Refund status discussion thread


I wanted to start a thread to see what the status of the refunds are and whether people have gotten their refunds from the Spectrum orders.

My story - I have backed the project in 2020 and paid in full in May 2021. I got tired of the wait and broken promises and requested a refund over 3 weeks ago. According to support, because I was such a believer in the project and an early backer: "since the initial transaction was processed over 2 years ago, the refund can take even more than 3 weeks. So yes, this feels like a slap in the face. I want to check who’s gotten a refund and what your wait time has been.


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Hi @surreal,

Sorry to hear your experience didn’t go so well.

Please can you DM me your support ticket and I’ll look to getting this resolved.

Hey Marvy any chance my ticket from 3+ weeks ago can be look at. I’ve asked for a refund and with no reply I disputed it just to be told my spectrum has arrived another 2 weeks after the dispute

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Hi @jacobs,

Not a problem, please DM it to me.

EDIT: Please ignore the above. I can see that Tom has actioned this for you :slight_smile: If you do not receive a response within 24hr, please let me know.

Well I cancelled mine back on January 28, 2022, got an email from Eve confirming it, still no money back, issued a dispute with credit card company, and Eve told them some nonsense about their policy, so now you want to keep my money and no product? You guys are truly horrible.


FWIW following up here - after MarvyMarvz replied here and I sent him my ticket, I did get a refund in the next couple of days. It’s not a complete refund, since they’re still processing my initial ($200) deposit, but I got the majority of it back.

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Hi @surreal,

I’m glad I got this sorted out for you.

The initial deposit does take longer to refund than the finalised balance payment but you should receive the remaining amount, now that your refund has been processed.

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Does it take months to get it? As I said, mine was said to be cancelled on the 28th, yet still nothing, your company is even fighting the credit card company. There is no order and you still have my money.

Still waiting for a reply 5 weeks later

My story: I asked for a refund after waiting 6+ months for the monitor. After no reply to my emails I went to my bank and disputed the claim. After 2 weeks with my money back into my account I’ve gone and bought other things, I received a email saying my spectrum is starting to be shipped, I sent another email and after another 2 week I receive my spectrum (March 2022). Now I’m faced with somehow getting my money back to pay for a product I don’t want or need anymore. 5 weeks worth of time to cancel my order and they still sent me my order. Now this morning I received a email about my FIRST email back in end of January 2022 saying “no we can’t you can re sell)

All I want from this isn’t sympathy but just a address to send my monitor back and have my money back again.

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Hi @Im_JC,

Is this regarding the initial deposit or just the refund?

Hi @jacobs,

Apologies to hear there was miscommunications between you and the support team.

The team are currently looking into your case and will get back to you asap.