Shall we have our Eve V for Christmas 2017 Eve?


Alright, alright I take it back. The screen doesn’t have to be 4k. Just an idea…


Who are you frostflyght? You deliberately trying to ensure we never get our Vs? Looks like you’re new so will give you the benefit of doubt, but the specs have been decided for this version of the V.


To be honest, 4k is useless on a 12-inch screen, it would consume much more battery and processing.


Maybe depreciation wasn’t the best word to use but you should be able to understand my point. There is always a cost involved as time passes. I do care about the delay even if you don’t. Not all of us are fanboys in their 20s, some of us are professionals who needed the V months ago.


I’m going to work professionally with the V all day (as I do the last 3 years with my SP3). But I just accept the problems of eve and a purchase per indiegogo campaign. I would never give my money to such a campaign if I need the device or the money too much (having no alternatives)…
If the V is shipped to us IGG backers we have a device which has more value on the market than we paid for… Nobody is loosing money with his V. Everybody is free to keep the box closed and sell it to one of the thousands waiting for one (I suspect there are guys paying more than eve webshop prices which will be higher than the IGG price…)


Can you please stop it. You can attack each other in private messages.


Hey, I just followed the development of this product for nearly a year now. And I still think that it will be the best 2in1 on the market, but I also understand yve that all of us were or are waiting and the back to school market was or is in Germany right now a big thing for those devices. I needed a 2in1 for the next semester.

I got a cheap SP4 last week and I am going to go with it for now and buy the second version of the EVE V.

I am still going to follow this product and hope that you all get what you expect and the V will be the next big thing! :slight_smile:


Hi there iKirin and thanks so much for your response.
The things that make Eve great and why I am so looking forward to it is the fact that it will have an incomparable screen with best in class memory and battery life in an impressively small form factor.
I am a radiologist and I report a lot of ultrasound scans while mobile. These studies are suited to a small screen but our industry has guidelines for resolution and brightness which Eve passes comfortably.
For me, as a tool for work, I am willing to pay more for longevity. This means functionality and durability.
RAM, storage and processing power are the obvious areas which evolve quickly and we have seen Intel and AMD with new offerings, but if there is a detrimental effect on battery life, the trade off is probably not worth it.
Imaging software can be pretty heavy on RAM but for now 16gb is entirely adequate. Developments in AI diagnosis is likely to bring more RAM intensive software. Video rendering is not a major issue for us as we are primarily looking at static images, but it does play a part. I am not clever enough to know the pros and cons of Ryzen vs Kaby Lake vs Coffee Lake but incremental improvements may help with longevity.

When all is said and done, I committed early to Eve because of who you, the developers, are and nothing could come close to its specs. I still feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. What I am happy to do is increase my pledge if you felt there were meaningful upgrades to be made but could not be included without requiring further funding.
Keep up the fantastic work.


YES. This was my issue and so since I needed a computer and could no longer wait for the EVe, I bought the Lenovo Miix 720 when traveling in Asia. I have to say, it comes very very close to the specs for the Eve. And it came with a 1TB SSD. So when Eve comes out finally, I’ll have two very similar devices…Oh well.


Time to market is everything in product development. Quality is assumed these days, it’s the cost of entry. Being first with a desirable feature and performance combination increases the value of a product. As more copycat/me too products are introduced the value is diluted.


Personally, the lesson I’ve learned since joining this campaign is that issue with these campaigns is that the project team and backers rarely share the same goals. Hopefully the team is trying to start a viable business. The backers likely fall into two groups. The first wants to live the startup “life” vicariously for the adventure and camaraderie (it’s about the journey, not the destination). The second just wants a good deal on a unique or cutting edge item and can bear with a somewhat longer than usual wait. I fall into that second group.

All of the back and forth in these forums rings pretty hollow at this point. The members discussing updates to the current config would do all of us a favor if they would relegate that talk to future versions or take it off line altogether. Any changes to the current V will push delivery further out. Let’s try to keep everyone focused on delivering on the commitments already made to us.

The dates given in thee IGG campaign were either unrealistic to begin with, overly optimistic or just complete nonsense. No one but the team knows.

