Shipment news and the promised update 15.12



Hello Community!

Happy to deliver to you today’s one liner!

1. Hyper Early Birds :hatching_chick:

Most Hyper Early birds have been delivered the rest left the local 4px warehouses! F-I-N-A-L-L-Y :metal:

Thank you all for your patience! We can’t wait to hear more about Your V experiences! Do not hesitate to start the threads on the topic :smiley:

You can’t imagine how much we learned during this whole process! It’s been a crazy ride!

Also 4PX agreed to compensate us for all of the shipping damages! Thanks a lot for helping us push them!

2. Limited Birds & 1TB Upgraders :hatched_chick:

I have mixed news.

The great news is that we have now produced most of the Limited bird devices and they are ready to ship. Meaning that most of the Limited Birds will be on their way to their owners next week!!

Additionally we expect shipping to go smoother this time around as we told 4px that it’s their chance to do it right!

The so-so news is that it just got confirmed that the housings for the rest of the Limited Bird units are arriving late, so the production is waiting for them now. Also as the 1TB SSDs are to arrive soon, production will be at full speed after holiday season, so we are looking to ship the last units in January! As soon as possible, we are pushing and poking the suppliers to deliver with urgency!

We know that the shipment news on the last part of 2nd batch is bad. We are telling this to Emdoor and suppliers daily; we must continue with the good production flow that we had this week. We will do our best here and make sure to ship as soon as extra housing arrives and delivery couriers are ready to ship.

3. This is just a start!

We have software improvements to make to V based on your feedback and suggestions! We have a whole new category for improvements below:

V is for Victory!

Community Digest 15.12

improvements, great
are we able to know how many LBs will be shipped for this batch, and which regions?

oh, and people will want to know when their replacement units will be shipped


You will be getting tracking soon. As for the repairs and swaps we are getting those arranged asap they are the top priority!


What does that mean? If DHL Express is Shipping from China its mostly here (in Germany) in 2-3 Days. But you ship to the EU Warehouse and then from there to us? So there is little Chance that we get it before Christmas?


What is being done with the messed up HEBs? There are a lot of pressing issues and it’s been days since we had a real solution. The banter back and forth with support is nonsense. Cracked screens, usb ports loose, monitors flickering, missing accessories, dust and grime on device. For a 500 piece order, that’s pretty high rate of failure in QC and QA.


Has the partner from China to hk & 4px provided any realistic estimates for the turnaround time?


Most devices came to users without any issues. The cases in which we messed up we provide a replacement units asap. I suggest you stay in touch with our team through support channel to get you a unit asap!

@lifeblogv3 We will have better delivery estimates once we have tracking numbers. We had a long conference call with 4px today and we made sure that all warehouses have pumps and that they pay for all of the damages they caused. They were very apologetic and agreed to cover any damages as well as told us such slow shipping was their mess up.


Thanks for the Update! :smiley:

Are only the 1TB Vs waiting for new housings and all the others are in the first part of the 2nd batch or are there some unlucky ones too without 1TB SSD Upgrade?


Hoped to hear better news tbh:/ at the beginning of this week seemed that all you have to do was the packaging cause there were no more case usable for production. Imagine that the team is busy following the HEB issues.


Holidays? Wha?? You’re taking holidays and now I can’t get my V until Jan??? :thinking:

:wink::wink: J/K!!! Well deserved, enjoy the holidays and celebrate your great work->especially how upfront and honest you’ve been w/ the community.

Late xmas for me in Jan, can hardly wait


I think the manufacturers take some days off over the holidays. Some housings are missing and as everything else is ready to continue production, there would be no use in telling Emdoor to actively wait at the production area till the housings arrive… :wink:


The compensation news must be a huge relief for Eve, nice of them to do that. Hopefully 4px will get their act together moving forward.


I think you meant “limited birds” in the second point, right? :blush:


How & when will I know if my LB unit is in the first or second batch? Why the delay again (per last update the LBs were supposed to be shipped this week).

On the other hand on Monday it will be exactly one month since HEBs left the factory. If this is to be an indicator of how LBs will go (and with holiday season in full swing it is likely) then first LBs will be arriving mid-January.


How can you not know how many LBs will be shipped next week and how many are awaiting housings and/or the 1TB upgrades? Appreciate the update but this close to the finish line the information relayed is insufficient imho.


Before this #2, you should had the update on…

  1. Hyber Early Birds with 1TB Upgraders ???

I am one of them and have bought all accessories, goodies, engraving, windows pro, sleeves, international adapters (paid separately), etc.

And i am sure like me there are few more (HEB + 1 TB) groups


It will be January 2018 before I see anything :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


I love to hear that!!! Hopefully they are more careful in the future!!! :hugs:

Question, is a film wrapping of the finished device in factory in project? (Don’t find the correct term right now…)


I’m 1 TB HEB too … Looks like original estimate from IndieGoGo campaign was right (February/March), just small (1 year) delay …
Now I hope, that they will manufacture and ship units before Chinese New Year …



HEB + 1TB, #106