Secret Sale Success

I’ve been aware of the Eve V since the crowdfunding campaign. At the time, I had just bought a Surface Pro 4 (for a lot more $$$), so it wasn’t practical to buy another 2-in-1 device at the time. Flash forward a few years, and I’m getting tired of the short battery life and constant fan noise of my i7 Surface Pro 4. A few weeks ago I get an email for an Eve Secret Sale. I check out the pricing, and it’s over 50% off of what I paid for the SP4. No fan…better display…longer battery life…keyboard and pen included. I’m in. And then things got a little weird…

Now, when I say things got weird, it wasn’t really anything to do with Eve Devices. Nope, it had everything to do with all of the bad press Eve was getting online and in the forums. After reading them, I instantly had buyer’s remorse. The things I was reading were disturbing…backers waiting years for their V’s…backers waiting for refunds… and nothing happening. I felt like I had just thrown $850 down the drain. After all, it had been 5 days since I ordered and they said it would ship in 2-4 days, so I reached out to Eve customer service. To my surprise, I got a response in under 24 hours. I inquired if it would still be possible to cancel my order, and they told me they would check. Within a few hours, they told me that it was scheduled to ship the next day, but they could stop the shipment if that’s what I wanted. I responded that if it didn’t ship as scheduled the next day, then I would cancel.

The next morning I awoke to an email from Eve. The customer service agent regretfully had to inform me that my shipment did not go out, BUT it was because we tried to stop it the day before, and the warehouse took it to heart. I was skeptical, so I asked to cancel my order and get a refund. Being a Saturday, the agent told me that the order would be canceled on Monday and the refund processed. I thought we were done, and I resigned myself to the fact that I was not getting a V.

About an hour later, I got another email from the same agent. He asked me if I wanted to wait till Monday to see if it shipped. He promised me he would make sure it went out, and if not I could get my refund, no problem. Again, I was skeptical, but I had come this far, and I was still within the window for a credit card chargeback, so I thought “why not?”

Lo and behold, the V shipped on Monday. I followed its progress from China to the USA anxious to see if it was everything that Eve promised, or was it what the forums said, or somewhere in between. Unfortunately, my V missed a flight in Alaska and was delayed one more day, so my wait continued. The next day though, it arrived! As I opened the box, all of the negative comments from Reddit and the Eve community filled my head. Would it be poorly made? Would the pen suck? What software issues would I encounter? Well, it turns out, the V was in pristine condition, it fired right up, there were NO software issues and the V Pen seemed to perform like the pen for my SP4. In short, for me, the hype was real, and thanks to the Secret Sale pricing, I felt like I had gotten a great deal.

Flash forward a few days, and I have been using the V exclusively for work and play without any issues. Granted, all I’m doing is surfing the web, copywriting, and doing budgets, but I can do it ALL day without needing to recharge the battery and without the constant drone of a cooling fan.

Random Observations

  • The V is built really well. It feels very premium in the hand and is very solid.

  • The display is really good, on par with (or better) than the Surface Pro.

  • The Pen works just fine for taking notes. I’m not an artist, but it does what I need. The magnet could be a little stronger for storing on the side of the display. My pen shipped without a battery, but owning an SP4, I had an extra AAAA battery handy, so no issue for me there.

  • The battery is WAY better than the i7 Surface Pro 4.

  • I haven’t noticed any slow down going from an i7U chip to an i7Y chip.

  • The V keyboard is as good, if not better, than the SP4.

  • The backlight on the keyboard is just fine. The colors are cool, and I can read the letters in the dark.

  • The speakers are good, not great, but good. Certainly good enough for YouTube videos or Netflix.

