PS5 VRR and the blackscreens

I’ve created a dedicated thread for any feedback on the PS5 VRR firmware, where the issues are not directly related to the PS5.

If you’re testing the new firmware on anything other than a PS5 and are running into issues, please drop that feedback in the thread above. That helps to keep this thread on topic for PS5 VRR discussions.


Thank you! I will test it tomorrow and let you know

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So just tried it on Spider-Man Miles Morales it is definitely more stable than before it did flicker once but has been solid since. What does happen if I changed the visual settings within the game is does a black screen again and will only return if I hit the PS button on the controller.

More stable but still not perfect. They should test the VRR for PS5 on Spider-Man or Rachet and Clank rift apart. Insomniac seem to be pushing the PS5 to it’s maximum and using all its features.

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XSX user here. I’ve had increasingly more screen flickering issues recently. Will this update address all screen flickering or just the PS5 VRR?

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Hi @Andrew_A,

The update is intended to only address Spectrum’s compatibility with the PS5 VRR function. The firmware is still in the testing phase and we are gathering feedback as we go. Please do proceed with caution.

Since it fixes blanking with PS5 VRR, we assume that it might affect the overall flickering issue. However, there is no guarantee if that is the case.


Hey, all, I have a new test bin for the PS5 VRR, and we need both PS% users and non-PS5 users to test.

Please test and let us know. Thanks!


Both Displayport and HDMI input appear to display with this FW. Done Full powercycle and both still display.
Blank screens changing between menus etc take approx 10s to display.
I still do not think the VRR option in the OSD turns VRR off on the monitor. The screen blanks and refreshes but the framerates still vary and the PS5 registers VRR, may be where some of the issue is for PC users if VRR is always on.
No yellow OSD so far.
Ratchet and Clank ran through full intro sequence flawlessly on Performance RT framerate counter showing variation in rate, no issues other than initial startup blanking in menu (selecting performance RT)and game start.


Testing the latest Beta test.3

Spider-Man Miles Morales

When the game loads sometime the screen splits into half green half black and then green is replaced to red. This has only happened on a few occasions. There does seem to be a bit of a delay on the screen to display when you quit out of the game back to the menu. Once loaded into the game it seems solid so far.

Been testing in the various visual modes getting a steady 85/90 FPS playing the game on PerformanceRT mode which is apparently capped at 60 frames but can get higher with VRR running.

Will keep testing and see if I see any other issues

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Super quick test so far but PS5 VRR functions remain good (as previous test) and DP function is stable so far (like 106). Display has gone to sleep and woken up as expected.

Edit 5/19
I’m hesitant to even type this for fear of bringing it back - but I’ve yet to have any of the random momentary screen going blank bug in Windows that I’ve had since firmware 104 and started that first thread. I know this firmware wasn’t intended to help with that bug…but for whatever reason I’ve not had it since PS5.Test3.


Everything seems to be working. Tested 4 games and no issues. Restarting/shutting off PC/PS5 doesn’t need a power cycle anymore.

My only issue is the blanking when shifting inputs, entering/exiting games and going to the dashboard. Something I can live with - but the monitor would be perfect if the delay/blanking was shortened considerably.

All in all, I must praise the effort put into making HDMI Forum VRR to work so fast.
Salute to the forum mod team and firmware team.


Will test today on PS5 and in PC and update.

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All my initial testing was with HDR off, I played Warzone, GT7 and Ratchet and Clank with HDR on and all still fine.
Only the ~10s delay in screen switching was an issue.(when the FPS disply is on the HDR zone for that screen area activates which isn’t great.)
Warzone and GT7 appear to have the framerate locked so I have downloaded Dirt 5 to try.


Just played Destiny 2 with VRR on (but not forced). The game switches to 120Hz mode for PvP. One match loaded and played fine. However, after the match, the screen went black and stayed that way through the loading of the next match.

It’s still like that even though I left the match. Screen should have reverted to 60Hz mode. Only when I clicked the OSD button did the picture come back.

Either an incredible delay in mode change or something is still glitchy. Will try with VRR forced on.

Update: Faster mode change with forced VRR on…

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Hi @PrazVT,

Sounds like a huge delay between video input changes.

With that in mind, what happens if you keep the setting at 60Hz? (In other words, disabling the high refresh rate option)


I had similar for first time on this FW.
Rather than close one game (Dirt5)manually and start the next, I was sent an Invite to play warzone. which would automatically cloe Dirt and open warzone.
Having clicked on the invite I expected the ~10s black screen. Instead the screen stayed black.
The OSD button or power button had no effect until the monitor went into standby.
Then pressing the power button it came back and continued as normal.

When playing Dirt5 I could not see any FPS fluctuation in any mode, I thoughtt it supported VRR and expected it to behave like Ratchet and Clank. No issues in the game though.

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Had same experience when starting PS5 from rest mode - it started in-game (Apex Legends) and stayed in black screen until I pressed PS-button and went to dashboard. There’s still some weird blanking issues.


I will check today and update. Also, when turning the monitor on after it being off all night, the OSD wouldn’t let me switch inputs. I had to unplug the monitor and plug it back in after the initial power on.

Update:. Leaving the game in 60Hz mode avoids the mode change lag since the resolution isn’t changing.

The lag is like 15-20 secs before the monitor will let me switch back from HDMI 2 → DisplayPort after turning off the PS5.


Have you installed newest firmware (test3)?

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I’m hoping that Eve continues to develop their Spectrum Firmware. I’ve been having lots of issues since updating from 104 to 106. Blackscreens, having to reboot monitor and computer to have signal come through.


Yeah - though I will say it didn’t go through the whole ‘processing update’ piece. After update and power cycle it just turned on and the OSD shows the new version.

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