Shall we have our Eve V for Christmas 2017 Eve?


Of course no problem about the fact that we will have an exceptional machine and I still am confident the Eve Team is doing their best to solve the issues and find solutions.

My statement was just that I initially thought I would be able to setup my Eve during Easter holidays in 2017,
second I planned using summer holidays period to fine tune / configure and start working with the eve…

Prices of he components remains true : technology goes forward and/or are overwhelmed by the next one…
Yes we have an advance on the paper, but this advance is just only on the paper.

In addition (not and not least) I made lot of communication at the office of my purchase… colleagues just start joking at me and call me a looser (for sure they will eat their Surfaces or iPad pros…).


Now I understand what you’re trying to express. But still the comparison is not truly realistic. You can compare the V to other products on the market and by that request it to be cheaper… but if a new Ford Focus comes out Chevrolet does not drop the price of the previous year model because of this, but rather because they also bring out a “this year”-model.

For the V there is no previous version which should become cheaper, we are talking about first generation V here and there is no newer model in sight anytime soon. Last discussion I heard was to refresh it maybe in 2019. I am sure that before the refresh, the V will receive a price drop of some sort (or additional options added), but that’s nothing we should be speculating about or requesting from Eve to do now just because there are delays (which are in return causing a product improvement prior to delivery).


The problem with these arguments is that the Eve V is still unmatched in the areas it leads, and it will be unmatched in those areas simply because other competitors specifically chose against making the trade-offs that Eve did.

No competitor has even close to the battery (except MS).
No competitor has close to the display power draw., <as seen here, most SP4 actually increased use to 5w over SP3, and SP2017 is likely similar (V is 3w at max brightness).
No competitor has even close to the ports.
No competitor has the speakers. (iPad Pro? Not really sure if it counts)
No competitor has the headphone output.

The V hasn’t lost value, really. It’s still better than all competitors in its defining areas. Sure, it’s worth less than the estimated release date, but we’re also getting a better product now (much better display) and it’s still more than differentiated from the competition.

Sure, the processor is getting to the middle of its life-cycle now, but we won’t be plagued by issues like the Surface team is with the defective displays. They’re still being sold with the issue and MS won’t acknowledge it.

If they waited to fix it, there would BE no SP2017 yet.


Every day that passes, the components in the V becomes more dated. They become dated because of technological advances which happen over time. I would understand and expect a computer from 10 years ago to be cheaper than one today. So I believe what they are trying to communicate is that they paid a certain amount 3 months ahead of receipt for a device. They wouldn’t have paid the same amount for a device 9 months ahead of receipt. Because by the time the 9 months elapse it is no longer worth that price as those components don’t cost what they did 9 months prior.

In saything that, the screen and hard drive have been improved upon free of charge. However GPS and sim connectivity was removed.


Eve rocks and will still rock at Christmas. I’m convinced about this, we all just need to be patient :wink:
Nice to hear you understood also my concern.


That is also a speech I am willing to hear.
First, You guys have an idea about my (or our) ‘frustration’.
And second, your answer looks to me totally honest and you still struggle in order to have the best product.
Keep the good work (but also don’t forget that we have our wifes/colleagues asking on a regular basis «what’s about your virtual tablet») ;-(


Was Sim and GPS originally a locked spec?


Nope, and I’m wondering where this info comes from.
The (possible) HDD-upgrade isn’t free either…


No, it was not. It was slated to be attempted if we could get the housing to work.


The hard drive was upgraded to be a better version for free. Now a 1tb upgrade is a different kettle of fish altogether that is not free.

GPS and sim were not locked down but when I backed the igg compaign I thought they were. However they are not a runner now.


On the other side you have to admit it is subjective of who is the leader, and too that what counts is too by what margin the lead is and for how long. When people paid in November for Feb/March delivery Kaby Lake was on paper and the device in Feb/March would be top using the newest tech on all fronts, that will not be the case when i get my V probably in October.
That there may not be a tablet with all the same features does not mean V will be top as other tablets will have new features V is missing + we dont know what the result quality error rate service will be anyway, so all in all the trade-off is worse as for a device delivered In April.
Bottom line is you cant say it has not lost value just because subjectively it is the best device, as value is too made of by what margin it is the best, for what period it is the best etc…
As for MS, hard to say as we dont know if they knew in advance, what the real error rate is, what the warranty policy states the people that dont get a replace purchased etc…
If MS did not know and people purchased the device through a re-seller for a reduced price with low warranty coverage then we cant blame MS, Sharp tralala, but what guarantees that that display will too not have a similar issue lets say after 5 months?
I mean credit where credit due and Eve is awesome to stick with high standards, but i dont think that means that all else dont…

