Shipping Update

So what happens if my order doesn’t ship in January as mentioned? I paid for the express shipping and with a guarantee that it will ship in Jan. Shouldn’t. we get a partial refund on the shipping then?

If it doesn’t start shipping by the end of January yes, I also paid for express shipping

Okay, since we are talking shipping, is there any word on when the new V Gen 2 which we preordered, I think over a year ago, with a $300 deposit and then you requested the balance late last year which I paid (maybe Sept-Nov within that timeframe, I believe). I’m not angry, just looking for an update if possible. Getting antsy to play with it! lol Thanks

Nevermind, I found your answer on the 2021 Summary Thread. Thanks! :blush:

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Hi @ReignDespair,

you really should double check on DB Schenker. Never heard good things about them and many many others seem to agree:

Right now i am waiting on another shipment which is managed by DB Schenker.

There is absolutely no way for a customer to reach out and get crucial informations, shipping is delayed and delayed again without real reason or information at all. Service Hotline is a dead end and mails seem to be ignored…

Just a fair warning! Hopefully you’ll find a reliable and fitting partner!


hello, I pre-ordered the monitor on 11/01/2022 and paid on 12/01/2022. when the order will be shipped?


Hey @Sinan68,

The shipping estimate provided is 18-35 days once shipped. It’s expected to ship this month, with new orders being shipped next month. As soon as we have more definitive information we will provide this for you.

Hey @martinmacfly,

Thank you very much for this, I will pass this important information onto the team!

Hey @llkinslayerll,
Your order should ship this month. We will have more information soon we can use to provide everyone waiting with up to date shipping estimates. Just bare with us while we setup our new logistical process.

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I’ve been waiting since the start of November they have already responded to me but unfortunately I wouldn’t be surprised if all pre back orders are delayed till February

Eve have repeatedly chosen not to provide refunds when express shipping has been delayed.

With the “tease” of a glossy panel vs matte - if we haven’t received our monitors i.e. the 2k, 240hz display will we be able to make the switch to glossy or will that take another 3 years or so?

Hi @kwasden,

Not a problem. You will be able to swap your Spectrum out if you no longer require the model you initially purchased.

Please note, you would be required to pay the difference between the 2k and 4k. You will also have to pay the amount stated at the date of purchase.

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Hi,Just to be sure, if i have pre-order and pay monitor in january 2022 when it will be sent?


I paid in full May 25th and had monitor lost in shipping. I was originally supposed to hear something by this week of January but now your saying I have to wait yet another delay? I feel I deserve some form of priority over newer orders considering I’ve be waiting 8 months on a product that hasn’t even shipped yet. Kind of sad to read many different comments on people ordering 2 - 4 months after me already receive their orders before the end of last year. Not to be rude but I really don’t care what steps y’all have to take to better your overall experience for future reference when you can’t even redeem yourselves of the past. I’ve been extremely patient but I going to need an update on my ordering shipping very very soon!!!


Hey @llkinslayerll,

Based on the date you placed your order it should ship by the end of this month. We will be shipping out orders in chronological order, so there is that to also consider so it could be early next month depending on when our shipping is resumed. Hoping to have some more details very soon regarding all order’s shipping status.

Hey @YezzirskIIIz,
Yes unfortunately, because we are currently in process of changing shipping partner this does mean there is a slight delay. That being said you order should still ship this month. I understand your experience has been a frustrating one, but we are doing everything we possibly can so that we have little to no issues arise when shipping out orders.

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So I paid for my monitor on May 2021 and since around August I’ve been just receiving “updates” like “soon” and “in the next few days”.

I’ve never had to waited this long on a paid product to arrive, this is the worst customer experience I’ve had.

About 2 months ago they finally told me my order was lost and had some logistics trouble. A month ago they told me they’ll send me a new order through express shipping giving me daily updates. As any EVE promise, it wasn’t fulfilled.

Not only I haven’t even gotten a tracking number, but @ReignDespair is not answering any more. I really don’t now what am I supposed to do in this situations, but I definitely feel frustrated, dissapointed and powerless.

Hey @Vikant,

The reason why I’ve not provided any additional information is because this update also applies to your order. I apologise I should have reached to you to explain. Based on the current situation your order should ship by the end of this month with delivery taking 3-7days once shipped.

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