There are no situations in the real startup world where a company could survive what this team has presented to the backers. It would have been over and done months ago. Our risk as backers was always high but indulging in anything beyond the current product seems somewhat foolish on ur parts. We are already being told how lucky we are that the team is protecting us from the hordes of attacking yellow screens. As if the concept of QA was just invented here.

In the meantime, the community has provided the team with market research, funds, advise. All valuable items in and of themselves. Most hardware companies pay for this kind of design support but is was given freely here (except for the funds). We have kept our side of the bargain but I don’t feel that the team has lived up to theirs.

I’ve backed many campaigns before here and on other crowdfunding sites. Some went well. Others not so much. The ones that worked are where there was strong business management and the focus was kept on making sure the supply line was at least sufficient to get them through the first stages. Apparently this is not one of those projects and there’s nothing to be done by the backers to help except demanding that hard dates are finally set and then actually met. Please, focus on the delivery only. You’ve already blown managing our expectations. I can’t imagine that anyone of us is actively trumpeting the wisdom of our “investment” and adding to Eve’s future market prospects. If this thing does not melt everything else in it’s class when it delivers ,we will all look like (and will have been) dupes that paid way up front for a piece of technology that is pretty much just like everything else out there by the time it arrives.

Eve will succeed if they build POSITIVE market buzz. It’s going to have to be one amazing product with 5 star service behind it. I guess that they are depending their initial customers to make that marketing message ring true. IMhO, I’d say that Eve has some serious challenges ahead and little time to turn the ship. I hope they succeed for all of our sake. As far as I can see, all of the claims of the V beating this 2-in-1 or the other are nonsense. As long as it is nothing more than prototypes and test samples, it beats nothing. You have to be in it to win it.


Okay you are basically telling us that the Team should have accepted the screens with failures and just deliver on time with them, like MS has done it with at least the SP 4 and 5?

Your are correct, there should have been an alternative supplier from start on, but since the community decided for this screen, there was no alternative until recently with sharp. BTW: If they would not test the sharp screen and just ship with that, it would take the same time, since sharp needs to produce the screens before they can be used and in this time the testing and changes can be done :wink:

And I think all of the Team would love to say we are shipping tomorrow or even on 24th Dezember (Just an example) but that is not possible on this stage since they do not know how much changes are needed to the V to fit the new better screen and while these changes are being done, why is there a problem to update something if it does not push the Date further back? What is your problem with people discussing how to make an already great concept/product even better?


Look, consensual design is a really great idea but it doesn’t negate the need for good planning especially when dealing with the amount of funds involved here. There is certainly some responsibility for good business sense to have a place at the table. All startups are exposed to risk but most take care to have a mitigation plan for the high risk items. What I said was that this was not done for the V and we are now living through the results. An alternate supplier could have made a world of difference at many levels.

Nowhere in my post did I say that new ideas shouldn’t be discussed. My objection is to do that within the scope of the severely delayed model and adding to the risk of further delay. I merely suggested that these items be categorized and tracked as a part of a future revision or product. My objection and concern come from the contents of your messaging and management of community expectations. I would like to see your reaction if you bought a refrigerator for a future date and that date slipped like the dates have for the V. I don’t believe that you would feel much different than I and likely many other backers feel right now.

Either Eve is a startup business or it’s just someone’s geeky hobby no matter what the original intent. Be a business and focus like a laser on meeting your obligations. Promises have been made. Find ways to compress the timelines. Pipeline the testing and also please don’t insult me by implying that I’m suggesting foregoing proper QA. You built the timelines. You should have built in a buffer. If that caused the funding to fail then maybe the plan wasn’t right to begin with. Hiding behind QA is pretty thin right now.

Do you have production samples of the new screens? Are the full production quantities committed by all parties with quantities and dates? Does anyone else have samples already? If yes then camp out on the screen supplier’s doorstep until they give you whatever is needed to move the ball forward. What impact does the date uncertainty have on your assembly contractor’s availability?

Patience and passivity will not get the job done. More Time == More Risk. If this much lead time was “transparent” on IGG during the campaign I think the results would have been very different.

You can turn this around but if it is delayed much longer it just won’t matter and EVE will be a faint footnote in the list of well intentioned startups that could have but didn’t. Having mongo ports is a tough sale if your rep is cool but unreliable.

