Quick one liner 21.11



Hey dudes!

Just came back to Finland there I was overwhelmed yesterday syncing up with the team. I noticed you are hungry for daily update now :slight_smile:

:truck:Truck is at customs already and should be released tonight/tomorrow at HK warehouse. Things are going according to plan now. We will be providing tracking numbers once V’s come to local warehouses asap!:muscle::v::metal:

little note: If you don’t hear from me for a day it doesn’t mean things are not going according to plan. Now I am putting more focus on getting limited birds produced! I think this is Eve’s number 1 priority now!

After a year of hard work and waiting let’s enjoy this moment! :tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree:

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The HEB Shipping Corner

Fantastic, great news Konstantinos!


great news! thank you mate


Thanks KK for the update again. Now lets all just wait for that magical email with the tracking number!


Thanks for the update. keep them comming!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @inffy! :confetti_ball::tanabata_tree::tada:


Great to hear that everything is going according to plan. :slight_smile: :+1:

i think the whole Teams deserves such a happy end :wink:

is it already possible to tell a timeline for the lb?


NOW i’ll having a beer :beer: on EVE,too. A good Bavarian one, of course. Prost. I dont like champaign at all so its impossible to drink with @dibadibadu and @Masters888, sorry. Prost to them also (one of them likes beer also, I KNOW) CONGRATS :tada: TO THE TEAM.


December. We just need some more time to know exact timeline! all our focus is on LBs!

0.01 liner update 22.11

…and getting the 1TB SSDs for us frustrated HEBs!? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks you. This is What i needed to know.
Presuming it will be released tomorrow, +3/6days to local Warehouse +2/4 to final destination, i assume it will arrive in the first days of december. @Team who should i contact to Change my address?

A toast to you!


Glad to hear it! Everything should be smooth now (knock on wood)!


:smiley: We will let you know Sir!


Prost :beers: btw.: I prefer also beer, not champaign…


To change your delivery address, just send a quick note to support@eve-tech.com


Augustiner ftw :beers:


Now I will find out which batch I’m in.
When I took the spot from someone who backed out, I was told it was Early Bird (second batch), but then later I got an email for all the first batch owners saying that I was getting my product soon and when I suggested that Eve made a mistake with that second email, they confirmed that it was correct and that I was in the first batch. :confused:



I love German Pilsner as well, my favourite style of beer.


Congrats and Prost Konstantinos.

Stay focused, on track and keep it rolling!!


If you paid the whole amount (minus accessories) up front, then you are a hyper early bird and you will receive your device with this batch. If you paid only part of it at first and the big part later through backerkit, then you are an early limited bird and you will receive your device with the next batch.