Replacable pen tips are available now!


Hi Guys!

I got some good news for you! Replacable pen tips are possible for V pen. We pushed our suppliers for quite a while after we noticed that some of you want to have possibility to replace tips.

Now we need to hear your thoughts on how many tips should go into one replacable pen tip set.

  • 2 tips for 4.99
  • 3 tips for 6.99
  • 6 tips for 9.99
  • 9 tips for 13.99
  • Other

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UPDATE: I have made a mistake previously. 9 tips is 13.99 not 19.99!

Let’s get this sorted by Wednesday!

Here is how tips would approximately look like :

Community Digest 06.05
Community Digest 21.04
Community Digest. [Latest Update 21.04]
Community Digest 28.04


Hmm, that’s hard to tell.
Because I have no experience with these pens and I don’t know how often I will have to replace the tips.

Can anybody with experience tell how often the tips have to be replaced and what it depends on?


Well in my view it depends on user. Some people when getting bored at a meeting start taking tip in and out all the time. As a result plastic wears out and eventually tip gets lost (that’s me :smiley: ).

I guess it’s good to have few tips just in case so that you would not have to worry about them!


Oh, I thought I was alone doing that… :joy: by the time I sent my prototype back, the tip was barely held in place :smile:


Are these tips all the same, or do they provide a different writing experience?
If they are all the same, can we get tips that are different, like those in the Surface Pen tip kit?

And artists, tell me whether this matters or not, because I have no clue in this stuff :joy:


For starters we can only have same tips. We could long term sell surface pen in our store too as V supports is 100% and as a result you could buy ben tip from them too.


My Cintiq came with three different kinds of tips, and there’s definitely a different feeling that goes with each of them. And I definitely have a preference. Don’t know what kind of tips come with the Surface Pen Tip Kit, but I’d figure it makes a difference there as well…


If any prototype tester has a spare Surface Pen lying around, he/she could try it with the V.
They’ll probably have a spare SP4 lying around too, since the V would unsurp its throne :smiling_imp:


Having a tips that feels like writing on paper would be awesome, is it possible with the kind of Pen we have ?!


I think that depends on how the screen feels too.
Not an artist, so take it with a grain of salt.


After around 2 years of ~4h writing every weekdays on the SP3 (Im a student), the tip kind of wears out. It looks like this or this

There is no problem with functionality, but it impacts the accuracy from your vision as the tip is no longer sharp. Plus it looks ugly with the wiggly plastic coming out of it.

It would be great if we can get different friction of pen tips like what we got with the SP4. Im actually planning to use the SP4 pen on my V for various reasons: the aforementioned friction, eraser on the back, OneNote button.


We will definitely consider it for the future but in the beginning we will have only standard tips for V pen.

Notetaking in class

Thanks for the information and the picture. That was very helpful and now I can answer the question for my part.

About the different friction I can imagine some kind of aprils fool that tips made of diamond are available.:grin:


Im glad the V comes with a screen protector

Notetaking in class

Thanks for these interesting news. So it might be possible to buy Surface pen tips and use them with my V pen? This would be awesome :smiley: (as I ordered 2 pens so I won’t need to change tips all the time then).


The Surface Pen Tip Set was only shown as an example of what the product would look like. The pen tips should not be compatible.


Will there we a way to get them with the first batch of HyperEarly Bird shipments?



Nice try there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think 6 tips for 9.99 is wrong

2 tips for 4.99 = 2,495 per tip
3 tips for 6.99 = 2,33 per tip
6 tips for 9.99 = 1,665 per tip
9 tips for 19.99 = 2,22111 per tip