Review Discussion Follow Up!

Spectrum firmware 102 update resolves this issue.

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I still want to see Hardware Unboxed do a review on it. I don’t really watch anybody else for monitor reviews.


Same here. From the reviews I have seen so far they have not been very thorough. Mainly just been giving a general overview of the monitor. Closest one to being in depth would be optimum tech. I’ll be waiting for reviews from hardware Unboxed as they don’t pull any punches or compromise just to get clicks.

That’s also my issues with the reviews and impressions i have seen so far, they are very surface level and doesn’t feature any unbiased metrics that would inform us if the monitor is actually performing comparatively to it’s competition.

The reviews do sound promising and there seems to be a solid monitor at it’s core for gaming, but some of the firmware stuff seem like it might be somewhat rough like the HDR issues and i’m greatly worried about things like uniformity that could impact the use of the monitor for productivity usage.

We have 55 more votes left :slight_smile:

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To vote for the Eve Spectrum 4K on the RTINGS site…
Go here and search for Eve Spectrum ES07D03 and vote for it.

We need ~50 more votes in 2 days for them to buy the monitor for review.

EDIT: RIP, it appears people were gaming the votes, since it just lost 30 votes and now needs ~87+ votes to win.


Any issues on the ps5 ? Some tipps for the settings?

No issues. Just need to update the monitor firmware to 102 to fix the HDR for the ps5 and xbox series x to detect the monitor.