Record Breaking Eve V Indiegogo & 🔥 🔥 Project: Friday Flipper 🔥 🔥


Hello guys. Happy birthday.

Eve Community is One Year Old.

(that’s why we, the team, have cakes next to our names! :slight_smile:)


Today is a day of celebration. It’s been 1 year of hard tech-development here already. And we started with THE project.

Project: Pyramid Flipper yielded the Eve V as a result.
Eve V in fact just broke 1 000 000 dollars in preorder sales today on Indiegogo
That is a million dollars. Backing the world’s first crowd-developed computer.

Besides the birthday, and the $1.000.000 mark, it is Black Friday today!
That’s why we’re happy to announce Project: Friday Flipper.

It would be only appropriate that will celebrate wuth a mini-project for fun!.

Right now, we are announcing glass protector film for all backers!

That’s right: You get Eve V during the Indiegogo campaign, and you get glass protector film included into your package :slight_smile:

Well since the’s birthday IS on Black Friday, its only appropriate to have a special Black Friday Price.

0 dollars.

Spec? develops the spec. The usual way:

  1. We start by discussing freely
  2. We evaluate existing products on the market
  3. We tell about our experiences, what should the product do
  4. We evaluate the technical feasibility of suggested features
  5. Eve evaluate’s the costs
  6. We vote on implementing technically and financially viable features!
  7. We break records.

Go on, let’s go for that $2.000.000 now!

Eve V - Screen protector
V Keyboard scratches off anti-reflective coating
What existing accessories you plan to get for your V?


Ok first of all, I want to tell you how much I HATE this Brotect Airglass brand. It was the only glass protector that I could find for my phone, and it did absolutely nothing to protect the screen. The first week after I applied the protector (btw, did it perfectly without any bubbles or anything), my screen cracked out of a sudden. And the protector is fully in tact. I blame the protector.

Ok now to the birthday part:
Tomorrow is my birthday. Does that mean we’re basically twin brothers with the Eve community? :smiley:

Eve V - Screen protector

Yes, that is what it means :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday to the whole Eve Community from my side and can’t wait to see what this community will bring to the world in the upcoming years.:gift::birthday::sparkles::tada::confetti_ball:


From me also a Happy Birthday to Eve Community. :birthday:

Even when the Price is 0:
“glass protector film” = Worthless
A display with GorillaGlas (or similar) will stay or crack, if there is a Film on it or even not…
Safe the money.

Lets develop a thin Protector for the Edges or something to put it in when really outside…


Totally agree, People seem to underestimate the strength of Gorilla Glass, and overestimate the Screen protector. With the weight of the tablet, the protector wont protect the glass when dropped, and the Gorilla Glass is pretty much scratch-proof unless you abuse it.


Gorilla Glass still breaks. Not as often as regular glass, but it does. And when it breaks, you replace a $1500 device. Instead of replacing a $15 screen protector.
By the way, scratches are a much bigger problem. When you scratch a protector, you can replace it. When you scratch a tablet screen, it breaks MUCH more easily, as in tens of times easier.
And I’ve had several devices with different versions of Gorilla Glass already. I kept them all in protective cases, never put them in the same pocket as other things… I was REALLY careful with them because I hate scratched screens. Guess what, they all have quite noticeable scratches. Gorilla Glass is not as easy to scratch as regular glass, but it’s still glass. And during day-to-day use it does get scratched. The scratches aren’t huge, but I do notice them.


I don’t think it will get to 2M. they should not do the pay later. they can just let backer pledge the same amount but push delivery 1 month after other. than will be easy hit 2M or more very fast. and work with Manufacturing to increase the vol. this just my though but maybe they already thinking of that but it not work well.


The idea is nice, but a screen protector? Does it even protect anything? Yes, there will be less scratches on the glass, but I’m wondering what all ppl are doing with their devices to break, scratch etc the screen. The only benefit I see is that if your glass breaks, the protector can keep things together and you are still able to use it for a short amount of time.
The downside of these screen protectors is a less accurate screen and increased reflections … I don’t want that to be honest.


Screen protector protects the screen, just like the title says. If you scratch it, you scratch the protector, not the screen. Which means that the glass is less likely to break. As it was said before, the more cuts you make in Gorilla Glass, the easier it becomes to break it. Scratches count as cuts too. IMO they’re even worse.


I wouldn’t want that protector and would definitively prefer the anti glare coating. The protector would add more glare. I hope it’s not mandatory to get that thing factory installed when the goal is reached?


Well, personally it depends on the quality of the screen protectors.

I’ve had them on my iPad & on my Samsung Note 3, and honestly it does help protecting it (in combination of an outer-shell case of course). I’ve had cheap ones & I’ve had high-quality one tested (…upgraded from, cheap-ones crack even inside bags from pressure of books). There are pros & cons:

CONS: It will add 30-50g weight (for a 12" Surface-device) & depending on the quality it may improve/decrease visual quality, but one thing is for sure it will add a “tiny” parallax.
PROS: I think my products are on par of Gorilla Glass 3, and it does help the touchscreen to be less “bendy” (as in, if you touch hard enough with fingers it may bend/temporarily dent-in to the LCD). At from what I can tell, it does prevent scratches/breaks better than just the device on the “original screen”.


The protector can also have any coating you want… it could even convert your screen from glossy to matte :slight_smile:


I prefer paper like film for pen drawing than glass protector.

BTW Happy Birthday, Eve Community!


I’m pretty sure you can have that feature on a glass protector…


I agree if we are talking about phones, smartwatches, or other lightweight devices. It does not, however, work for tablets. Tablets are too heavy to be protected that way. Either both glasses (the tablet’s glass and protector) break, or both glasses stay intact.

Btw, the cost to replace the glass, as said in the FAQ, is $100, not $1500

It depends on the type of glass used in the device and in the protector. If the protector is stronger than the tablet’s glass, then yes I agree. However, I doubt there is a screen protector that is much stronger than Gorilla Glass.

I assume youre talking about the tiny scratches that you cannot see when the screen is turned on. Such scratches is too much to worry about, to be honest. And it also doesnt count as cuts in the glass, as it reduces the thickness of the glass by a negligible amount.


No it doesn’t depend on anything. It’s like a breadboard: you put it on a table, and even if the breadboard is wooden and the table is metal, it will by 100% protect the table from getting scratched. Even though the extra layer is significantly softer.
And yes, I’m talking about those “small” scratches. They make the screen break much easier.


Agreed. Also, I would feel much happier using the tablet everyday not having to worry about any scratches. Like on my phone, the first thing I do is put on a screen protector


The Theme here is “glass protector film” not “Screen converter from glossy to matte” :wink:

Actually i think the Display of V will be matte because of the description:
12.3 inch IGZO LCD 2736 x 1824 resolution
1:1400 contrast ratio
450 nits brightness Anti-Reflection coating

I use my Yoga 900 every Day - and it works wonderful and has no scratches - even without a extra film.
The last protector i put on a device was on a HTC Neo - maybe you are too yong for this :wink: