Shall we have our Eve V for Christmas 2017 Eve?


Screen issue, lots of surveys regarding screens, size of the hard disks…
Since February was probably too optimistic, I was hoping to be able to have the hand on during summer break (starting next week), now I just go to church and burn a candle and pray that Santa Claus will be able to deliver the Eve this year Christmas.
I understand the issues that occurred and the communication was pretty transparent and keep to good work…
However, whereas we bought in 2016 a super device that was in advance for its time…
and becoming afraid we will have a ‘normal’ device when it will be delivered (usualy processors, ssd price do not raise with time).
Sorry to be bitter, but from customers side we are just waiting.


How will it be just “normal” device compared to the one in November or even the February timeline


Because of time … In November 2016 - when I paid it in full it was one of the best … now it is one of many … in fall or winter 2017 it would be so-so device …


I really don’t see how this would change. There isn’t any great options (maybe surface or the new HP). And coffee lake ones propably won’t market before q1/2018.


First as it is delayed and delayed from promised delivery in February/March 2017, value goes down as it cannot be used to make money. Value (delivery for price) goes down too …


Are you saying you would have rather had a development state computer than a final product?
This kind of delay is very common in development because it is an organic thing, like flowers in the spring: you have an estimation when will spring come but you never know exactly when the flowers will blossom.


Yes I work in Oil&Gas development so I know business… but this delay is almost unacceptable - they were promising full product in February/March 2017 and they were saying that development was done during IndieGoGo campaign … that’s why I’m losing trust and patience…


Development WAS done when Indiegogo started. Only thing that wasn’t done was buying parts and assembly.

And then 2as the screen thing which led to this. Everything loses value at the moment you pay for it, pc stuff isn’t anything different. There will be new things coming all the time and if you start the waiting game, it will really never end.

You will still be getting a 2in1 that is totally capably doing the same things it was capable of doing.last year (and more).


I was reacting to previous comment.

And electronic is losing value everyday … problem is my V cannot make them back as it wasn’t delivered.

And yes I will get same V as promised - but due to delays value will be different. Another thing is EVE is losing clients - they already missed end school market, summer vacation market, after Comutex hype market and back to school market. And that are close to losing Thanksgiving and Black Friday ones.


Like flowers :hibiscus:computers change with the seasons


where is the next uodate? it was _due_before 30 July


That’s a bit of an exaggeration…but point taken.


Not much electronics price/value goes down faster than car value …


That is a half false statement in my opinion. True: A car value decreases significantly after registration. But the same model a year down the road does still cost roughly the same, usually the MSRP even goes up (due to labor rate increases, more expensive components, a minor facelift, etc.). But I get how you mean it.

@yve I’m still confident, as the screen samples are expected beginning of this week, immediately followed by checks and an update for the community, we can hope for a delivery for HEB around end August / beginning September. The delivery of the actual screens after testing should be relatively quick as all the paperwork is already completed.


@exialpho - check the difference between 2016 and 2017 car models … (often $5,000-10,000 difference)


I don’t get what you’re trying to say… First question is which market are you referring to, as different markets show different behavior? But MSRP 2017 being 5-10k cheaper than MSRP 2016 - do you have examples at hand? I’m very much into cars and that’s never been the case wherever I lived. The only reason would be if a new model is coming out soon, but even then the MSRP stays the same and only discounts might be granted (mostly in form of additional options).
Particularly the brands that are in the premium segment (and that’s where Eve wants to be in regards of quality) raise prices around 1.5-2% each year.


I’m in Canada/USA … Nobody here pays MSRP for car … if I go now and shop for new car I can get 2017 model (previous year) way cheaper than new 2018 model. Same it is with computers when Dell or other companies come with updated model (i.e. XPS 15) older model in same line is highly discounted.


I do agree with you as its basic electronics economy, two years ago a surface pro 4 was a £1000 item but nows its cheaper to make and their are deals to be had, this has resulted in the pro 2017 so MS can keep a premium product and add the changes they couldn’t for technological or economical before.

I’m eager for my V and it shall still be cutting edge not to mention unique in the electronics space, but it will have competition not far behind unlike it would have done for longer, resulting in a certain amount of shine being removed.

For instance would the world have been so amazed with an iPhone, if another company had a similar device out just after, I don’t think they would have but it took most of the mobile space just under a year to react and poorly.

Or 10 years ago my external hard drives were £70 for 12GB! Now 10GB is £7 in a USB stick format.


But there is no other or “last year” model of the… V … You can’t calculate any difference to any price because it is not on the market yet. And: For the Indiegogo backers the value of the V is maybe rising!!! High demand with low availability makes higher prices!!! Another mistake is to calculate the value of the work you could have done with this device. Owes eve money to me because I could make 20.000€ a month with the V?


The evangelist will stick to they arguments bending words and excusing, that apparently will not change.
Silly, considering how many in the community look downward on apple fanboys but the same instincts are here at play.

You can calculate a difference you want, many approaches would be reasonable, just taking the price for parts, or would you be happy ordering a 512 GB drive 10 months ago for xx and get it delivered now, when the same drive costs 50% less?
And he can calculate a loss, he purchased an item with a delivery date, if he lost money for late delivery it is a fact. If you have someone to build you a house and you need to live in a hotel for 6 months because there is a delay you are in loss…