Quirks of Windows Update 1803 (and potential fixes)



Hiya everyone! :slight_smile:

Time for some small tech talk - I know that 1803 is giving people a few troubles with some weird quirks. But I thought I’d make this post for us to share quirks of 1803 and how to fix them.
As this is a wiki, please feel free to share them!

Randomly freezing applications

Noticed that some applications (mostly discord) kept freezing my V at random, when I popped it up. After this also happened with a small coding game I was playing, I realized this might be due to the GPU-acceleration that sometimes makes Windows freeze (except the cursor)
Workaround: Lock & Unlock - the simplest workaround and works 100% for me.
Potential fix: Reinstalling the graphics driver seems to fix this issue. (Confirmation needed - did not encounter freezes in 30 minutes after this)

Update won’t install

On some devices the update does fail with an error via the Settings.
Workaround: Go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 and update via that.
(by @worldspy99)


I had randomly freezes in file explorer and abrupt shutdowns of office and other desktop programs… (my solution was to go back to 1709)…


Doing a clean boot and making the May update and reinstall some features or some software if needed can improve things


I had the problem (on my i7, Intel 1TB model) of such since I had installed it on the first hour of release 1803, and kept the update regularly doing it work, so far good. And i use it very extensively for day to day offical work.


There has been a problem with nvidia drivers too so pretty sure that all graphic driver need to be reinstalled because of the new game Xbox interface.


I found this element on the error:

checking my compdata file, I noticed that apparently 2 of the drivers I installed on the Eve have not signed binaries

	<DriverPackage Inf="oem53.inf" BlockMigration="True" HasSignedBinaries="False"/>
	<DriverPackage Inf="oem52.inf" BlockMigration="True" HasSignedBinaries="False"/>

Error might come from there… Investigation ongoing


My Eve V just crashed and can’t seem to do anything to get out of the shell command interface.
I have scheduled an appointment with the Microsoft Store on Thursday.


U gone back to Microsoft with this issue? I’m also having this issue too.


I had to leave my Eve V at the Microsoft store. They will restore the computer and probably revert it back to the previous version. Looks like the computer was not reading a partition on the Hard drive. Most likely it is an Intel SSD that is having issues with the 1803 update. I am hoping to have the computer back by Monday.


it is the Intel ssd of the V causing problems as stated officially by MS and eve. (check the other 1803 thread). A fix for that issue is planned for around next week… MS store wouldn’t fix it before the patch is done by MS…