Really upset at what Eve has done


Wanted the m3 as that’s all my budget would allow right now.

Had waited for weeks for the flash sale, planned my day around the opening of the web shop.

Refreshed the website countless times.

15h came, I chose my model, and at checkout was told it had sold out!!

Now, I think this is a marketing ploy, to make us spend more money than we have. As more expensive modals were still available.

I was upset, mad, angry, beyond words.

Had waited so long for this to become reality and nothing!!

Thanks for this - has reinforced my belief in Microsoft.


Oh come on! You can’t blame Eve because you were to tardy. If I remember correctly the m3 was the model with the lowest demand on IGG so nobody could foresee the high demand today.

That’s really exaggerated.

I’m sorry to say that but then you know where you have to go. If you don’t understand the concept of flash sales you maybe should use traditionall shopping to prevent such feelings.


Too tardy!! I was trying to buy the m3 at 15.04 and it was sold out!!


I understand your frustration. The same thing happened to me this morning. :frowning: They weren’t expecting the traffic. They’re still a new company, so it’s a tad unfair to expect them to predict exactly how many people will buy. I’m pretty sure it’s not a scam, though.
They have V M3s available again, for shipping in February/March as opposed to January/Feburary, so if you don’t need it by Feb/March you could order it now! :slight_smile:


Cool didn’t know that - thanks !!


There’s more available now for Feb/Mar shipping, although for people like you and me that just missed the original batch a few hours ago, not being able to use the discount code any more AND having to wait longer stings a bit! The team should have made the decision to release more ASAP at the time


I think eve are learning from their experiences to date and being more conservative with production volumes to avoid disappointment. Hence flash sales with limited capacity makes sense whilst they build up to full capacity.


Sorry to hear that, but there were around 1000 people faster than you… Next time you should check your clock, your internet connection and drink some coffee or energy drink at 14.30…


Ps not sure which time zone you’re in, but the sale started at 14h GMT…


and 15.00 at non brexit time


Well, some people from Eve said 15h other said 16h


You do know that mistakes were made with the time of the flash sale right?


No. There was a countdown running at eve-tech site. This was the only thing I referred to. And in Germany the sale started at 15.00 o’clock


Jaws theme V is Coming, sales start on December 4th, 4pm GMT+2. Be there :small_red_triangle_down::sunglasses:

This was on their Facebook posting.


Reading the thread for me it doesnt seem like its was a matter of wrong timing if i recall correctly the m3 modell was sold out within the first 5mins. My guess is partly because of the notebook review getting better benchmarks.

However i belive that eve wants to give everyone a V who wants one and im certain that its not a scam…

I guess you where just a little bit to late but im sure more Vs/flashsales will be coming in the future…


Maybe I was too late, but I was there for the opening of the flash sale - doesn’t matter too much. There will be other days


Wow that is disappointing, it looks like they only had 1000 for sale. That’s less than even LBs had available for sale. So many people have been waiting for so long to buy one.

My first thought was that it was a marketing hype tactic but they sold out in less than 5 mins (at least for the m3) which leads me to believe that Eve will be producing far less V’s than I had originally thought.


I get that you’re upset to have missed out. But you can’t put the blame on the Eve team. As has already been mentioned there was a countdown timer on the website which couldn’t have been clearer.

I managed to buy an m3 model in the flash sale this afternoon in an airport using dodgy mobile network Internet.

They have said that they plan to ramp up manufacturing to provide everyone with a device but you can’t expect it all at once…


You know what it probably is? Chinese New Year!

Most factories shut down in China for 2-4 weeks between January and February. That is probably why Eve is producing so few.


The starting time was 14.00 GMT which is 15.00 in GMT+1 (Germany, where @dibadibadu is) and 16.00 GMT+2 which we internally call ‘HQ Time’ :wink:

Again, I can’t stress enough that we did completely underestimate the demand for the m3 units - we did just not see it being so popular after our first numbers we saw with the first 2 batches.