Screen acting up while charging



Hello! Dear eve community!!

I just noticed noticed something with my V, had som jitter problems with my last V and some, but less, with my current V.

Today my V worked remarkably well at school, but the moment I connected the charger the pen started to jitter quite a lot. I have now tried to disconnect the charger a couple of times in order to see if there is any clear difference. With the charger in the pen could take 0.5s to connect to the screen and start to write. Without it, it is mint perfect. I have no idea why I have not noticed this before (maybe I didn’t start using the V directly after I put the charger in?) but now I was wondering, if anyone of you are experiencing some jitter/connection problems between your pen and screen, do you notice a difference when you have the charger in or is there no difference?

Would like to hear your experiences and thought about the issue :slight_smile:.



The new touch panel driver makes the touch experience better when not plugged it, but it becomes weird when it is plugged in.

It’s a known issue with the driver with more 1s. or 1.1.1. Both are available on the driver download page. You can downgrade the driver if it bothers you, personally I don’t use the pen much so I can’t say much about how much difference there is.


See here: