Shaping the Future Philosophy and Culture of EVE


This post is really about, future and further evolution of the 2 in 1 concept!

Followings of Phillippe Starke on the value of designing less and providing more for less cost would be a perfect addition for Eves philosophy.

My understanding of it is to design a better and more efficient product with less componentry to do more for less cost.

I am a fan of Xiaomi & Eve and don’t apologise for it.

The Eve team have demonstrated their penchant for openeness, stickability, fearlessness and innovation. They’re not afraid of trying to understand and accommodate some minority dissenters, though realising that not all can be accommodated.


Sorry but…
Nothing is like Eve.
No one is like Eve.
I like Xiaomi big time.
But again, NOTHING compares to Eve.


Don’t apologise for your opinion.

But you missed my point.

Your opinion is simplistic, however as a person’s point of view it is true.

But, I think you missed the point of my post.
Re-read the article and ignore the name Xiaomi.


Could be :blush:
I see the Eve approach as the next big thing in the industry.
Stark said it, design has hit the wall in a way…
And to me, what Eve does, is the next step in the electronics industry.
Letting the customer take the wheel.
I remember pizzerias for example…
Once I could order 6-10 types.
Then the menu has grown over the years to 40ish…
Now, they ask ME what I want on it…


A pizza is just bread with cooked toppings.

So anything is possible to suit any personal tastes.

I used to own some pizza shops.
I am a purist of Italian menu style, and I prefer real Italian pizza.

Margherita is my favourite, simple but hard to get it perfect.


The main point so was trying to make is that the quest should be to do much more and get better and more efficient output from a device with less componentry and less cost.

Xiaomi did this with phones and some other products. Check their Chinese web site.

Keeping in mind Moore’s Law.

Consulting a group of potential customers is not so new.


In my view it’s essential that community guides us and tells us when we go against our original vision or do something wrong.

So as long as we are driven by people we will all be fine :slight_smile:


I don’t dispute that.

I was just adding another thought and target dimension to the future.


Eve started with “we are going to make a 2 in 1” and asked the community (mostly techies and techie related members at those times) how did they think how it should be.
Did the community tell them how to think and how to handle everything too ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think @Masters888 has a very valid point here. We have to stay flexible all the time as a company and we should definitely learn from others.


@Masters888 : I do not understand this sentence. What is “xiaomi eve”? Sorry, maybe it is my bad english…


Oops! Typo.
Now corrected.


Its… totally fine to voice your opinion. (T&C’s apply(


So basically he wants to stuff everything in my body? Nah, I’m not buying into this. Not that I don’t believe it’s possible - it will be possible. But I simply don’t want nor need this. And those screens with round bezels? They look ugly.