Shipping From China & The Packaging - An Insight From A Fellow Exporter!

In theory yes but in practice it remains to be seen.

What I do know for sure is that whatever savings Eve realized by going with 4px over other logistics companies will be eliminated by the cost of returns and refunds along with damage to Eve’s brand reputation.

My account about the courier driver is totally factual and true with no exaggeration. As I said, he ripped open the package in front of me, to check the contents.

My wife and I buy many things on Taobao every week, and I agree with you you about deliveries in China.
I have not bought anything on Taobao for delivery into Australia, so I can’t comment about that.

Deliveries within China don’t undergo the same scrutiny as those shipped overseas especially using foreign shipping companies. The Chinese main-landers feel Hong Kong is NOT considered as overseas, to them it is China.
(BTW, I’m not interested in getting into a political discussion about this subject)

The Lithium battery issue is very real since burning phones from Apple, Samsung and others have been happening.

Sorry but how do you even know the “savings” EVE got. Other logistic companies might not be able to offer warehouse services like 4PX does etc.

Personally I have no idea about other companies but I do know that 4PX is big and used by a lot of other companies to offer same kind of services (warehousing, sorting etc etc). If EVE would be bigger they could have their own small warehouse and sorting and packaging team to handle all of this but currently I don’t think they have the resources for this.

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Yeah, I’m certain the reasons you give are correct.

For the Battery situation. Yes you can ship by air…

Yes, sometimes couriers will be on high alert, if an incident happens like samsung battery. Service will resume like normal after weeks-months.

As i mentioned, i ship thousands of products that contain 18650 batteries per month by air. No problem.

Not sure how Eve does things but my packages goes through china>hong kong > uk.

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Packaging team? Seriously? I’ve packed orders far more complicated than this when I was younger. Using 4px to package the orders was a mistake. Should have just used them for shipping the packages.

It would have taken EVE a few hours if all the boxes and bubble wrap was ready.

There are hundreds of these companies if not thousands around the world (including China). Here in Canada there are logistics companies that are competitive with Chinese firms with some offering extra services like packaging in China.

Truth is, mainland to hk needs to take care of 2 customs, both of them. And taobao indicated HK China needs extra shipping, so I disagree they ship the same way as inland method

Eve should really just package themselves. Ship to Amazon warehouse/logistics, they got that sh*t on lockdown worldwide.

Going through Amazon would’ve reduced their margins since technically they are kinda of like a middleman of sorts.

No, you can use Amazon to just do shipping/fulfillment side. (not the actual selling on amazon).

Their prices are competitive and quick. Packaging is also moderate to excellent.

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Perhaps you can provide an introduction for the Team.

But before doing that can you at least determine what the cost might be?

Or do they have a price schedule for such services?

You say the prices are competitive so can I assume that you know the prices?

If what you are saying is true and correct it could be a good quality and trustworthy solution.

Well, i have checked a lot of UK fulfillment services. Amazon was the cheapest and services is good for my items.

You will have to set up different accounts for different continent.

(my offer still on table if you want to hire me :joy:)

reading until now, I managed to glean a few useful (I think) suggestions.

  1. Shrink wrap V unit, not the box, just the tablet. This is actually the first time I see this suggestion come up. At least that will prevent the fingerprints from 4px workers handling the units. And if the shrink wrap is broken we know that some hanky panky was going on, eg someone tried to attach keyboard to shrink-wrapped-V.
  2. using other fulfilment companies (seems to be a given). Someone suggested Amazon, I don’t know if Amazon is any good in China, but Soon Feng is another highly rated company that has their own warehouses and stuff, so that might be an option. I really cannot believe 4PX is the only company that meets the company’s requirements, even if the regulations are as stringent as what masters888 says.

Nevertheless, I think any changes will be too late for LB or even the first batch from flash sales, or even the 2nd batch. However, looking at the team’s commitment to the community, I’m pretty sure they are tweaking the process. I wish them all the best, it’s as much a learning process for them as for us. @iKirin It seems like the community has quite a few experts in the shipping business, might be useful to mine them for information :smiley:


Kinda newbie not to shrink wrap…i wonder why they go through so much effort but not shrink wrap. warehouse/lorries/planes are veryyyyy dusty. + as you mentioned, its a good indicator if anything has tampered.

I personally recommend Amazon. They got a worldwide set up - modern warehouse/fulfillment centers (ROBOTSSSSS).

I cannot tell if other are better, but I would not like Eve to switch to Amazon.
They are basically one of the worst tax evaders and they don’t care a shit about legal obligations (and worker rights). And they are going to be a monopolist very soon.
At the moment there is at least in Germany some debate about boycotting Amazon.