I am waiting for the next update to learn on the sample test outcome, but you see, even that is delayed by 2 weeks now.
I dont judge why etc. it is just another small prove for the current timeline being rather vague adding probability for it to slip…


Same here, +1


As one might argue it is not the value that is lost, rather it’s the effort, endeavor or the concept that counts. And that can very well be true. For sure there has to be a reason behind every delay, and no one has only intention to find reasons to blame one else, Eve that is. But guys let’s be reasonable and pragmatic here. In the sort of anticipated time frame, i.e., Aug-Sept, think about it, it’s almost a year, by two months. And no matter how we’re here for the idea and the concept and all that let’s not lose focus from the pragmatic point of view, which, irrespectively how you call it, maybe contribution, maybe purchase, whatever, we (both sides actually) committed to an agreement of trade, that in one part was fulfilled about a year ago to the fullest from some of us, and while waiting patiently for the other part of the agreement to be delivered, that never happened for, that long.

And it’s not about devaluing the V, not even close to that. It’s mostly that a considerable amount feels that something in the process and the present situation is perhaps wrong. Every one for his personal reasons. Between them, the belief that we are way past the point of showing compassion for an unforeseen circumstance that was beyond our control. No matter what the actual reason is/was, it simply does cannot be ok right now, and no form of compensation can/should make up for that. Will Eve deliver at some point? Probably. Eventually soon we all hope. Will they be considered successful on their part of our agreement? We will see at that time, but personally, I feel no. Since part of that agreement was also temporal, and that had never been reached. Again, this has nothing to do with the value of the V per se.

For example this, that is mentioned often wrt the value of the components in relation to the competition, yes perhaps is true, by how much we simply cannot know, and even so, can approximate with difficulty if at all. Should Eve really decide to make up for that loss and even orders of magnitude more, then they could have sent us our V’s in, say 50 yrs time, where it would be considered not vintage but collectible and therefore valued several times more than today’s value? Does it make sense? No. does it really solve the problem? No. What I want to say by that. We considered so far and still do, that we in one way or another, own it. But we can’t have it.

Even though it is true, and I do agree with that, that the impression is given around the indiegogo campaign and was perhaps misleading into making us believing that many, if not most preparations and arrangements had happened already and so there was just the funding needed and essentially putting the components together, before the first devices could be shipped. Well, I’d argue, and being polite actually, that was not at all true. Think about this. Even taking all the issues and problems and unforeseen events and circumstances out of the picture, while considering that all went according to schedule on doing what was necessary to reach the point of delivery. Well, the story shows clearly, that still the delivery would be delayed by a great margin. It’s not hard to see, just go through the reports and progresses all those past months.

At the end of the day: does the discussion about values or arguing that all more or less is ok solve the problem? No. Is it being helpful in solving the problem? No, it creates pointless talks and unnecessary friction. Along these lines also the majority of most chats and discussions around here. Some of which, are simply out of topic, point, and unrelated. Some others, lazy iterations of more of the same (being questions, concerns, suggestions).

So, guys, we are sure, you are doing everything possible in your capacities in getting us the V’s, but due to where we are now, it’s important in this last (hopefully sprint), to just add some more magic than you have, do the impossible possible, and what else your brilliant team thinks necessary and reasonable, and get this out, not necessarily us, rather out, to the world, to the people, like, now… really now. Anywhere around the end of summer that most people are back from they’re relaxing vacations, would perhaps imply a considerable hit in those numbers waiting for it, and the interest in general, as simply V would become less relevant at that time (mostly for the public, not us necessarily). Fame and promotion and all that, are great. But they are great when they make sense, that is, they cannot continue to be great for long, without the thing they refer to. At some point, as very well our dear friend points out above, the words of greatness start turning in to words of distaste and loathing. Not by us. To us. It is not the first time this is mentioned here in the community.


Since you brought that topic up - actually the prices did not go down since 14 months ago - they went UP!


Showing Samsung Evo 850 500GB, 2.5", starting at 120€ in May 2016. Now 50% cheaper for only 60€! 150€ since the price did not drop but acutally increase :wink:

GPS was considered, but only if it was viable - it was not mentioned in the campaign itself and in the community we said GPS would only be available if it was working without a housing modification.

We’re still looking to provide an LTE option for the V.


