Samsung Galaxy Book


I think this brings up a very important point: since Samsung batteries are such a huge concern for the Eve community, could we please get an official statement from the Eve team about where the Eve V batteries come from, and to confirm that they do not come from the same manufacturers/factories as Samsung batteries?


To add on that Samsung was finding ways to reuse the recycled batteries from the note, and that’s what cost the fire earlier this year in the factory in china. Bytheway, Samsung released plans to re-sell the recycled note to less developed countries. I mean if it was ready for resell, why not to the more developed country at a discount? This just shows how much faith they have in the refub product.


What faith… They just know that consumer protection laws are pathetic in developing countries and they’re ready to exploit that to get more money by selling them dangerious goods…


It was just a rumor and was denied.


Further reading:

It’s still a rumor, but only Samsung India officially denied.


One thing - I saw one or two posts about V having a larger battery…
to me, it’s more important to have long battery life. The actual physical size of the battery is not a selling point.

The galaxy book has a claimed running time of 10.5 hrs. If this is an accurate claim, it compares favorably with V…with a U chip vs the Y chip in our product.

It also appears fanless and (happens to be) thinner.

I’m not ready to give up my slot, but it seems like a solid offering from Samsung (exploding batteries being a separate discussion).


It also appears fanless and (happens to be) thinner.

According to GSMArena, the 12" model is unlikely fanless:

The bigger 12-inch model has an extra grille on the top side as well, but that is just a cooling exhaust for the fan.

Actually, any device sporting the U chip is unlikely capable of being fanless without throttling.

The galaxy book has a claimed running time of 10.5 hrs. If this is an accurate claim, it compares favorably with V…with a U chip vs the Y chip in our product.

Don’t forget Eve claims 12 hours with the V :wink:

And the 12 hours claim was for the 10" model.
The 10" model uses a m3, which is realistic for 10 hours.

I guess we all agree that battery optimization is very important, more than the battery size itself.

It’s important to note that the V’s battery is like 60% larger (48Whr vs 30.4Whr for the 10" m3),
Samsung would need some kind of dark magic to actually run 10 hours if the V only runs 12 hours. (Optimization doesn’t/couldn’t go that far)

That said, I’m a bit interested in the 10" model myself :smile:
Because it’s like a full x86 Windows 10 hiding inside an iPad


Bigger means bigger capacity.


All else being equal, a larger battery will last longer. It’s that simple…


yes…but between two separate devices it doesn’t mean longer battery life.

It is definitely possible to have two laptops with the same capacity battery, where one lasts much longer (due to better components, better optimized BIOS, different processor algorithms, etc.).

I was merely stating the goal of the product is to have a long battery life. For V, we are trying to get 10-12 hrs using a 48Ah battery.

Samsumg was able to achieve 10.5 hrs (using some undefined protocol) using a much smaller battery. It is possible that one of the reasons is their OLED screen…I say possible. We don’t know, of course, and my hope is that the V will have closer to 12 hrs, or a runner run time than the Samsung book using identical protocols.

Still, at the end of the day, I am seeking a device with a long battery life. The larger battery is just one of the means to achieve this goal, economically while still maintaining a reasonable weight/form factor…


Microsoft claimed and still claims the Surface Pro 4 to have 9 hours of battery life.

You can see how it actually performs from this very recent review:

I am a hundred percent sure Samsung’s offering wouldn’t have anywhere near 10 hours.

Otherwise they would have claimed to have at least 12 to 14 instead.


Don’t you worry, it will NOT achieve 10h in real life :slight_smile: Microsoft claims the same 10h for their Surface Pro 4, but in reality it’s more like 4h. Every manufacturer is like that. You always need to divide their rating by 2. Eve promised to be different, so let’s see what they give us. I can’t promise you it will actually be 10h in real life, but I can tell you for sure that NO optimizations can bring 30Wh anywhere close to 48Wh with the same components.


My biggest issue with the Eve V is the keyboard. I like the layout of the Samsung Galaxy Book: they managed to put 3 keys next to F12 and they have larger cursor keys. Almost everything else speaks for EVE V. But the keyboard is important - at least for me.


I feel you very well… Frankly speaking, I’m not even sure if I’ve seen any worse layouts. But I’m the kind of person who doesn’t mind having a separate keyboard as long as it fits in my bag, so I’m probably gonna sell my V keyboard. Unless I somehow get used to it while testing :smile:


Figured I would add my 2 cents to this since I just picked one up last week!

The pen on the galaxy book is incredible. Latency is better then Wacom’s Cinitiq line. Don’t know what the specs are exactly but from experience it’s night and day. Definitely better then new Surface pen.

However, keyboard and folio case are a real let down. Keyboard doesn’t register some keystrokes and trackpad is a joke. Folio stand doesn’t support the tablet well.

OLED screen is marvelous if you are looking straight at it. However, if you shift your view to the left or right a hair you start seeing a rainbow effect of color shift. The color shift isn’t even uniform. You see a gradient of colors moving across the screen.

Let down with the pen is that the barrel button is set to solely launch Samsung’s bloatware with no customization. I managed to disable all the Samsung pen services and get it to function as hover right click but it took a while.

Anyway, a far from perfect device but may be worth it for me since at $950 out the door (best buy sale plus sales tax) it’s hard to find that quality of pen display. Might return it and get the 8gb ram model for $200 more.