Replacement Panel

I, unfortunately, had a freak accident that occurred which caused a big crack in one of my new spectrum 4k monitor.

I really don’t want to shell out $800 for a new monitor, and I know that they won’t be shipping until sometime next year. Since this panel is supposedly used by multiple vendors, is there a part number for just the panel that I could replace it myself?


This is one of those items I feel like would be tough to replace outside of living in a major commerce center in China.

However, this would be a nice addition to the longevity of Spectrum if Eve could make panel available as a replacement part? @Lore_Wonder

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I contacted Eve Support and they said it is something that would be able to be repaired. I was told it would take 1-3 weeks to do the repair, and that upon receiving and inspecting the monitor they would send me what the cost would be.

Unfortunately the above conversation took an entire week of back and forth emails, with only getting 1 email a day due to timezone differences between US and wherever Eve’s customer support is located (I’d get emails at 4AM Central). We got to the point where it seemed like all I needed was an RMA number and details about how/where to ship the broken monitor, and now I haven’t heard anything, at all, since last week Friday. I’ve gotten no responses back from customer support, and I even pinged them again to see if there were any updates. Just total radio silence.

@ReignDespair or @Lore_Wonder - Is this something that you could help with at all? I was really hoping to get this monitor sent out before all the black friday shipping hits, but that’s seemingly unlikely now. Customer request # is 55450

Hey @disflux,
Sorry to hear that you have been waiting to receive a response from our support team.
Let me pass this onto the team so they can look into this for you.


It would actually be really cool if Eve took the frame . work approach and posted replacement parts with replacement costs for buyers.

I’d love the option to DIY my own repairs.

Are you able to use your magic again? Last time I got a response back right after you passed a message onto your team. It’s been since last Thursday since I’ve gotten any update. Just waiting on an RMA from the Manufacturer.