Scuffs & scratches


Hi everyone! I’m a long time lurker but first time poster. I have had my HEB V for a little over a week and am over-all pretty happy with it. I have noticed, though that my V seems to be extremely susceptible to scuffs and scratches. I am usually very careful with my electronics-- my 3 year old Surface Pro 3 barely shows any wear, and I don’t remember any specific instances where these scuffs could have been made, but more and more seem to appear every day. They look fairly obvious, too, since there seems to be just a thin layer of black paint with silver coloring underneath, and any scuffs that rub the black layer off will reveal the silver. Anyone else notice this?


This was already noticed during prototyping and it seems to be the cause, Microsoft stays with a light gray color over black.
I used a black Toshiba Portage for the last three years and it has many small scratches on it, even though I’m very careful with electronic devices myself. The black color is very susceptible to scratches that can be seen - regardless of the manufacturer. Till now I have no idea how to protect my V from any scratches other than handling it with care and accepting that it is a work device, prone to wearout.


There’s always something like a D Brand skin. Also, look at different cleaning and protectant products for aluminium. Maybe even something like carnauba wax would help, but that may be stupid for a computer.


I encountered several scratches and silver spots on the housing, too. After only carrying it four times - in the sleeve!
Even though I am very happy about my V, the paint quality is really not what I’ve expected…


I’ve had my V since the 12th of December, and my V is currently still scratch free. I use it everyday and it is inserted and removed from my mozo sleeve at least 8 times a day.

However, I fully expect to discover a scratch or two eventually - and that was an expectation I had had from the moment I lifted my V out of the box and laid eyes on the finish.

This is a tradeoff we all have to accept, I think. I hope we can be civil and not jump straight on Eve’s back and make comments about their quality - I personally cannot think of any other device I’ve owned with a similar finish that wasn’t also scratch prone.

On the bright side, we still have the that universal truth: that it is really only the first scratch that hurts. So lets just enjoy our pristine V’s if we still have them, because our little babies will lose their virginity one day.

…They grow up so fast. :sob:


Here are some pictures of the scratches. IMHO those are not minor and they really stand out while looking at the tablet…
I won’t the emphasis: I use the eve for exactly one week now and transported it three times in the sleeve.


do you have the mozo magnetic sleeve? i find that if you slot the stylus in the wrong way, the clip wrecks the side of the V


Yes I do. What is the proper way of inserting the pen into the tab?
I usually do it like this:


I don’t think there’s a right way? i just try to keep the clip away from the V because the minute i touched the clip i knew it was going to murder the finish, so i’ve always turned it like this:

I know it sucks to have a new device dinged up, but this really isn’t a V problem, its a problem that will happen to any device with this specific finish. And there’s an element of chance too - i’ve had my V for six weeks, i use it for work everyday, it goes in and out of the Mozo more times than i can count and this is the only discoloration i can find.


Yep, this is the reason. I checked mine when I got it and it was black and spotless. But the pen started to turn silver near the tip and then I noticed that the side of the V did too.