Self repair & spare parts

Hi guys, I hope im doing this in the right thread

I’ve searched for topics about spare parts and repair in the forum and found that not many people have asked the question.

I dropped my v and sadly the frame bent and glass breaks. but that’s it, i turned off the touch screen because it was going nuts due to the glass breaking.

everything else still works. I asked for repair, but after 2 years of waiting it turns out eve doesn’t have repair for eve v.

I’m wondering maybe the team would consider selling spareparts to us (the community) so we can try to fix it ourself. I love the V and it would be great if i can fix it myself. it would be fitting to the Eve theme of crowd development.

In the meantime, is there anyone with a v that has been stripped down i would be glad to get some parts from you guys.



Could you please list the spare parts you would like to purchase, or what you think may be useful if made available to be bought by the community/public? I think this could make your points more precise.

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well, im not very sure.
but what i think i would need is the chassis, and the display components which may also include the touch sensor. (but if it’s separated and i could just change the glass it would be great)

note that, the chassis may also include the sealant or whatever components it may attach to.

in general, maybe parts that are exposed to the elements, like the hinge plates, and buttons etc. could be made available for the public.


This would require serious design focus on serviceability (of the new V) to promote the provision of the spare parts you need. The design of such a device must be solid and easy to service so that the manufacturer can allow users to open up and replace the components without any hassle.

to be fair, it doesn’t have to be as easy as building a computer. I would expect some things to be difficult, as to not sacrifice the build quality itself. but not impossible to repair, things like cleaning glues are okay, but avoid things like breaking a plastic mould.

but again,

if any of you guys have em, let me know. maybe @Team have some prototypes spare that are usable? :sweat_smile:

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