Recommendations for a good monitor


It is been a while since I used a stationary PC with a separate monitor, so I am not up to date on what is considered a good standard today. Now, what would be a decent monitor (perhaps to work with my LB V once I get it sometime next year), around 29’? I don’t really play games, I do work with photos and videos occasionally (I am an amateur landscape photographer) but mostly write texts, a lot of them. Any recommendations / good experiences?


What is you price range?


LARGE ULTRAWIDE screens =/= more productivity.

especially if you’re writing! everytime i try to do work on my 34 inch 21:9 monitor, all the goddamn text is so small and so far from my eye, all my work inevitably ends up being done in the lower left corner of the screen.

in fact it probably gives negative productivity because i’ll be doing my work in the corner and then i’ll realise i’m not utilising the monitor to its full potential and then i end up watching movies or playing a game.


Ultrawides can be nice if you’re working with multiple documents at once. I can very nicely 3-4 documents or text editors and terminals all on the one display.

16:9 monitors work well though, and it’s more cost effective (and less awkward IMO) to have multiple 16:9s instead of one 21:9.

@Emin Dell, HP, Asus, and Acer typically make solid monitors, though I can’t attest to any customer service as I’ve never needed it for a monitor. If you’re working with photography I highly recommend an IPS display (everything just looks so much better). 4K would be cool if you can afford it, especially for something that big, but 1080 or 1440 would be fine for most things.


I own a 21:9 and 16:9 monitor. The ultrawide is better for gaming, video/music editing, doing multiple things at once. You could have word documents open with three pages next to each other. The text size depends on the resolution and distance to your eyes, not really on the format like @Wickedly said. The only thing I don’t really like on the ultrawide is browsing, because almost every website seems to be optimized for 16:9. More than 1080x2560 is not needed on 29’’ ultrawide :slight_smile: hope this helps :slight_smile:


The best I’ve used for a similar use case, during the last years, is a rotating 24’’ 16:10 monitor (Dell has the best value-for-money rotating monitors IMO). You can use it in landscape position for editing, and in “vertical” position for writing. It’s amazing. But a 29’’ is probably too much to be used like that, it would be too high when in vertical position.

I’m not up to date in terms of tech, though. If you are not buying a separate dock, a monitor with USB-C connector with power delivery and other ports could be great. Some models were mentioned in the forum before.


Thanks everyone for taking time to respond and share your insights. That is what I looked for.

To address some points:

  • budget - did not think about but probably no more than $1k
  • ultrawides - I am skeptical, I would prefer to have two normal monitors than one ultrawide, but maybe I should look into it - maybe an ultrawide is a better value for money,
  • distractions from large monitors - this is more a question of personal discipline, though admittedly a larger monitor makes it harder to get distracted - however, you can just make your fonts bigger and fill whole monitor with your editor.

I wonder if there is an equivalent for for monitors. I very like their measurements of everything from noise and temperature to color accuracy.


Dell has a range of color accurate monitors.
Mine (24") is doing great.


I own this one and like it:

This one is 4K (and more expensive):


There is! Check They make very thorough reviews, and they even provide ICC profiles so you can use the correct calibration with your new monitor.


I generally aim for a 27 inch 1440p as a ‘sweet spot’. Good size and for most users, won’t need to use any windows scaling.

I generally use as a starting point.


If you know some German then I recommend - the test are really good and balanced - although it looks that LG bought some space there.


nononono, hmm. what i mean to say is if you’re gonna get an ultrawide monitor, get it because you want an awesome gaming/movie experience. if you want productivity, go for a 2 monitor setup.

look at your (i assume you have one) 16:9 tv/monitor and try to imagine how much wider a 21:9 is gonna be by the ratio, that’s like, an additional 30% space (just baaarely enough for that third document). you can fit one more window, but its gonna be awkward plus windows doesn’t snap 3 windows so you’ll probably end up arranging your desktop a lot.

all i’m saying is, i bought this monitor two years ago and since then the gaming and movies have been glorious, but i would probably have been more efficient if i had bought 3 regular monitors.

P.S. LOL btw i remembered something:

addendum for non grumpy people


LG and other ultrawides have software that snap 3 windows, though I’m not clear if it’s something in the monitor or something you need to install.

Either way, my take is that an ultrawide strikes the balance between entertainment, productivity, and space for me. I would recommend to try out the monitor if possible, screenshot your usual app layout into a usb and open it on fullscreen on the ultrawide at the shop to get some idea on how it’ll look like.


One of the reasons I asked was that I don’t have one. For the last 6 years (since we kicked the TV from our home & life) I’ve not been using lager monitors (except when doing a presentation or something).

Actually, I didn’t get that joke then and I still don’t get it now. Might be my English is not good enough. Or my sense of humor. Or both.

Thanks for recommendation.

Great! Thanks!


Oh. Well, um… hey you shouldn’t click that. :sweat_smile:

Lol sorry, didn’t mean to offend you - was expecting more of a reaction like this lol


OP, wait for CES.
LG just teased their new monitors, expect more to come soon, very soon.


Wait for CES, look at what LG shows, aye aye… :slight_smile:


CES is here. Was what LG presented what you expected?


Buy two of these:

Send me the extra one.