Refund options / How to refund?


Hi everyone, like many of you who decided to wait, I’m quite frustrated that after this long extended delay we allowed EVE, we still have not received a single useful word about our product even after the deadline they set. So I thought it necessary to seriously consider my other options, starting with the refund. EVE has promised to allow a refund option for those who have not received a shipment notice before the deadline; however, considering their history of broken promises and ineptitude to deliver, I don’t think this option would be very reliable.

I’m curious to know about others’ experiences with a credit card chargeback, and how well that worked for you. I bought direct through my credit card company, on January 22. My bank’s policy for disputing transactions specify that the dispute must be raised within 30 days of the funds leaving my account; however, I have read from others that partial refunds may still be possible with a chargeback if I explain my situation adequately. Could someone shed some more light on this, and possible actions that myself and others can take?


Start a chargeback. As this was fraud you have a good case. 30 days seems short. Check your legal rights also. Let them know that the cc processor is holding funds. If they wont cooperate tell them you want to talk to someone higher up. If in US file complaint with your attorney general’s office.


Since I am in the same situation than you about the use of company’s credit card, I can answer to you.

For what I know until now, and you certainly know that too:

  • guarantees between personal credit card and professional ones, are not the same. For personal credit cards you have insurance against non-delivery, non respect of warranty, non respect of terms, protection when you bought on internet, protection again bad delivery like damaged goods. For professional credit cards you don’t have any of that, in general, but that depends of your CC company also, but in general it stays the same. Why? Because it’s a contract between 2 companies and so companies can deduce the cost of damaged goods and things like that of their fiscal charge.
  • the CC company in our case, won’t do a thing besides what they can do as commercial gesture since they don’t have any insurance put on your money, it directly transits to the bank of the other company and so it’s out of reach.

Now what I can say in Belgium’s case:

  • I need to go to the police make a declaration on my honor to say that the other company didn’t deliver and provide some evidence that I bought something, how, when, and terms of contract.
  • I need to send a copy to my bank.
  • I need to send a copy to Atos worldline which is the management company of all credit cards in belgium
  • I need to send a incident report downloadable from my federal government website and specify the same things and put a copy of the file with it.

With all that, my bank and Atos will see what they can do and on the other side, the federal government services in charge with economical affairs will contact the Finish company Eve and I guess Fortress Inc to have a diplomatic resolution of the conflict then if no answer they will engage with the Finish court at least to have a meeting with Eve and a judge to have an answer

The chargeback you are mentioning, is to my knowledge, only available to personal credit card.
It would be easier if you told us the country where are you from?


@bfuentes @boistordu
Thank you for your responses. I live in Australia, and I did use a personal credit card. I contacted the provider and confirmed that the general period for disputes is 120 days, which has now passed. At this point, I am unsure of further actions to follow up on this dispute with the CC company. I may be able to contact them and attempt the dispute again, presenting my case and evidence (my first call was just to get some general info); however, they have already told me there isn’t much they can do outside of the 120 day period. And I don’t think options involving further legal actions will work for me, either.

At the moment it seems my best choice is to indeed wait and see how EVE will follow through on the refund. I can wait for the refund – I just really hope it will arrive.


Me too man me too …


Shouldn’t all Aussie transactions be covered under the ACCC?


Hang on in there. Email about refunds is coming tomorrow. I’ll post the contents of the email in community too. Look you will get your refunds dudes!