Shipping Update for Eve Store folks 06.04


Dear Flash Sale Buyers and Community Members!

As you know we decided to communicate shipping updates for people who purchased Vs from our web store via email so that we could provide the correct information to each customer group based on their intended delivery time, items purchased and so on. However as many of you know there was shipping delay caused for some of the buyers. We have read your opinions and suggestions on the forum and fully agree that we need to provide more information on the reasons behind the delay. That’s why I wanted to write this post!

First of all we are all really sorry for the delay and our communications about it. There is not much more to say. Our community and customers are the core of Eve and without you we wouldn’t be here today nor we would be able to continue doing the thing we so much love— crowd-developing awesome devices with the community. The purpose of this post is to start a discussion with you folks explaining the situation and keep up transparent communications in the future! Here are some of the questions you have been asking us:

What’s the overall situation regarding V shipments?

We are shipping Vs ordered during the 4th of December flash sale gradually. We have already shipped some of the orders and will keep shipping them throughout April - May. We are also working on fulfilling orders placed up until last week of April as we have enough inventory coming from this production run.

What’s the reason for this delay?! Haven’t you learned from IndieGoGo?

Same result but for diferent reasons

We have gained so much knowledge and production experience since Indiegogo times. This time delay is caused by new challenges we have not encountered before: Having to manage funds carefully as we grow. Big part of our funds are tied up in payment processors (Stripe, PayPal) and suppliers (deposits, warranty cases under repair, etc) as we grow quickly! This is common for growing companies as we have to make payments out to partners before we get all of the money in (a lot of it gets frozen at payment processors on the way to us). As a result we have to manage our cash more carefully resulting in a slower shipping schedule. We did not expect that payment processors as well as some suppliers would freeze a big part of our funds. We previously had a similar issue with PayPal but on a much smaller scale. Based on the information we had from Payment processors once we shipped indiegogo orders, the freezing amount would drop substantially. In reality it didn’t. As a result it takes us longer to produce. Companies don’t talk about the business side of things with their customers normally, but because we are driven by end users we feel that we have to let you know what’s happening at Eve. This is not to say that the delay is caused solely by the amount of funds frozen. There are some small production challenges as well (such as Alcantara fabric taking longer to arrive, SSDs slightly delayed), but they can be resolved faster with additional funding. The great news is that production is running smoothly with the best yield rates we have had so far (Our QC team has barely found any defects in the latest production runs, meaning our teething issues with production are a thing of the past.)

So what’s the solution for this???

As you might know our team has a solid track record with resolving challenges. That’s how we got so far and how we will get even further! We already have a solution that we are working on!

To this day our operations have been completely self-funded meaning we did not offer equity to outside companies. We realize now that we have delivered V to the market we need more capital to do things better and faster. As a result we are now running a funding round with Eve, talking to prolific investors around the world. This will allow us to take the level of service we provide to the next level! It’s quite a time consuming activity but it will allow us to become the team we want to be and finally start shipping FASTER than promised rather than LATER. We will keep you posted throughout the process and we will make sure to share with you the news once we have secured the investment! We have received a lot of proposals from investors from around the world since our Indiegogo campaign so now it is up to us to choose the best partner to understand our vision and take Eve to the next level. If you have good investors in mind make sure to share their website/ contact with us!

Wait! Will Eve change once investors come on board???

We will get only better! As there were a lot of investors approaching us during the past year we will not choose a partner that will meddle around with the ways we do business. From the very beginning we are very clear about the community being the core of Eve! Investment opens up a lot of opportunities!

How do you feel about this delay?

Horrible. Really terrible. Seriously hate it! You can’t imagine how bad it feels for us to delay shipments to some of you… We know it must be even worse for you! We know that you shouldn’t wait so ling. But we will over-deliver to you! Eve started to change the tech world for the better! We knew there would be many challenges and we get better all the time. We will continue to resolve challenges as they come and do our best to prevent them from occurring.

Is the V actually good?

It is. We are sure it’s worth waiting for. We have sent out a survey to people who got their V during indigogo (we picked them randomly) and we scored 8,5 out of 10 for the overall V satisfaction considering the delay we had. We are sure that the V you receive will not disappoint! We’ve put our hearts into it and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!

Why did you stop communicating with us in the community?

It’s not because we don’t care about you folks. No! Email updates are a great medium for personalized updates to different groups of people. We will keep email updates as a main medium and will make sure to keep community as a crowd-development platform. But we have for sure heard your message! We will make sure to communicate better to flash sale and future customers keeping openness of the communications as the top priority!

So What’s now?

You have supported something very special. One day you will say that “Hey I was among the guys who bought first Vs”. We will always remember you and figure out ways to reward you in the long run for your trust in us! We are the same team with same passion and desire to make awesome products with you! I know that some of you will not like this update. The only thing I really want you to take away from this is that we have the best intentions and we treasure every one of our customers. We make mistakes, we learn and we will get better! We will keep you posted on the situation more frequently now.

Now, I know you must have a lot of questions! I suggest we have a live stream we spoke about some time before in Youtube in which we address your questions face to face! As you can see we made a topic to discuss the best way to handle the live stream!


We will host a Live stream on Youtube next week Friday 13th April 4pm EEST which is 4pm Helsinki/ 2pm London and 9am New York time.

During the live stream we will answer the questions that will be submitted in advance as well as questions that are asked during the live stream!

Submit your questions here

Will you join Eve live stream?

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Looking forward to speak to you soon people!!! Let’s make remarkable things together!

Quick update from Konsta
Submit your questions for the May 4th Q&A here!
Submit your questions for the May 4th Q&A here!


You have got to be kidding me :joy::joy::joy:


Thank you and a very well constructed update!

I Feel for you and can see you are having a very intense introduction to the world of building a NEW tech company.

I feel for the buyers who have to endure the wait.
Let me tell you it will be well worth it when you get your V!

Funding and working capital is essential to your future, I’m sorry to hear that you are still being throttled by the credit gateway providers.

No doubt you will persevere and find the best way through it.

Congratulations on sticking with it no matter what!!!


Community asked to be more conservative. This is an unlikely case but we want to be honest. I think we missed the openness we used to have this Winter. We will make the best out of the schedule. This is the schedule for all of the Orders to this day.


I don’t think anyone was asking you to be conservative. From what I read, people were asking you to be realistic. Perhaps that is unfair. I just wish you’d been like this from the start.

I really hope your journey is successful. However, I have to say, taking my money for a laptop in December sending out emails like ‘everything is on track’ but actually delaying till almost 1/2 year later, whilst refusing to offer refunds is really unethical.


Yes. You are right we did not do good at all. Funding round will prevent this issues from poping in the future. We realized that we are trying to challenge business world in many ways. By changing he way products are developed, sold, funded, etc. We realized that we should disrupt only one thing at a time and that is community development model!


Sorry to hear that for all the webshop buyers (me included!)
But I hope (and I am sure from what I know and have seen the past years) that you can make it to build an even greater Tech Company as you already are!

Looking forward to the Stream and the following disruption of the tech market!


I understand your pain, but they are learning every day.

The Eve team are not hardened business professionals and as you and I can see they have had another unforeseen problem crop up that’s squeezed them for the cash that was contributed by you and the other buyers.

That’s a real shit of of a thing to happen, and they then can’t get access all of your money and all of the money that the Flash buyers have paid. It F’king sucks for you and Eve.
And sadly you both pay for it with delay pain.

So now to ease the problem of any future pain, I guess they have to sell a part of Eve to outside investors.

Not the best solution but it sure isn’t the worst either.

I know it must be hard for you, but give them the your support, so as to help all of you get what you want in the end.

AS I said above you will be surprised how good your Eve really is.



I think everybody was ready for some waiting time here, but every update about December flash sale delays shipment further (remember Jan/Feb). In your last update mail (30.03.18) you wrote “will be notified via email and receive a tracking number next week.If you do not receive an email, fear not, you will by the end of April at the latest”. One week later you are already talking about shipping throughout April - May.

Be realistic about those updates. It is nice to know why the delays happen, but I really really would like to know how long these delays will get. I don’t want to have another delay in the next update . . .

Still, I cannot wait to get my finger on it!


Hey buddy I know! We will do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen. I really can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the V. I am sure you will like it. Sorry. We will get better! We have to! Please join our live stream next Friday, would be awesome to chat!


I hope you will take a look in the Dec 4 updates/newsletter post to see what your true customers thinks about, though most of the debatable comments are deleted.


Yes i will try to to this! :sunglasses::+1:


I have seen them @Vincent_Lam, I also feel terrible for not being to properly address them there during my travel to China and so on. This really shows that communicating to our people is number 1 priority and there is no excuse for not doing it…


How can one be an investor?


Well basically there are plenty of Venture Capital organisations around the world that focus on building successful companies. Most of the brands we know are funded at one point in their journey. Microsoft and Intel have their own Venture Capital arms too. If you are wondering how individual can become an investor it’s another topic. Its better you PM me:)


many of my questions had been answered in this post of @Konstantinos. Thanks.
Now I wonder if I had been more lucky (had my V shipped earlier) if I had chosen the Credit Card instead of PayPal… :roll_eyes::thinking:


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This is the sort of update I think was needed and it was good to read. Talking about cash flow problems and finances is obviously the hardest thing to share publicly for a number of reasons but I think the transparency here is kinda needed and actually works in your favour. Obviously not great to read the cash reserves aren’t there to pay suppliers upfront but the frozen payments part is very annoying to deal with. I’ve transacted significantly less than you guys via Stripe and also run into issues so know first hand unless you have the funds elsewhere there’s absolutely nothing you can do as you are completely at their mercy.

As a buyer who’s now been waiting 120+ days for the device, in the last week I’ve been toing and froing with the idea of canceling and recovering the money spent. But based on the update, I think I’ll be waiting it out.

Eve Video Q&A 20.04 and shipping updates

Hey @ethercoin thank you for your understanding! Oh wow. I am sorry guys. I was dumb for being silent…
We will work it out and make sure you didn’t wait for nothing!


I agree it’s not great. But the thing is here, from the update know that Eve are dealing with issues with frozen funds and payments which we didn’t know previously so you kinda have to cut a little slack here. I know the argument will have been it should have been communicated earlier but in this particular example, you risk creating a complete shit storm you didn’t need to as the funds could clear a day or two later. So you are kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. You put off the update in the hope things work out, then before you know it weeks have passed by.

Merchant processors are always extremely difficult to deal with, for all we know it may have looked they were going to clear which meant things would be on schedule, then another bump in the road sees them delayed yet again.
You get very little direct contact and often funds are held for XX days with limited info and absolutely nothing you can do to expedite it. Whether this is for regulatory reasons or they simply prefer having $XXX,XXX sat in their account earning interest for a few more days is another debate :grin:

Like I said above, it’s obviously not great for consumer confidence to know that the business isn’t cash rich but the update addresses that too with the fact they are now looking for outside funding. So I’m not worried about that as on the face of it I think plenty of investors would be interested here, Eve have brought a quality laptop to market from scratch which is crazily hard to pull together. If you look at some of the shit companies that get investment Eve is lightyears ahead, so I would imagine it’s more a case of finding the right investor that’s not going to damage the business rather than being able to find one at all.

Eve status Update 1.6