Razer Blade Stealth - I so much wanted it to be perfect... What do you think


Sure, anything you want that fits in the 20Gbps bandwidth! In fact, with the PCIe adapter you can have both, as USB ports can be added in PCIe form, too. We would just need one big and one small PCIe slot then (sorry forgot what they’re called, I mean the longer one for GPU and shorter for stuff like storage, network cards, etc.)
Or if you want only USB, I bet someone has already made such an adapter which plugs directly into the TB3 port :slight_smile:


You’re entering too into too much detail for my knowledge :joy:


@Mike @Konstantinos
Can we make such a device in the near future? Maybe even along with the PF?
Could be a dream come true.

(I always tag them, in the hope that they notice, but they seem to be on a tight schedule)


I think that rj45 and maybe couple of USBs will be good to have as well
I think that most we need is:
250-400W PSU (I doubt that anything on powel level of 980ti/fury x will be used on any portable devices, especially not pro duo, also with finfet revolution even 300W will be enough (polaris 10 will be 120W, for example, don’t know about navi and 10xx GPUs) and we will have 60W spare for charging with 15W for chips, USBs)
TB3 controller
TB3-USB3.0 converter
TB3/USB3.0-Gb RJ45 converter (USB one will be probably cheaper)
TB3-PCIe converter


Any cost estimate, Sir?
Would be nice if it’s less than 200$


I think it can go below 150$
My estimates:
below 50$ for 350W PSU (found one for 40$ on ali)
20$ for TB3 to USB3.0 and PCIe (can be more, can’t find any pricing)
8$ for TB3 controller (not sure if it’s needed)
7$ for USB3.0 to Gb Rj45
20$ for circuitboard
50$ for housing+R&D


I don’t think the bill of materials would exceed $50-60 for something like the core. You can literary buy a 500W PSU for something like $25 in Microcenter or Newegg. And that is retail, meaning there is a cut for everyone in that supply chain.


I think we only need a TB3 controller. PCIe lane is already included in the TB3 specification. So we only need a PCB with some PCIe slots (if TB allows 2 of them). Yeah, we need some circuits on that PCB too, as TB isn’t directly pinout compatible with PCIe. But including ethernet and USB ports would IMO just consume the bandwidth (some people don’t need them) that one could use for a more high-end graphics card or whatever they want. If you want those ports, you can always add a USB PCIe card and a USB to ethernet adapter :slight_smile: I think it’s best to leave the choice of the cards up to the user (yes, simple USB port means a PCIe card with USB headers and hubs, either integrated in the main PCB or as a separate card)

P.S. Sorry if I’m not accurate about technical stuff (such as PCIe lanes), I’m speaking entirely from my common knowledge here…


TB3 carries PCIe3.0 x4, DP 1.2, HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.1 gen 2
PCIe3.0 is 1GB/s per lane (x4 is 4GB/s), DP 1.2 is at 2.25GB/s, same with HDMI2.0, USB3.1 gen2 is 1.25GB/s
How they managed to pack 7.5GB/s into just 5GB/s? I don’t know, but anyway we have at least spare 1GB/s for miscellaneous, which is more than enough for 2 USBs and 1 Gb Rj45
What makes nervous, though is the fact that 6y57 can only have PCIe3.0 x4 of additional output


Wait, so we don’t get a full-size PCIe slot? The proper one, for a video card? But how did Razer do it, then? And where does that spare 8Gbps come from? I mean, the 40Gbps max bandwidth is already stuffed with 60Gbps stuff… And the way it’s implemented, I believe you can’t connect everything at once, because you’ll max out the bandwidth. Something like a USB hub: you still get maximum bandwidth of one port to share across all your peripherals. Anyway, if we include those USB ports, then it wouldn’t use up the bandwidth if not used (taking into account the above calculations you did).
The only thing I’m curious about, is then how did Razer squeeze a full-size PCIe slot with enough bandwidth for a video card?


This shows that most games don’t use as much as 4 lanes of PCIe bandwidth. So there’s nothing to worry about as long as the physical connector is x16 :slight_smile: