Refund V and buy Surface Pro 6


Since Microsoft announced its surface event on October 2. which will be used to show of their new generations of surface products I’m heavily considering to refund the V (using PayPal) and instead ordering a new Surface Pro when it releases. I’m pretty sure that the V would arrive late October or even November and same goes for the surface pro. Since the V already has outdated specs, except the screen, it’s not worth the price I paid anymore and I don’t think there will be a compensation from eve above a 50$ gift card. So is there any good reason to stick with the V except eve not going bankrupt and all who are waiting never receiving their devices / money?


Good choice. 8th gen cpu good service but for me, i need that thunderbolt 3.


I guess the new surface pro will most likely have a USB c with thunderbolt too


USB C probably (almost definitely based on the Surface Go having one), but I will be surprised if it has Thunderbolt. Microsoft loves their Surface Connector too much, which uses the PCIe lanes which could otherwise go to Thunderbolt.
But I look forward to being corrected :wink:


what if there was a driver where you can actually pass pcie lanes through usb c?


You can’t, there has to be a physical connection for that to happen (as well as some extra chips to make it work).


No like… ditching the usb standard and just copying the pcie data signals and sending them through the physical connection usb c


That would probably be doable, and is a pretty cool idea.
But you have the issue of bandwidth. A regular USB port has quite a lot less bandwidth than Thunderbolt, so you would struggle to run something like an eGPU off it.


I’d probably go for the SP6 if I were in your position, but it should be mentioned that the SP6 is probably going to be ridiculously expensive. So depending on what version of V you went with it, you’d still have to pay a premium to get the equivalent amount of RAM/SSD, and you’d probably need to separately buy the keyboard and pen as well. Then again 8th gen U processor… I’m also assuming the SP6 will be significantly thinner and lighter than the V while maintaining close to the same battery life.


Agree with the LazerCut.

Just look at the current Surface Pro Line up, 1 TB SSD is so expensive that I really can’t convince myself to buy it.

:fearful: That’s why I choose V 1 TB


The price of the Surface Pro would be good if it included the pen and keyboard. But the keyboard and pen, which are so necessary for the best experience add so much to the price 0_0 Almost an extra 350 dollaridoos (Australian dollars) to be able to type and write. So with such high prices, it’s hard for me to justify the Surface Pro over one of the alternatives from Acer or Lenovo or Asus which include the pen and keyboard.
The only reason I’d go with the Surface is because of that high res screen, which is lacking on the more value oriented devices outside of the V.


If only there was a niche market player that supplied a 2 in 1 device with a high res screen, thunderbolt connectivity, keyboard and didn’t charge too many dollaridoos…I would buy one


I know! I think something like that would be my ideal device. Any idea where I can buy one? :wink: