Screen blanking after firmware 104 while gaming?

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say that I’m still experiencing the blanking issue on the latest Nvidia drivers as well along with firmware 102R875.

After many various tests I’ve noticed the following:

The blanking DOES occur when G-Sync is enabled AND the display is set to 120hz
The blanking DOES occur when G-Sync is enabled AND the display is set to 144hz

The blanking DOES NOT occur when G-Sync is enabled AND the display is set to 60hz
The blanking DOES NOT occur when G-Sync is DISABLED

Of note, I also have a LG CX 65" connected to my PC via HDMI with G-Sync enabled and set to 120hz and blanking has NEVER OCCURED so it is not my graphics card nor my Windows settings.

I really hope this can be resolved as it is clearly a monitor issue at this point.


We just posted early access to 105, see Spectrum | Firmware 105 Early Access - Development / Project: Spectrum | Development - Eve Community

It fixes the HDR grayscale issues across PCs and consoles. In that post is also another rollback (you first flash the rollback version, then flash your choice of fw, same as before).

Give it a shot - it may fix the blanking (has a fix for Radeon GPUs, but still nothing specifically for nVidia GPUs), it should fix the HDR.

That is some extensive testing, thank you. Now that we have 105 out, got some time to give it a whirl too? And it makes sense that G-Sync lies at the core, because the first driver that started causing people issues was when 471.96 came out, which is also the driver that nVidia first listed our monitor as G-Sync compatible, even though you could enable it manually before that.


Excellent, I’ll give it a shot shortly!

Would you prefer we use that thread to continue reporting on issues like blanking?


It would be preferable to use the 105 thread for any issues / fixes related to 105, yes. It makes things cleaner, and easier to report back to the fw team.


Why there is still no answer from Support?
I also tried 105 Firmware and nothing from the described problems is fixed.
Why is support not responding how to return my Spectrum and get refunded?
GSYNC compatibility is not working (stuttering) and I get no signal when try to access BIOS via HDMI.
This is not the product I can work and live with!

Hi, @Norman_Otto

Are you still waiting on a response from Support?

Started using a 2020 13" m1chip macbook pro for work, and my Spectrum has been blanking a lot more. I’m outputting using a thunderbolt to display cable and on my PC’s I’ve been getting a perfect 4K 144fps. But on Mac It doesn’t always give me the full options to change the resolution, or refresh rate. It will just give me scaling options.

But then it will blank entirely after a few hours and the only way I can seem to get it to stop is by unplugging the monitor for a few minutes. Then without fail it gives me the usual options of what resolution I want and a refresh rate to lock in.

I’ve tried replicating this. I thought at first maybe when the laptop gets to a certain battery it can’t output correctly but that doesn’t seem to be the case because I’ve had it plugged in and the screen blanking still happened. I’m just guessing this is more on Apple’s side and the chip is having a hard time figuring out what to do with this display in terms of refresh rate or resolution because on PS5 or PC I only ever get the blank screen when it want’s to switch refresh rates

Thought’s, Tips, Anything suggestions are appreciated.

Per the fw team, the exact fix for this is to change from Scaled to Default. It should work, at which point you can switch back to scaled and it should continue to work.

Give that a shot and let us know 1) if it fixes it, and 2) more importantly, if it stays fixed.

Just wanted to comment that I Installed 105 without any issues. Am yet to play any games on my monitor but will report back with any issues. A massive thanks to the Team at Eve for looking into this and resolving the issue :slight_smile:


I emailed in December last year to support and I still haven’t had an email back yet. I’m using an 13inch M1 MacBook Air and multiple times a week I get an image burn on the screen with a flickering display.

Can anyone help with this?

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Hi, Kyle,

We’ve got an open issue with the firmware team to try to resolve this. This seems to happen when you’re using the Spectrum connected to a MacOS device, using Chrome for your browser, and viewing certain sites - like YouTube (LTT videos for one), Reddit, etc., right?

What happens is that MacOS, for whatever reason, decides to swap from the ICC color profile for Spectrum to a generic one that a lot of Mac devices create - SD 170M-A. For reasons we cannot fathom it does this in the middle of viewing pages, particularly in Chrome (though not necessarily only in Chrome, all reports thus far have been about Chrome).

If you can verify that the color profile is switching, I’d love to add your name and device to the list to communicatee to the fw dev team to see if there is something that they can do to prevent that generic color profile from being loaded. This switching of color profiles was only recently discovered, so we do not have a fix for it yet. However, one suggestion would be to try using an alternate browser for those sites that cause the burn-in, for the time being.

Please let me know if you can confirm the ICC profile switch when the burn-in occurs.

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This also happens when using Safari.


Hi @kevmodrome,

I’m assuming this on a Mac? Are you able to let me know what Mac you are using and are you experiencing the same blanking issues, users have reported?

Are you also able to tell me if it occurs with HDR on or off?

I recommend to most users to stay up to date with the firmware, so if you haven’t done so already, please upgrade to 105.

Safari and Chrome - but not other Chromium browsers (Brave, Edge) or Firefox?

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