Real 2-in-1 [Dream Machine Brainstorming]


Disclaimer: Before responding, presume…

  • that I don’t know anything about the magical forces that make computers go
  • that I believe I should be able to push a button, say “Hello, Computer” in a thick, fake Scottish accent and it will automatically make all my dreams come true
  • that attempts to educate me by explaining in technical detail the “impossibility” or irrelevance, the unfeasibility or unpopularity of features in my Dream Machine will be completely lost on me. —In reality, this would be similar to lecturing on why “fairy dust”, “magic feathers”, or “flying carpets” can’t be included
  • that an “About What’s next category” sticky assured me that “all ideas are welcome”

I am looking at this from a content creator’s perspective.
I would want my Dream Machine to be a true 2-in-1. What I mean is that it is not a beefed up tablet with an attachable keyboard dock. Nor is it a hardcore laptop with a swiveling display**. No, but it is a very powerful laptop integrated with an independently functional tablet that serves as its primary display.

When disconnected from the laptop body, the display functions as a tablet that I use to do the things that tablets should do well: be highly portable and interact with the world around me and capture its wonder. iPads appear to be really good at this.

When connected to the main body, the tablet becomes merely a touchscreen display, though it’s other hardware (battery, processor, memory, etc) and file system (machine state, user prefs, documents) could be linked to, synced with, and leveraged by the main unit.

In this configuration, the tablet becomes merely an extension of the laptop body, similar to how laptops use other external devices (such as an eGPU). Now I have an uber-powerful laptop that can do all the things that awesome laptops should do: transform the material I’ve just gathered from the world around me into beautiful and moving content that I can then share with the world around me in return.

Maybe this already exists somewhere; but if it does, its marketing department needs to be fired. (Also, while we’re at it, I’d be on-board with talking to my wish-granting computer in a thick, fake Scottish accent; and magic feather technology as well.)

**As an added bonus, if it could swivel (or be attached in reverse by some other means) and function as a sort of Wacom Cintiq, that would be awesome.


Sounds a lot like a Surface Book 2


Yes, those have been very much on my radar. If Microsoft can manage to check enough of my requirement boxes, that’ll be what I get.

It’d be great if eve could beat them to the punch. From what I’m hearing, I’m not sure how that will work out. But I have hope.


Only difference from the Surface Book, that I can see, seems to be that the Book has its processor in the tablet unit, and no extra processor in the base. Though it has a dGPU in the base. I think it’ll be a bit difficult to get two different processors(like a Y series in the tablet and HQ in the base) to work together, not too mention it’ll definitely drag up the cost even more. The Surface Book 2 is already 2-3x more expensive than a similarly specced gaming computer. Maybe Eve would be able to create something cheaper, but it’ll still be very expensive. Not to mention that it probably requires some very smart designing to make the tablet be able to be taken off without having to reboot the system.

I would definitely like seeing an affordable Surface Book though, but it’s gonna be a major challenge and given how many things that could go wrong I’d rather see a 2-1 with a foldable keyboard as that would would be simpler and therefore more reliable to make.


I hear you. But, for an end user, technical requirements live in the realm of fairy dust and magic carpets. They may not be really possible, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them.

I gauge what I want, not by the current limitations of tech, but by the job I’m trying to accomplish. Necessity is the mother of invention…or at least WAS. (I suspect VANITY, the cheap hooker girlfriend of invention has taken the reins lately in tech.) For me, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay Surface Pro prices if only the Surface Pro could do precisely what I needed it to do. It doesn’t. At least not yet.

I don’t have technical requirements, only functional ones. If a device does on the outside what I want, to the degree I want, at the speed I want, in the form I want, then I don’t care how it does it on the inside. It could have NO processors for all I care, just so long as I have a product that helps me achieve my insane ends. :crazy_face:

That’s what I call a DREAM MACHINE!!! (maybe it will only ever live in my dreams, but that’s what this place is for, right?)