Remember, I’m a supporter and a backer. I have a stake in your success. I’d just like to feel that you share my sense of urgency and commitment.


Agreed, it definitely may affect some people more than others. For me I’m currently using a first generation i5 Toshiba laptop from 2008. Even if it was using a 6th generation CPU it would still be a drastic upgrade (somewhere in the +200% range). But it is using a 7th generation CPU!

For me I find incredible value in the combination of “current” hardware and a hot off the press screen better than anything on the market. I can more than live with it not being Coffee Lake…

I also don’t personally care about a 1TB SSD as I will already carry around an external SSD for project backup and have 1TB cloud storage through Office 365. Everyone has different stakes in this and I’m sure it will come long before Dec. even if it is closer to mid-late Sep. for early bird backers.


Have you actually even read the newest update as pretty much all of those questions are already answered there.


I think that something to keep in mind, is that we ask the community to be patient. Because there really isn’t more the community can do. That does in no way mean that Eve is sitting on their collective asses waiting patiently.

We did not have a back-up supplier because no other supplier existed for these displays or displays that came anywhere close to these displays. Would we have liked a back-up? Definitely. Almost every other component, if not every other component, had at least one alternative to take its place if required. We had back-ups where possible. Luckily, we’d already gotten the display deal worked out last year, and paid in January, so that was all nailed down. The way things went down with this supplier were unexpected.

As soon as things went differently than expected, the team resumed the search for alternatives. Until the success that was Computex, no alternatives popped up. As soon as they did, they were considered. At every step of the way, Eve acted to get the V shipped as soon as possible (without lapsing in quality), taking into account advise from our more experienced partners.

I am in no way saying that everything is awesome – this delay is messed up. It’s messed up for the backers who want or need their device sooner rather than later. It’s messed up for the people at Eve who have spent the past years making this device a reality, only to run into this situation so close to the finish line. It’s messed up for Eve as a company, as running the company, readying manufacturing resources and researching alternatives costs money though no sales are happening yet to recoup those costs.

Lessons were definitely learned here. Because it wasn’t flawless, and we’re not pretending that it is. But the only ‘bad business move’ we made was trusting in our original display provider to deliver the goods they signed for. That was a risk. The alternative to that risk, was to settle for a much lesser screen that was more widely available, with suitable alternatives. And if we’d done that, we would indeed not be in this situation. Because nobody would have ordered the V. Nobody would have cared. It’d be just another mediocre, compromised device.

Taking risks is part of business. In the end, even though it did not work out as planned, I still think Eve made the right decision.


If I had known about these delays, I wouldn’t have ordered this product. That’s my main complaint, because I bought 2 of these babies for other people than me: my mother and a colleague. My mother urgently needs this computer because she worked in a State organization that force his employees to work with as less paper as possible. About my colleague (and superior), it’s also a problem for me, because I’m new in this job. As you’ll understand, this situation is untenable for me, and I’m seriously thinking of giving up and sell my laptops.


I can give you a nice long list of crowdfunding that I have contributed to that delivered late. Several over a year late. I can also give you a list of those that never delivered and never will, but they have my money and it isn’t coming back.
This is crowdfunding, it is not a store. Not yet anyway.
If you get involved in crowdfunding expect the unexpected.
If you can’t deal with delays don’t get involved. Simple.
I’m past $5000 in crowdfunding and this is the best, most open and flexible crowdfunded project I have been involved in. If it is delayed another three months I still wouldn’t dream of dropping out or selling my ‘V’.


You see eve has a double edged sword on the V where they have to release the product before it becomes irrelevant or when it is inferior to its competition without compromising quality. Further more it would be sensibleto release the V in late October and and spend the fuck out on marketing so the generak public knows about it and its in stores ready to be purchased a great product and gift. A page out of apple’s book.


Well as we know there is no new Y series chips coming any time soon, so the hardware really doesn’t mature as much or that there would be better Y series chips in the near future, so in that sense EVE is safe.

Of course when we talk about general consumers, which don’t even know what an Y-series chip is and just stare the marketing bullets “NEWEST 8th gen intel chip inside” and then wonder why is the fan blowing at full speed even with a minimal workload.