Q&A in Reddit. Pick your time!


Q&A in reddit is this Tuesday. Now we need to decide what time!

Pick the time that suits you the best guys. Times below are Helsinki time GMT+3 Session will last 2 hours.

  • 4pm
  • 5pm
  • 6pm
  • 7pm
  • 8pm
  • 9pm

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What if any time is fine? Just asking, for people who have nothing better to do, like yours truly :grinning:


May I ask on which subreddit you guys are doing this? :slight_smile:

I might not be able to follow it through completely (exam until 6pm GMT+3) but hey, I might be able to pop in :smiley:


It was suggested earlier that we would do it in /r/gadgets, but we still need to get permission from the moderators of that subreddit. I’m pretty sure a link will be dropped in this forum