Screen touch issue (mouse click issue)


I have been using V for few months, so far so good and can consider a very good product and really value for investment.

I found that my V has an annoying issue that whenever i bootup V (with the keyboard attached), the left side of the screen seems to be actively getting the “touch screen” activity, and the mouse pointer will always stay at that spot.
To be exact (i managed to login Windows to see which spot is the touch screen happened), after my login to Windows, i found that there is active touch screen activity at the left side (one whole straight line, at the “Task View” icon). I can see that there is active touch action, and this will last for about few minutes, and V will back to normal after that (i tried removing the keyboard but no luck.), but i just found it annoying…

i checked the driver that there is no update, so wanted to know if anyone has this issue?
I will check with on this.

Thank you


Please contact the support team through Support – The old support email is decommissioned and is not actively monitored.