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Hi Guys!

I am expecting an update on the samples’ tracking number in few hours/days. We have finalized everything with Sharp and are just waiting for that information. I don’t think that we can share pictures of the progress as it’s mostly phone calls that we make asking to ship the screens as soon as possible. So please hang on a bit! I’ll update ASAP. There are no issues or problems with shipping now, its just that Sharp is a huge company and it takes them a while to ship stuff for the first time.

Dudes I really do pass you info pretty much immediately when i get it! I call Sharp daily. Their sales director whom I speak directly to came back from a short vacation yesterday and was very surprised we have still not received samples. He told me that there is nothing delaying it and we will have them in few days.

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Shall we have our Eve V for Christmas 2017 Eve?

Great to hear that


Amazing News. I stopped checking the forum daily a few weeks ago and i am glad i checked today :slight_smile: . Even if i am not that hyped as i was at the beginning i still want to hold that darn beutiful piece of hardware in my hands! :star_struck:


It’s all good, I think from a consumer perspective the silence is the thing that makes people worry.

It may seem silly but a couple of sentences every couple of weeks to say "not much news here but everything is still on track, nothing to worry about’

Should satisfy the masses :slight_smile:

At this stage I think people are more expectant of issues and there was a massive quiet period of speculation around the original screen problems, the above just let’s folk know there’s no issues :slight_smile:


Amazing news. I am eagerly waiting for the webstore to open :smiley:


Nice , i wasn’t really following the project lately but you’re still doing great , i just hope i can order one before september now :slight_smile:


Sharp is a behemot. So is normal that is slow on starting. But don’t get too confy. In no time you guys will be flooded with pannels. XD


Thanks @Konstantinos! A quick update is a most welcomed update, nevertheless. Cheers!


They needed a moment to get up to speed, but we’ve been assured that all subsequent shipments will be processed much faster since all the red tape is handled now and we’ve been fully integrated into Sharp’s systems.


Sounds like you guys have finally the ball rolling. Hopefully Sharp can deliver :slight_smile:


From what I understand they’ll be shipping them almost as they come off the line, instead of waiting for, say, a pallet to fill. Got a few boxes? Slap a label on them and get them to Eve!

Sharp is an experienced manufacturer and a respected business partner, I don’t think we’ll need to worry about them being unable to deliver. It really is a matter of testing and adjusting for the new screens now. We’ll know exactly where we stand then, and time line updates will be so much less vague!


Thanks or keeping us updated.
If you don’t mind, please update again once relevant.
And, of course, when you have delivery schedules.


You will have to change the display specs on your product page once things move forward.


Good thing we’ve been promoting with “4 990 464 pixels. And not 1 less.” We never said anything about 539 136 more! :slight_smile: But yes, as soon as things are final we should definitely go through all materials and update the resolution…


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As annoying as it is, regular people love the weekly (or bi-weekly) topics of how not much has changed but we are still working on it. I hate doing it for my customers because it’s a time suck, but it does generate warm fuzzy feelings of trust, so it’s worth it. This is what keeps me from buying a Lenovo laptop because I appreciate the personal efforts of your team. A quick update on a post, however is not the same as a full post, for the fact that it doesn’t come across as official, and doesn’t have as much weight behind it as a full post. Thanks for the update by the way!! I do truly appreciate the effort! I am certain most do!


So now that we actually got an update (thanks @Konstantinos and @Helios), the next topic to complain about is the wording used not being proper English? :popcorn::joy: jk

I’m happy things are moving along finally. Looking forward to a trackable shipment (doesn’t have to be shared in the community, as otherwise the website of the parcel service might go down :wink: ). And also looking forward to an updated estimate on the timeline once the samples are received.


I know, I’ve worked with them. Once on their system they work like a well greassed machine and are unstoppable (Wich can be a good or a bad thing, depending if you ask for 5000 or 50000 of something by mistake. :stuck_out_tongue:).


Not only resolution, refresh rate, color spectrum, nits, etc, etc. And hunt down all the places online that are currently advertising the old one, so there is no misinformation.


In English English - well greased machine or more usually “well oiled machine” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: