See the livestream recording here + mini one liner update 22.09



Hi dudes!

Thank you all for joining! It was awesome today!

You can see the livestream here:

Also for all of you guys here is the latest shipping update! It’s only great news now:)

On this joyous Friday, we have GOOD news!

Sharp screen delivery schedule has now been finalized.

We made the last extra step, we bought the tickets, and we flew to Singapore to have confirmation with Sharp on the screen deliveries for the Hyper Early, Early and Limited Bird backers. For all of you who MADE US.

So here is the news you’ve been waiting for……

First batch screens will be shipped to us last week of September/first week of October
…which means that we anticipate to ship the 1st batch of units last week of October/first week of November. With top quality.

Second batch screens will be shipped to us by 3rd week of October
… which translates to shipping the “Limited Bird” backers their units last week of November/first week December.

This means you will all 100% get your units before 2017 ends, before Christmas!!! Make sure to join today (Friday 21st) our YouTube LIVE stream to see how great the new V (see more by clicking here)!

Meet us, ask us, and get a good peek at the “Sharp-screened” V.

We have all the components ready in warehouses for assembly. The whole production line is now aligned to our screen schedule and are on standby to ensure we ship the best quality units to you ASAP! On this hour of positive news, we must again apologize for the longer-than-expected delivery.


Everyone who has seen the new upgraded V so far has LOVED it, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on your unit!

We are fully confident with this information, as this delivery schedule was established by Sharp, and we have already tested the Sharp samples with no issues! The cherry on the top is that this schedule confirmation was quickly achieved once Sharp had seen the V with their screen on it: The computer you created stands out. It awes.

Thank you,

Eve Team

p.s. We are here, constantly working to give YOU the best, quickly.

Community Digest 14.10

Just posting a link to my transcription of some facts of the live thread. I will update it there to that I don’t need to update two duplicate posts:


It was nice meeting the Eve and Emdoor Crew, Backers and Community Members…

The Sharp screen was really sharp indeed (no pun intended)… Easy on the eye, crisp and clear…

I’m super excited to get my hands on my V very soon… I’ll see how it performs with the stuff I do daily at work… \m/ \m/


Thanks a lot for your update on the timeline! Can’t wait to get my V into my hands :grinning:
What I am missing is info about availabilty, pricing and ordering process for the 1 TB update. Any news on that?

Cheers, R.


Same here. I’m interested to know how to get the 1TB upgrade.


And you saw all that in a 720p video on your “not so good” screen… No offense, but this is obviously placebo effect.


From what he wrote I wouldn’t be surprised if @Blowfish was with them when the livestream happened


Uh, didn’t think that far :sweat_smile:


Hahaha… I was present at the location…

You miss to read ->> “It was nice meeting the Eve and Emdoor Crew, Backers and Community Members…”


Thx for the shirt… Must be the “placebo” effect… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Now I just need to find a corner to crawl into and die from being an idiot :roll_eyes:


Does it also mean that the online store will be opened in the last week of September/first week of October?


I understood that they open the store to sell T-Shirts soon in order to test their delivery mechanisms. So they do not have problems when orders for the V come in. The store for the Vs themselves comes End of October when the Hyper EB got theirs.


When I watched the livestream, I was partially disappointed. On the one hand about the unqualified performance as mentioned above several times, on the other about over the apparently importance of “little things” and giveaways. In the run-up to the videostream, I had the impression that Constantinos would be able to inspire us with impressive news - more accurate and reliable dates and above all also about model and price. But unfortunately…
Now the time for purchase and delivery to the consumer seems to have already slipped to the beginning of the year 2018. Because I strongly suspect EVE-tech knows very well about the mistakes of the past and its impact on the market, I had (while watching on the screen) the clumpsy feeling in the throat that this streamcast could be something like “grabbing for the last straw” in order to keep the customer satisfied. In the last few months, a number of potential customers have already jumped off, the supply and deadlines remain partly nebulous. The competitors are not asleep, and soon the V could not or hardly have been able to withstand the market pressure of new, comparable or cheaper devices.
This is by no means my wish for such a great device and his “hot” team! Admittedly, I do not see the V with the eyes of a professional who has day-to-day work with it. It is rather my reward for myself as a retired professional. (The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys).
The V should be a constant companion, in particular also a reliable, for which one likes to spend his money. And a purchase decision is made to a certain extent already in the product presentation. Of course I do not mean form, but content - so not “shirt & tie”.
Keep the cusomer satisfied.
(Frank Zappa: We’re only in it for the money …?)


@Konstantinos You mentioned setting up a FAQ in the online video is this still be setting up? Just want to make sure that the FAQ addresses change of address prior to shipments.



I need to frame this! Lol


I understood I placed the above statements into the wrong Category. Sorry for that. Admins should have been able to switch my infos into the appropiate group.
We all are waiting for additional news. Positiv news of course.
If you would give us price information instead of only pronouncing “soon! Soon we will”, we (or I) could plan better about spending our money.
I may sound a bit harsh, but I have to get ends meet. You might think likewise (regarding money).


Well, we’re now at the very end of the last week of September. Has the first batch been shipped?


So since im very new here and just discovered the the V, i would like to know when i can get one myself since i havent backed anything?


When the webstore will be open, you will to wait until the backer get their V on the way :slight_smile: