Run Eve over HTTPS


How can I run my Eve app over HTTPS rather than HTTP?


What’s your Eve app? This website?


If you are talking about the website, just use

edit: the link above got an auto preview, just use https:// before typing the url for the community.


Hi @Tejaswini!

I’m working a bit on the HTTPS on the backend, but it’s taking a little longer as right now I’m trying to focus on helping the team on perfecting the V :wink:

You can definitely use HTTPS for the website (just as @hellBENder posted) and I hope I can have it default to HTTPS at the end of this month (february) :slight_smile:


Thanks @iKirin for the update. Looking forward :slight_smile:


@iKirin: So now that runs via https (by default as it seems, as it automatically forwards me), what about the logo on the top left? I’d like to still see the logo and not a picture placeholder :wink:


I know that the logo is right now on https I’m on that right now :wink:

EDIT: And it’s here finally :smiley:


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thanks @iKirin for looking after our security :slight_smile:


I had been using the HTTPS site ever since I wasn’t able to login the HTTP site :laughing:

Now the community link redirects to the HTTPS site, great :smiley:


Just in case you tend to forget the additional s in https: Another option would be HTTPS Everywhere. It’s available as Firefox, Firefox Android, Opera and Chome plugin/addon. Quite helpful, not only here.


No need for this :slight_smile:

But yes for other sites its quite good!