Quirks of Windows Update 1803 (and potential fixes)



Since the update, my screen calibration becomes undone randomly. I have to go to Calman settings and switch to the bypass profile and then back to the calibrated one (standard) for it to take effect again.
I am running Calman all the time and I reinstalled it.
Right now I am deleting the bypass profile in case it’s switching to that but doesn’t seem to help.
I suspect that windows may be periodically overriding Calman and not that Calman is changing profiles on its own.

– edit: Found Color Profile Switching Randomly, but I’ll keep this post as this is probably an April update quirk.


Windows oooooh Windows (first line of the opening song in the well known Windows saga):


I reformatted my computer again, and still having issues with 1803… Any tips would be greatly appreciated