Put a link to the Chocolate Hub on the site


I brought up a hub that would allow leaving the EVE PC as portable and having peripherals as stationary. I came across the chocolate hub on Indegogo, and thought it might be a symbiotic facility to the EVE V PC.


There are many different USB hubs and they all work with Eve V just the same. I don’t see a reason for Eve to give free advertisement to this… chocolate :smiley: because they’re not giving anything in return. Now if they agreed to advertise Eve V on their website, it might be a different talk. But I still don’t like this kind of business shenanigans, if you ask me. It smells like adware.


Now youre on the right page – They are similarly on Indegogo


I just googled it but I still don’t see how this specific hub is anything special. Why put a link on the site?


(Personal opinion following)

I agree with @pauliunas & @ToiletSheep - what makes the ChocoHub so special over other USB hubs? Don’t get me wrong - it looks nice and it’s great to have more USB-C hubs on the market, but why should we put the Chocolate Hub and promote it & not idk the “Coffee Hub”, another USB-C hub?


I think the spezial from the choclat hub is the wireless charging with QI.