Question about little indicator light on the keyboard


Hello All:
I didn’t see an answer or even any question about this, so I decided to start a new topic.

What is the function of the small indicator light on the keyboard, located on the right-hand side, just below the bottom row of keys? I didn’t notice this at first, because it was off, but later, after using my V for a while with the keyboard attached, I noticed it was on and glowing orange. (Ha Ha! At first I thought it was a speck of reddish dust and tried to brush it off. When that didn’t work, I looked at it more closely and saw that it was actually an indicator.)

Does anyone know what this light signifies? As I said, most of the time this light is off. Because I saw the light was on when the battery was at a low charge state, and it was off after I recharged the battery, I thought it might indicate low battery, but I am not sure. I’ve only used the keyboard in the attached mode, so I don’t know what the behavior of the light is when the keyboard is in the detached, Bluetooth mode.

Can somebody “illuminate” me on this? Thanks!


It has been discussed, but probably hard to find. It is in fact a battery indicator light for the keyboard.


close - its an activity indicator.for bluetoth activity and pairing…


Ah Ha! So what does the light mean exactly? When it is on, does it mean bluetooth is active and “discoverable”? And, when off, that bluetooth is off and/or the keyboard is paired?


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That’s right. The LED works like this:

First time detach / connection through pogo pins it blinks yellow for 1 minute, indicating its looking for a pair.

Each time after that, it indicates pairing mode by blue blinking.

Successful pairing = always green

Battery low = red


Thanks for the link; that helps quite a bit. But the “always green” when paired is a bit confusing. I noted in the original, linked, discussion that there were comments that the light appeared to be extinguished when the keyboard was paired, although others said it was just very dim. I’ll have to take a more careful look at my keyboard (I don’t have the V with me at the moment), but my impression was that the light was off, while the keyboard was attached to the V and working. It’s not a big deal, but it is good to know what this indicator signifies.

Talking about indicators, it would be useful if there were a charge status light somewhere on the main unit, or on the transformer, to show when the battery is fully charged – but I suppose this is an item for another thread!


When you state that red means “battery low”, which battery are you referring to - the one in the tablet or the one in the keyboard (which I presume exists to allow for a bluetooth connection when the keyboard is separated from the tablet)? How does one charge up a low battery that is apparently located in the keyboard?



Battery is charged by connecting it to the tablet part. That light will then show red if the battery is low and charging


EVE have designed V unit to have 2 batteries

  1. One is in the V main unit, - main unit source of power is the standard power point in your home wall
  2. Another in the keyboard, - power source is V, hence it will charge only when the keyboard is attached to the pogo pins.

The light that is visible on the keyboard is connected to the keyboard battery and will show different lights depending on various functions it has been programmed to.

Above is my calculated assumption, unless EVE team has other explanation of is circuitry designed different !!!


So, I’ve never seen the light come one since I received it. Is this because I’m not using bluetooth for my keyboard or should it light up regardless?


It is indeed because you’re not using Bluetooth :wink:

Empty keyboard battery is red/orange, searching for Bluetooth is blue and paired is green, I think. And it always goes off except for the orange (which turns off when you charge it). I hope, that was right :smiley:

Here we go: [FAQ] Additional V Keyboard instructions


I’m seeing the red for the first time but I hardly use the keyboard when it’s disconnected. A bit odd to me…