Quick update about drivers & firmware

I get the issue without going anywhere near the sleeve. It seems to me that although shutting the screen sends the V to sleep, the keys touching the screen wake it up again (ghost touches?). And this doesn’t necessarily happen immediately - I’ve put the V to sleep (without case) then a couple of minutes later heard the “ding” of a USB device being added (the keyboard).

Mind you, I now have an intermitent (but now almost permanent) connectivity problem with the keyboard - I’ll contact support about that when I get a chance. Bluetooth is OK but if I can’t connect the KB I can’t charge it. Neither can I do anything which requires a keyboard to access the BIOS.


It’s not about the sleeve. just make the V sleep when you close the keyboard.

Start chrome on youtube and let it play (a long song).

Close the keyboard.

The V goes to sleep (:white_check_mark:).

Now take V (with keyboard still closed) and just carry it horizontally while pressing a bit in the middle of the keyboard.

You will see that after a while V comes out of sleep because the keyboard wakes up the V.

I would assume this issue happens because either V or V_KB doesn’t take into account the setting do not wake up when the lid is closed. (basically doesn’t check that the magnets are attracted to one another).


I am meeting Emdoor on Thursday and will specifically talk to engineers about it. It is true that its taking way too long but they are having trouble with the root cause now. Will let you know guys!


Ok I have a solution for wake up and sleep issue:) Should have update soon! For fingerprint still waiting for response !


Waiting for Good news… :thinking:

Drive development can be difficult but it is not fair to us users.

The root cause was identified now driver is in development. I think it will take max 2 weeks from now. Should be faster.


Hi @Konstantinos,

Root cause of the wake up and sleep issue or the fingerprint reader problem? Or maybe both?
Just to be curious.


Hope it resolves our problems once and for all!

I wonder if it will be pushed via Windows Update or…
The download page? Hmm…

We will share it here first. Engineers promised to share it early next week. I’ll post it here right after we test it! It will be a BIOS update


I raise my question once again, as I’m not aware of an answer: is the new BIOS addressing only the sleep issue or is a solution for fingerprint problem included?

I think it is only for the sleep issue.

Sorry didn’t see it. It will address sleep issue but fingerprint is still being investigated by goodix… we are really pushing them!


Thanks for the answer :+1:
Waiting patiently impatiently :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just got the firmware update from Emdoor. Will publish it for testing it here this week!


What kind of issues this update is expected to fix? Please tell me it’s for FP.

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I’m pretty sure he stated that it’s for sleep issues.

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Hi guys, I have the similar problem, when I have disconnected keyboard, I got keyboard unrecognized problem (usb error). Usually I could replicate that when I’m changing colors on my keyboard. I could “reset” it and it’s working after fn+escape to reset functions keys.

UPDATE: when I turn off background light when keyboard is on Bluetooth everything is working fine.

First BIOS update here! We’ll push for fingerprint progress