Cmon Kirin, cherry picking an argument ignoring the whole picture is pretty much what is so odd with the fundamentalist ambassador-ism… Are all components more expensive now? Will there not be new technology at delivery, meaning the V is not at the edge anymore? Would that many people purchase the same specs in November 2016, if the delivery date would be Aug/Sep and not Feb/March?
Ill stick to wait for the update, keeping my fingers crossed, i am sure i will be happy with the V once it arrives, will it be a good value? I cant say now as it depends on stuff like reliability and service. The point is, for that price and specs for the original shipping date it would be good value even if the rest would turn out mediocre and i still would feel satisfied, but considering what will be available in Sep, Oct on similar devices where i know what to expect if i need for example service, then the positive difference shrinks, possibly gets negative for someone… i think that is the root what many others are too expressing…


And in February we were 6 months ahead of other manufacturers now we’re 6 months closer.

Now we have coffee lake processors on the horizon, it’s not the product it’s the internals, the computer market value of a component has a life cycle, ours are now going to be 6 months further into theirs

We paid for a product we though was worth the money if we had it in Feb not September. :frowning:


So many conversations and arguments about the value of the components and whether they truly are going to be the VERY best components in the entire market. Yes, we all bought into the idea - some did more so than others and actually contributed not just funds but also considerable expertise. We bought the idea of V being better than anything else that any known manufacturer was likely to build and deliver.

It’s still an idea, and it seems that it’s likely that the V will still be a combination of components that makes it something that no other known manufacturer is likely to deliver. It’ll be fun when it becomes true. Whether anyone else is close to promising V-like components and features, I haven’t heard of one. Yet.

But, some of us wanted to buy a computer. We loved the story, the message, and the idea that we were going to own a computer that was unmatched by any of its competitors. We may also have liked the idea that we were going to be able to say to our colleagues “and I only paid $X for it!!” There’s a little show-off in all of us.

But. Some of us wanted to buy a computer. In November, I wanted to buy a computer. I could have bought whatever I could find for $1800 from MS or HP or whatever, or I could buy the V - which wasn’t “done” yet but on IGG looked awesome - for $900 something. All I had to do was wait until February. That’s ok, I didn’t need it right away - the laptop I had at the time was fine.

Some of us seem to have decided it was going to be “TOTALLY worth the wait!” and we put our money on the line. Including myself.

Had the info on IGG looked less realistic or had they said “and it will ship in about a YEAR, more or less” then I, for one, would not have put my money on the line. I would have bought the computer I needed, albeit not as awesome as the V might end up being when it ships some day, and probably bookmarked the V so I could check back and see when it was a little closer to reality.

It’s a computer. We are intended to USE it. Not drive it around to pick up chicks. I needed a computer and, so I ended up buying one while waiting for the V. It’s ok, I have a bunch of computers. Because I use them. When the V eventually becomes a reality (in my life - I know it’s a reality in someone else’s life, but it’s not in mine…) then I’ll own a couple of old laptops, an old MS SP, the new laptop I bought in February because the V wasn’t delivered, and I’ll also own a V. And I’ll use it. Maybe it’ll change my life. Maybe it’ll help me pick up chicks. But, most likely, it’ll be a computer.

As it stands, our $900 (or whatever) has funded an exercise in development and learning that has been fun to observe and witness. I’ve been able to share with those same colleagues how interesting it’s been to be “involved” in the process. They’ve listened to the story and nodded in semi-interest. To date, our $900 has not purchased a computer.

And I needed to buy a computer.


The wait is getting ridiculous. I don’t need any more ‘enhancements’, I just want this thing delivered…


You are aware of the circumstances I assume? The enhancement is a result of sub-par quality and failed QC checks as well as a supplier that denied delivering parts unless also the non-passing ones were kept.

I really wonder what people would’ve done when Eve just said nothing and put the yellowing screens into the devices. I assume it’s been the exact same people screaming the loudest that are now complaining about the delay. For some it just can’t be done right…


Well said Jeff, and to the point.

It’s just a computer and it’s well priced and well specified computer, what’s more it’s still close to leading edge and in front of most of the pack.

I firmly believe, it will be well worth the money and the wait in the end. (I’ve been checking the market and what’s out there already and what’s coming, my money is still on the Eve V)

It was never going to change my life and I still look forward to receiving it.

I too have told colleagues of my interest and investment.
They are business owners and they also understand the delays and eagerly await to see how good it is in the end.

Nothing in the campaign has surprised or disappointed me and I’ll happily support the Eve team again should they do a follow-up and similar product.

The only thing that has surprised me here is the inordinate amount of whinging and often by the same people (These are of course the minority - Squeaky Wheels). They are clearly not “team” players.