PS5 VRR test firmware - non-PS5 feedback

Hi @Andrew_A,

Sorry, what I meant was booting games. So it just happens during entering/exiting but none on gameplay.

Yes that is correct. @Cas

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I have noticed some flickering when starting GTA V but it’s intermittent and isn’t there once the game loads. Else, my laptop and monitor have been playing well together for several days. Not sure why, but not complaining lol

Hi @Andrew_A & @PrazVT,

Thanks for the reports. I will soon shoot you guys a DM asking for more details of the issues for further documentation :slight_smile:

Just as a side note for everyone else who is experiencing a certain problem with their Spectrum related to firmware (following the most recent firmware update), you can shoot me a DM as well and I will send out a similar form for you. This is another initiative from our side to better understand the issues in a much more organized way.

Thank you everyone for your help and participation!

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