Question about Warranty


Hello EVE Team,

as long time promised investor and shipment/support restart is nearby (at least by repetitive @Konstantinos posts), you should look to additional things …

One of them is “How are you going to deal with about year-long almost non-existent support and warranty?”, I think the best for your clients/supporters/community would be, if you “restart” V warranty period (1 or 2 years) from day your support starts working at least as at those big corporations you were planning to fight with … (remember your slogan “Flippin’ a corporate pyramid”?).

Weekly Update 26.10

Support, please don’t, they will need to call an ambulance to bring me to the hospitable to stop me laughing.

Support is a virtual machine on a shared instance racked in a remote date center in Norway or Ireland. Eve were under the impression that a good enough AI bot would have been released into the wild by now, unfortunately for Eve they were misled by the what they read in the comics they subscribe to.


That’s why I wrote “almost non-existent support” … :sunglasses:


I do believe this is a very good request!


Agreed, seems like a good suggestion for the compensation people have been asking for.


It will cost EVE nothing and show how do they trust their product.


I agree, there should be a sign to all customers!
Like just add +1 or +2 years of warranty, that would be very kind (also would proof EVE trust in their V to work well)

I’m working in machine engineering business, we also do that sometimes (like bonus for customers) and add +1 Year (because we know, that our machines work good)

@Konstantinos let’s think about it :wink:


Sounds like a fair request


Yes but @Konstantinos did not respond …


I cross posted your suggestion as a question in the update thread in the hopes that Konsta will answer it next week. ^^


He is too busy preparing another excuse for next Friday …


Gonna agree with this one. I don’t know if they’ll be able to do it though, because warranty is something that’s worked out with the manufacturers. If something’s defective within the one or two years, the manufacturer of that part pays for it. Not Eve. An extension could be difficult financially. I don’t think that they would get many claims though, so it could be worth it and I do think it’s something that we deserve.


I’d be interested in an answer to this too - I am one of the ‘lucky’ ones, I received my V back in March 2018, the screen broke at the end of July and I have been waiting for a replacement since… so 3+ months of my ‘warranty’ have been wasted whilst I hold on to an unusable device waiting for a replacement to be manufactured and shipped! I’m told by support that I can’t request a refund now either, I just have to wait and hope… again…


Let’s wait till tomorrow, either @Konstantinos will show to us that he has a balls to communicate and answer our questions or he will cowardly came with more excuses.


As an affected party by the funding/logistics issue (which made my V’s warranty unusable so far), I join the tribe asking for a prolongation of warranty of at least 12 months (so, 36 months since the date of actual delivery), which I understand will be the time of no warranty provided.

Clearly, the above statement shall be valid for those affected by this delay, not for new customers coming in now etc. (even though I personally don’t care. So, power to the people! :slight_smile: )


Keyboard falling apart, submitted a warranty case on June 24th, finally got a reply on July 30th saying:

"Per my colleague, a replacement keyboard has been ordered for you. We are currently experiencing some shipping delays, and we are working hard to resolve them and get your new keyboard to you as soon as possible. Once it ships, you will receive a tracking number to follow your order. "

It is November 8th now, still no tracking number or any update… At this point I am not even mad anymore, just amused…


Keyboard sloppy and partially not working, lower than low battery uptime,tops 5 hours max… eve is seriously not living up to anyone expectations. I want a full refund of this crap. Unusable,unreliable,unfinished,unsupported… i demand a safe return address to send the crap back and get a full refund… I m awaiting a reply with the return adresss an rma number,but a full refund!!



@adhocs you won’t get any support here my friend…


As @boistordu mentioned there is no support being offered through the community site.

You got to go to Support – -> Contact Support to contact the Eve team.