RIP Windows Phone

I have been analyzing the advent of windows 10 mobile and the subsequent announcement that Microsoft will no longer pursue the OS. But what is interesting is that while they are no longer developing it, they never said they aren’t going to produce or pursue an OS that can operate on a mobile device. Win10M had a seemingly short life, but many of the UWP apps for SMS and Telephony have been framed into the full Full Windows 10 framework though they haven’t been utilized as of yet. The fact that the W10M OS itself was unable to cross the x86 barrier as well as other limitations is reason enough to abandon it in favor of a fully functional if not modular OS that can operate on many levels. I think we are going to see something released soon that will change the game and it would be wise to be ready for those of us who have been waiting for such a change. Don’t give up just yet, I think that the seeming hopeless abandonment of W10M could actually be the opportunity we may have been waiting for. It’s quite understandable in this day and age of cutthroat competition in the tech industry to see a company like Microsoft play their cards so close to the chest until the time is right. Just think about it, with the advance if things like Intel compute cards its not inconceivable to think that we may end up with a modular device that can operate on its own as a small phone/tablet until it is docked and then it becomes as powerful as the system of components it is docked to. I know it sounds too good to be true, but with the advancements we are seeing it’s only a matter of time.