  • The kickstand is not “razor-sharp” as I had read. It is thinner than the kickstand on the Surface, so the edge is a bit more narrow, but as I type this with the V resting on my knees, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with my purchase, especially considering the sale price. I know SO many buyers had problems before, and I really do feel for them. But, it seems like something has changed with Eve. From what I’ve read, they have a new distribution partner, and it really shows. The customer service folks have been nothing but nice to me, very responsive and helpful. I hope they can figure out a way to take care of all of the disgruntled backers and buyers who paid and got nothing, but for now, it seems like they’ve figured out how to take care of new customers and fulfill their orders in a timely manner.


I’m glad to hear you’re happy with your purchase :slight_smile:
The people who ordered from evedevices seem to be having much better luck that we who ordered from eve-tech. I’m hoping we older customers will start to feel the love soon. I’m really glad to see satisfied customers rather than just complaints about Fortress and Eve.

The user experience with the V is really good, and when I got mine I definitely agreed with your opinion of how solid and premium it felt, especially with that amazing unboxing experience. But there is an issue with the keyboard you should look out for - it’s quite common for the internal ribbon cable to break from normal use. Mine only lasted about 3 months. When this happens, you won’t be able to use the keyboard over the pogo pins, or even charge the internal battery. You’ll still be able to use it over bluetooth for a while, but only until the internal battery goes flat. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you. There are quite a few people for whom this failure has not happened, so hopefully you’re one of these lucky ones.


And @LouCap, be careful of saying anything too positive of Eve or their products on the EveV subreddit - some of the people there are full of nothing but hate and the moderators of that sub are crazy and paranoid and have a tendency to ban people for no apparent reason.


Too late…I already posted a link to this thread over there. The hate is just starting to roll in and I expect to be banned before too long. On the one hand, I get it, people got burned. On the other hand though, I’m just telling the truth, so it is what it is I guess.


I sincerely hope that all of the folks who paid for a V through Fortress get their unit or a refund. It’s just the right thing to do. And I hope you’re right that I’m lucky with the keyboard. I’ve had the same keyboard with my Surface Pro 4 for many years now, and it still works like a champ, but that’s Microsoft and it cost well over double what I paid for my V. Fingers crossed!


Good effort in any case. I posted in support of you and your take on the situation so I may get banned with you.


I saw that, and it’s much appreciated, thank you! I can’t help what’s happened, just comment on what’s happening to me.

In other news, I’m enjoying the heck out of my new V!


Glad to hear it. I’ve had mine since the Limited Birds from IGG shipped and it’s been great for me. Keyboard still works, I’m on the beta bios with no issues, speakers are decent, I put a screen protector on as soon as I notice coating wear, I bought an Amazon USB-C cable and have no problems using my upper port now. I’ve never tried using my fingerprint sensor so I can’t comment on that. I don’t use the pen that much but it works OK when I do. All in all its been a good device and the price is worth all the little issues to me.


Glad to hear you got it and its working out great for you!

The only thing I have to say in regards to your review is that the kickstand isn’t razor sharp but be careful running your hand across the edge of it. You can get a cut a little worse than a paper cut from doing that, I did that on the one my wife received.


It’s good to know that the new buyers are having a better buying experience :slightly_smiling_face: I was also satisfied with my V (m3 version), even though I had to wait more than 1 year for it. It was a beautiful device and it provided great performance for my daily use. Unfortunately, it stopped working after 6 months of use and the support stopped answering my questions about a repair (looks like there’s no repair center in operation yet…) I hope that your V don’t suffer the same faith and that you can enjoy it for years to come :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, I got banned. :man_shrugging:


I did too! What a bunch of haters over there. All I did was tell the truth about my experience, and they couldn’t take it.


Not surprising. They didn’t even give me a reason. I wrote them back asking for clarification but haven’t heard anything yet.

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I basically replied to them and did my best impression of Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth!”



I got banned a while ago… When I replied to the ban notification I was ignored. When I PMed the mod, I heard back a few days later and apparently I was banned for “posting google doc links”, which I never did, and AFAIK isn’t against any rules of reddit… A lot of the people over on that sub are completely lost in their hatred.