My company owns an IOT brand and the stuff was manufactured in China. I can share how we have been doing fulfilment in Hong Kong.

The manufacturer takes care of the delivery, FOB HK and all stocks arrive sealed and untampered.

Then we ship the stocks to our fulfilment centre and they do the pick and pack for each order.

We are not using 4px because I know it’s notorious.

So far there are no major issues, definitely not finger prints everywhere or dusts. Some packages were lost or damaged, but it’s the couriers’ fault.

I guess V’s pick and pack is prone to dust and fingerprints because the warehouse crew have to open the inner box and pack stuff. However they should have used gloves to keep off prints and alcohol to clean everything.

If every SKU is designed to be ship ready in a box, then there would be less issue.

To reduce hassle and fulfill in Hong Kong, we need:

  1. Ready ship packages for all SKU
  2. all orders are FOB hk, handled by forwarder of the manufacturers
  3. a reliable fulfilment centre

The drawbacks would be:

  1. Higher shipping charges as there are more boxes
  2. might need extra time to renegotiate rerms, if not FOB HK already
  3. shady China forwarders sometimes aren’t doing things in legit way. I have seen electronics declared as rubber tires.
  4. Some fulfilment centres aren’t cheap. Costs add up.
  5. It’s hard to switch partners, however with EVE’s business model, they don’t have to worry about keeping inventory now.

Just my two cents. For others who do business in China, your mileage might vary. I mainly do electronics.


I think they can only start asking for packing standards when they achieve a continuous flow of products (like they’ll have after CNY). I think this is a drawback of flash batches.
@Skimaster this is why I think your poll is a bit meh when you give it some thought. It’s a starting up flaw.

I have a friend who used to work for one of the international shipping companies who has a lot of insight into what really goes on when the workers handle packaged items.

She told me that the workers are incredibly rough with the items and tend to ignore the “Fragile” stickers taped to boxes. They just throw and lug the packages around like a football onto the industrial conveyor belts before being placed on transportation vehicles, not caring if it gets damaged or broken. Often, the packages get thrown from heights of 5 meters or 16 feet which is enough to break the tempered glass in laptops and other electronics.

People have no idea how much abuse, their packaged items have gone through before arriving on their doorstep…they have no clue.

The companies and the workers don’t care if your items get broken because its usually the supplier that sends out another replacement if the first one appears faulty. Which is unfortunate since the supplier is not at fault but the shipping company for breaking the item, and believe me, they get away with it all the time.

More than likely, 65% of the V’s that have been shipped to their residence are probably going to have hairline fractures running through the motherboards itself, and there will be a few cracked screens along with loose connector cables from the jarring abuse.

The other thing that shipping companies don’t tell you is that they will open your package and inspect your item, plastic sleeve and all and if you happen to be in one of the five eyes surveillance countries, then they will probably have installed spyware, keyloggers and malware onto laptops and other devices to spy on you. Yes, it breaks several laws but as long as people aren’t aware that it’s happening, there’s nothing we can do except file a complaint. It’s not like we can prove beyond doubt that they installed something malicious on your device.

Just wanted to vouch for this as the only part of the above post that i know is true, and is probably not even a secret.

The rest… i’m not too sure.

This bit reminds me about a certain orange-headed fellow a tad less handsome than our finnish one.


Thank you so much for your kindness and comforting reassurances.
Just what some of the members here needed to reassure and comfort them.

You must have a very thoughtful and caring nature for you to have taken the time and effort to share this with us, your fellow community members.

Just what we all need. Not!

But then again to be realistic, I think many will have all seen those horror YouTube videos of what you talk about and I think, Yes, such rough handling does happen. Though I would bet it’s more a rarity.

The reason being that too many people these days are willing to photograph on their phone and upload and blow the whistle on their fellow workers.

It’s also a good reason why companies are now turning to robots because they care more than most humans.
And robots don’t stay at home sick, get lazy, tell lies, take days off, and are generally much more reliable than many humans. A great future is ahead for many companies.

As well I’m certain the Vast majority of parcels arrive without breakages and this fact alone refutes the severity of what you have just shared with us.

“Five Eyes” (FVEY) = Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

PS the spyware, key-loggers, malware and such is pure unadulterated conspiracy theorist HorseShit!
For goodness sake get real and do some real research.

BTW, That’s an interesting name you seem to have chosen. sudo apt
It could have an interesting potential meaning that fits perfectly with your post above.

Are you kidding? Not in a million Years!

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