Shall we have our Eve V for Christmas 2017 Eve?


I could write you up a small essay on the spot about pretty much all the suggestions - and I think I’ll do that in the other thread (Already done :wink: ).


I think you could sum it up as “you can’t please all the people all of the time”!


Pretty much!

As much as we’d love to have a i9 with 100W TDP that is cooled passively in a 1cm device with 10 hour battery life for 500€ - we’re not (yet) using magic on our products so we have some limitations on the hardware we’re using. :slight_smile:


We all want the V yesterday, that’s our common ground.
The tooooooooo loooooooong delay is definitely not due to the team.
One could say that the news was by times a bit more positive than the reality afterwards, but ‘so what’ ?
Anyhow, whining? The V arrival time stays the same.
No sleep? The V arrival time stays the same.
Nail biting? The V arrival time stays the same.
Overly positive? The V arrival time stays the same.
Choose what you want, the V arrival stays …:relaxed:


Let’s say the Eve V represents the best technology available in Q1 2017. If we received our Eve Vs on schedule in Q2 2017, they would be just as obsolete now (August 2017) as anyone may perceive having not received their Eve V yet. I know technology advances quickly, but it’s unreasonable to feel shortchanged for this reason when the majority of us plan to use our Eve Vs for the next 3-5+ years. Unless you’re somebody who buys a new computer annually, you already knew that you invested in a future obsolete product!

I think the Eve Team has done a spectacular job given the uncertainty of crowdfunding projects - even inspiring several copycats! They’ve also upgraded features of the Eve V just for us. What an incredibly commitment to quality! The anticipation of receiving my Eve V keeps growing, so I say take all the time you need!


August now. Ordered V because I was dissatisfied with my current device (an Asus Zenbook) and wanted some features I loved in the MS SP (esp. handwriting recognition). Knew February was unrealistic from the start, but hoped to have the device before September when I start an intense period of travel for my work. Now we are discussing December… and there is a slim chance the company may fold under the additional costs incurred by delays and we may not receive anything. If they somehow get their act together and I will get my V before October I will still be satisfied, if not… well, I at least hope I will get it eventually.


Hiya there @Emin!

We’re not discussing December right now, the current timeline is dependent on the samples arriving and how much we’ve got to adapt the components we have to the new screens - in the best case we don’t have to adapt anything and start production pretty much ASAP as soon as we’ve got enough screens for the first batch.


Hey! Thanks for cheering me up. I am processing photos right now. Would prefer to do it on my V. :slight_smile:


That all is true, but consider this: if you planned to use your V lets say for 4 years and then replace, as the tech will be short of breath then, you will now be able to use it only for 4 years minus the delay…


I believe this is a legitimate question, a real concern, and a point greatly devalued by the V is the best thing ever in the history of micro-processing crowd.
I will admit, investing fully in one was a risk. I took the risk. I bought the hype and the timelines. With every slippage, I lose excitement and am about to the point of just saying send me the latest Surface Pro.
I believe our V development team are good people with a great idea, but are Tuna trying to swim with Sharks. Am I disappointed?
Oh yeah.
Will I be excited to open mine? Yes.
Will I feel proud to carry it? Yes.
Will I believe it’s the best thing out there for the money? Not with the slippage and the problems. 7 months or 9 months or 12 months is an eternity in cycles of product releases.
Still pulling for our David against the Goliaths, but afraid we haven’t found our 5 smooth stones yet.


Everybody is talking about how fast tech is getting old. In my opinion this is actually getting out of date. My over two years old SP3 is already a good piece of hardware. Lots of people in my business are very interested in it and have never seen how to work with such a device. The new SP is not that different to it as hardware changed and increased in two years in the 90’s or 2000’ years. Any 2in1 is a top modern device everybody wants to have. If there will be a new device soon which is changing the market as SurfacePro1/2/3 did I’m scared about my V. But I can’t see one…


No, not at all. Four years is still four years regardless of delay.


It’s not about the usability and relevance of the V that is in question. It’s is more about depreciation costs due to the delay of the device.


Depreciation costs of what? Of a non existing device? Depreciation starts with completion or with delivery not with order… Just think about the case you are a non-backer and you find the V in december 2017 at the internet. You wont care about any delay and other things, you will just buy a great device with a good price. What about the new screen? It is more than up to date!!! Are these negative depreciation costs?


Well, i mean you can use it for 10 years if it survives, but the point is at a certain time it will not hold up, your updated sw will run slower as it will need better specs, your OS may not get updates, or there will be a new OS, you may have newer tech at that time not be compatible etc. That time is there in the future and it is fixed, it will not move forward by the delay period…
You may hardcode the usage time for 4 years anyway, but i mean you can too buy an SP2 that was rarely used and use it for hardcoded 4 years - will you? Probably not, as it is short of breath already now, thats why we want newest tech be on the edge, so that it too holds up the longest time possible. It was one of the main selling points of the V to be ahead of its time from a spec perspective (i7 being estimated to arrive by the competition in Summer …)


and it will be ahead when it arrive in fall… (do you have any information or benchmarks for Coffe Lake i7/i5 without active cooling?). Please tell us exactly and feasible what eve should change now to be ahead. And what is with the new display?


Would you say we’re nearer the release of newer technology now than we were 6 months ago?

I’d say we’re 6 months closer than we were 6 months ago :slight_smile:


You are not working with facts. I’m close to name your arguments “FAKE NEWS”. :skull_and_crossbones::blonde_man:


It may be obvious, but it is true. At this moment, the V still beats all comers. The device is no less industry-leading than it would have been in April. But it will retain that edge for four months fewer, no matter if a competitor takes its crown a month from now, or a year from now.

That said, in the long run I don’t think it will really matter to many users, who will simply get an amazing device that does what they need it to do for years to come. I don’t agree that the above is a major issue, as the amount of people it will actually affect will be very small. But that does not mean it’s not a real issue to those few people it does affect.


Too be fair, if Sharp were somehow trying to delay the panel shipments because Apple said so, they will be shooting themselves in the foot. The idea of a manufacturer is to get more customers not just to stick to 1 important customer, because if that customer went bankrupted or decided to switch manufacturers. Then the original manufacturer is in trouble. Just look at Imagination Technology, their main customer was Apple but Apple decided to go design their own GPUs for iPhones and iPads now. Imagination Technology just lost A LOT of money because of it.

I would like to believe Sharp is a good company that will do the right thing for their customers. I never had to contact Sharp in the past so I cannot say. But they have decades of experience in manufacturing so everything should go well enough.