd 2022, that I received an email asking me to verify my shipping address as my monitor is being prepped for shipment. Hopefully this is a good omen.

Received this on June 20th 2022.

Lucy - Eve Customer Support Agent (Eve Distribution Limited)

Jun 20, 2022, 18:31 GMT+3

Dear Chaz,

As you can see we are going to ship your order hopefully within the next week.
**Thank you for confirming your shipping address recently. Please give us a little more time and we will share the tracking number with you. Your order is among the first to ship out. **

Lucy, Eve Devices Customer Support

So, im right there with ya

I haven’t even received the address confirmation email. Standard, ordered in January.

I think Lucy is going through and sending them one by one. You’ll get yours.