Shall we have our Eve V for Christmas 2017 Eve?


Now that some slides have leaked I can speculate a bit on coffee lake: (No official statement here)

Based on the leaks coffee just brings more cores and nothing else - which in a Core Y CPU would be silly to put into in my opinion (more idle consumption?) and thus I don’t believe we’ll have a coffee lake Core Y.

@jeffrobins @rstdimon - I can fully understand you and everyone in the team would be happy if all of the crap that went down (PayPal money lock & screen issues) did not happen at all.
But especially the latter was something that we simply could not foresee (if any of you got a crystal ball at home that can please ring me up) and I know we’re trying to move things forward as fast as possible to finally get the V into everyone’s hands.


Am I the only one who think those problems were quite obvious? Think it this way:
Two kinds are building sand castles.
Other one makes a good one,
Oher one asks from mom what should one do and says it’s going to be best ever.
Other one laughs because he is older and bigger.
Then the smaller one begins the work and it relly looks like it will be the best sandcastle ever.
Bigger one gets mad, this can’t be!
He hids the water bucket.
The smaller one keeps building but it’s much more harder to perform.
This is also the behaviour in business life; bigger companies effect to smaller companies development by harassing e.g component manufacturer by made them beleave the manufacturer will loose a big client if the goods are delivered for smaller company.
Then you just add a media troll that “I’m so angry, you are wasting my time and my money”.
I just hope people could see it.


Wow. I never knew building sand castles could get so intense :astonished:


Saaaand WAAAAARRR, your post made my day :smiley:


In regard of this “sand castle”- thing we should be scared about Sharp! Sharp, Foxconn and Apple are connected strongly. And the V with the Intel and Microsoft Investment is a hard competitor to the Apple iPadPro. Maybe Apple is pushing Sharp to crash this project by playing with time!!! Eve should have always two or more options…


I think time devaluing the components is an issue but, for me at least, it’s not just the components that are being devalued. It’s the joy of receiving the product. When I paid the full amount as a Hyper Earlybird I was beyond excited; my previous laptop completely died a few months before so I needed a new computer for university and I really wanted a Surface-like device for physics. I found the V and saw how much better it was than the SP4 and it was considerably cheaper (Surfaces are stupidly expensive in Aus). It was going to be ready in Feb/March so I thought, ‘Wow, just in time for the beginning of next semester!’. Then that semester passed and I hoped ‘Maybe I’ll get it during mid-year break’, and then the break passed. I’m already into the second semester of this year and I still have no computer. The excitement is largely gone, I just want it to be here already so it’s over and done with and so I can study more efficiently. It’s going to have to be a truly amazing device for me to be completely happy with my purchase, which it well might be.

I know there’s a lot of talk about how complaining or whatever isn’t contributing to any discussion but I disagree to some extent. We are a large community where many members share the same frustration, as social creatures it’s only natural to speak about a problem that we share with others. However, it isn’t helpful when people attack the employees at Eve or are rude to one another.

I hope the V will be a very successful device, but I’m sure the delays and the following outcries will be a very important lesson to Eve about scheduling and time buffers. Good luck to them.


You’re right. It’s changing from; “wow, is this your new Surface-Killer?” to: “Haha, is this the device you’ve waited for about 10month?”


Sycophants are team players yet those who speak out about their displeasure aren’t?

Not a very team like statement is it? Or by team do you mean sheep? Gotta follow the crowd eh! :slight_smile:


Well, @Kee’ kinda proved the value of the V :grinning:

I’m of course bummed about the delays and becoming frustrated, as I was waiting screen updates last week, but the price argument isn’t valid in my opinion. Value on the other hand depends on the person’s view. Luckily I have still a working laptop (knock on wood), but it’s getting older as we wait and I wanted the V to replace it. If it will fry in the waiting, I have to get a replacement and then the price I “pay” for the V will increase for me as I don’t have it in my hands. There’s also an opportunity cost to waiting longer than expected, which the better screen and bigger SSD will offset (or not).

I would really hope to get an update, even if there is no news. I know it’s not easy to write something people will be angry or frustrated at, but I’d prefer to hear news as is whatever the situation. It might even reduce the speculation here…


For an update, wait no more.


Hard to imagine a “team” where no one speaks out. I understand the inordinate amount of whinging happening, but it’s normally the “squeaky wheel” that raises the alarm that something needs to be looked at. And it could also be the “squeaky wheel” that speaks for the “silent majority”.

“I hate to be a kicker, I always long for peace, But the wheel that does the squeaking, Is the one that gets the grease.” - Josh Billings (“The Kicker”)


1000 Thumbs up for that!!!


I’m also tired of all the excuses…


What excuses those.might be?


Lol. If I were to list everything I was tired of, the list would be a lot longer than that.

Primarily, I’m tired of whining… particularly of people that have never even been close to a project and have no understanding of what it means to have to deal with uncertainties, but still to incorporate these into planning. Also that there are influences which are out of someone’s control, but mediation takes time. And everything that is then reported is called “an excuse”.
(Please do not see this directed at you personally)


Nah, is ok to sound a bit bitter. Plenty of reasons to be, everyone is frustrated and would like to have a V in their hands already. That said.

Delivery times have never been set on stone. For obvious reasons, Indiegogo campaigns are an investment, with a ROI that can pay off more or less.

So far no other device has pop-up that gives all that the EVE V has. And lets not forget that no other device of this caliber has been crowd developed before (At least not, without becoming a “Homer car”). Having “buyers remorse” just because “new shinny tech” has poped up is normal, but not a valid reason to dish the device.


I was excited to crowd fund a new company to take on the IT giants. I was investing in a product that blew away the competition on specifications. I am still very excited to be getting the Eve but I would be even more excited if the specs were improved upon further to reflect the latest 2017 technology rather than the latest 2016 technology at launch. I would be happy to pay more for an option of increased specs.


I’ve got one question though: What would be upgraded in an improved V? :slight_smile:


I don’t see any difference at the moment.


Lol isn’t that a whole other thread!